Version 5 UP -Jun 23 2005
And new Resident Evil 4 Wallpaper UP special thanks to Wesker. :)
Well..... First, I want to say sorry for no update for a loooooong time. I just don't have time to do anything right now. So, I changed the top page layout. I don't think I can update so much anymore, then I don't think I need to announce update.... :(
Some page that I don't like or I don't think it need anymore are gone. I hope in some day, I can re-new those pages...... but for now, it is gone. I will start to make more wallpapers and I think I only can update wallpaper section for a while.

MEGA UPDATE!!!!!!!! -Oct 17 2004
2 New Resident Evil Fan art UP!! click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan fiction UP click >> HERE
Resident Evil Code: Veronica Wallpaper UP click >> HERE
Phew..... just phew.... I wanted to update little earlier, but I couldn't, so now I'm doing MEGA update!!! I'm soooooo tired now.... but those are good stuffs, so I had to update.
Thank you to Martina, Matt, Natasha and ..... me :P
I know... you're waiting for me to update 4D thingy.... maybe next month...
Biohazard 4D Executer UP -Jul 11 2004 click >> HERE
Phew, 4th page. :)
Well..... I know this was gonna happen, too much work in the beginning and I got too much tired in the last. :P .... not last yet, but 2 more page... so I think I can make time for it, I hope.
Biohazard 4D Executer UP -Jul 7 2004 click >> HERE
Okeeeeeeey!!! 3rd page!!
Just tired.... go to bed....
Biohazard 4D Executer UP -Jul 6 2004 click >> HERE
2nd page UP. :)
Ha-ha :P I can't believe I am updating my site daily. :P
Now, 2nd page is up. I guess I can update one page a day, so it should be finish before I get really busy again. ............ I hope....
Biohazard 4D Executer UP -Jul 5 2004 click >> HERE
Yes!! now BIG one is UP :P
Argh...... I'm dieing..... I thought I gonna make all 6 section UP this weekend... but .....
Oh well, too much work and not enough time..... :(
But least 1st section is up and other will come soon. :) (I'm serious!! :P) Just took too much time to take all screen shots and re-size all images, since I already finished those work, lest of the files will come soon. :)
New affiliate Evil Unleashed added -Jun 22 2004 click >> HERE
Welcome...... no, no :P Welcome back Chris. :)
Finally, I have time to work on site a little bit. :P ....but just in this 3 weeks.... Sorry for everybody, but I have a lot of things to do right now.
Anyway, check this good designed web site and visit often. :) Welcome back to Resident Evil web world Chris. :)
2 new Resident Evil 4 Wallpaper UP -Mar 7 2004 click >> HERE
Resident Evil 4 New image Wallpaper UP
Sorry for lack of update.... I'm just too much busy these days... I don't have any capacity to update so often... I least update sometimes on news section... right? :'(
I am not forget about all the visitors, and I am still appreciate all of you. So, I made little time to work on wallpapers. Just download those and use it! :)
New affiliate Face Your Fear of Resident Evil added -Feb 15 2004 click >> HERE
Busy.... busy aaaaaaand busy days.... and get more busy next week.. I think I'm gonna die next week.... :P I least found time little to do this, yes, try to clean up my mailbox.... LOL still behind...
Anyway, thank you very much for Face Your Fear of Resident Evil. :) Very good Brazillian Resident Evil web-site.
New Resident Evil Wallpaper section UP -Dec 31 2003 click >> HERE
New year special, Resident Evil Wallpaper section UP
OMG.... this was hard update.... I worked looong time for this.... making wallpaper is not easy job, make one wallpaper takes forever...
Anyway, I least made those, and I got help from Wesker, webmaster of Survivhor. Special thanks to Wesker.
Just take those :P, download it and use it on your computer.
I didn't even have time to play Outbreak... I will go back to play more and write more Journal during this new year day off.
Happy new year to you all!!!!
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