1, Where can I find the fuse (or battery for the elevator) in Resident Evil 3?
Go check the Raccoon Mayor's statue. This is all I can say. I think getting stuck and searching is part of playing the game, so enjoy it.

2, Where can I find the last leech on "Leech Hunter"?
Actually, I have no idea. I already made a strategy and map, I feel like my part is done. Check those pages at my web-site and try to beat it again.

3, Please send me a Raccoon city map.
Sorry but NO. Maybe somewhere on the internet, you'll find it. Find it yourself. I'm not your scanner.

4, Can I use your graphics on my site?
NO, I made all graphics by myself, you can do it too.
If you want to use screen shots on your site, go ahead, I don't care :P

5, About direct link to the image
You cannot direct link to the image inside of www.morbidcreations.com, all direct link to the images are blocked, you can direct link to html files (direct link to html files are not blocked). If you want to use thumbnail images for your sig, you have to find your own server to upload. Because you can't use it anyway.
If you are my affiliate site webmaster or staff who wants to directly link to the image, please contact me by e-mail.

6, Affiliation
Please send your URL and let me check your site. I watch content, design and update. When I'm checking your site, if I see more than one pop-up window ads, I just leave your site alone.
If your site posts any kind of stolen fan-art or stolen content, I'll never answer your e-mail.
(Especially, stolen Japanese artist's fan-art.)