Resident Evil Code: Veronica TIPS
How much damage to make Tyrant die?
In the airplane cargo room, Claire has to fight with Tyrant. This Tyrant will not die by weapons, you have to press the button on the control panel in the cargo room and bump the cargo into the to Tyrant. But if you press the button too fast, Tyrant will push the cargo back to you. So, how much damage should Claire give to Tyrant and press the button?
Tyrant's life is 700 in normal and easy mode, 420 in very easy mode and 900 in Battle game. You have to make Tyrant's life 0 and press the button.
Table below is the weapon attack point.

Weapon Close distant Middle distant Far away
Knife 16
Handgun 14 10 6
Custom handgun 10 8 6
Calico M-100P 10 6 4
Bow gun 7
Bow gun (explosive) 30
Grenade gun normal ammo 15
Grenade gun acid ammo 40
Grenade gun fire ammo 20 + 1 (by fire)
Grenade gun anti-B.O.W ammo 20 + cut life to half (by gas)
Assault rifle 6
Shotgun 40 20 10
Magnum 100 80 60

You can see Anti-B.O.W ammo works really well. Use 3 shots of Anti-B.O.W ammo and several shots of shotgun or bow gun to kill him easy.
Extra cut scene
When you fight with Nosferatu, if you kill him by sniper rifle or knife, you can see extra cut scene.
Extra action
When you play Battle Game, In some areas after you kill all the enemies the, characters take funny actions.
1, Claire ==Antarctica research facility, when she turns the corner in front of power room corridor.
2, Chris ==Antarctica research facility, press search button in front of tiger statue.
3, Chris with extra costume ==Training facility locker room, press search button in front of sink.
4, Steve ==Training facility locker room, press search button in front of vending machine (looks like coke machine) 5, Wesker ==Jail, first-aid room, press search button in front of anatomical mannequin.
Extra goodies in Battle Game
If you check the slot machine in Alfred's mansion during the Battle Game, you get goodies. Table below is the item you can get and probability of which item you will get.

Character Weapon First-aid spray Diary of D.I.J
Claire Machine gun 20% 40% 40%
with extra costume
Anti B.O.W gun 20%
Chris Calico M-100P 20%
Steve Calico M-100P 20%
Wesker Magnum 80% N/A 20%

Try several times and get diary of D.I.J :)
Who is D.I.J?
When you are playing the extra "Battle Game", in casino room, you can get Diary of D.I.J. But who is D.I.J?
During the game, didn't you see the little fellow running around? Yes, he is D.I.J.
I will tell you when you can see D.I.J.
1, Training facility 2nd floor corridor. When Alfred closed the shutter.
2, In front of Alfred's mansion, after Wesker beat Claire up and talking on the radio.
3, In the airplane cargo room. When Claire fights with Tyrant. (On the shelf)
4, Antarctica research facility. Run out from hidden locker.
5, Ending, When Wesker dragging Claire. Inside of jail.
6, Ending. When Wesker try to fight with Chris. (When camera zoomed out, you can see D.I.J try to run in to submarine.)

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