Resident Evil and Resident Evil Directors Cut TIPS
Hungry Zombie
When you are playing the game with Jill, after Barry finds blood on the floor, don't go to the corridor instead go to the hall and come back to the dining room several tmes.
Then the zombie in the corridor will come in to the dining room by himself.
In this situation, Keneth's dead body is more visciously attacked by the zombie.
Go with Rebecca?
After you meet Rebecca the first time in the west side saveroom, you can chose to go with her or not.
If you let her stay, she will recover your health 3 times and she will take care of you when you get poisoned by Yawn, but you have to save her from Hunter.
If you dicide to go with her, you can controll Rebecca to make V-JOLT in the residents and after that, she will recover your health 3 times in the residents.
Piano Practice
If you wonder when Rebecca's piano practice will be done.
Easy, you just open 3 different doors from the bar and come back, she will be done with practice.
Use shotgun for Yawn
Granade gun acid ammo will work for Yawn, but shotgun is good enough too. It only takes 4 or 5 shots to kill Yawn.
Spider Web
You don't have to get the knife to cut the spider web, after you kill Black Tiger.
Use the flamethrower or granade gun (any kind of ammo), the Rocket Launcher will cut the spider web.
(If you have enough ammo to waiste.)
When will Brad give you the Rocket Launcher?
When you make Tyrant's health less than 2/3, or time is less than 30sec left, Brad will drop the Rocket Launcher to you.

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