(Our first affiliate site!!)
This is the site with full of enthusiastic informations and images.
Worth to check, even if you are non-French speaker.
The Dark Legacy Network

This web-site is a tons of good, detailed informations and design that only Dark Legacy can do.

Evil Unleashed

My friend Myst's site. :)
Opened recentry, a lot of good stuff coming, check this site often. :)
F. Y. F. R. E
(Face Your Fear of Resident Evil)

Brazillian Resident Evil Portal with tons of informations. :)
Good design too, why don't you go check it!! :)
Last Human Front

This is Resident Evil 2 Mod site.
Very interesting project going here. :) Be patience and wait the release.

Nice Flash and good designed web-site. :)
Don't forget their unique art works too.
Rotten Flesh

Great informations and a lot of contents. Currently underconstruction due to move the server. But still you can check their forum :)
Survivor's Guide Network

Really good designed web-site with detailed informations.
You should visit SGN often to check constant update. :)
Other Resident Evil Web Site Links
Nice and well designed Resident Evil site from China.
My Favorite grate band OFFSPRING official web site
Another good band Lagwagon official web site
National Console Support, Inc
I always get import games from here
Ranking sites and Guestbook server
Free Guestbook by