Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (The Last Escape) TIPS
Does Jill have to fight with Nemesis?
In the game, Nemesis constantly coming back and chase Jill (or Carlos) down. But does Jill have to fight with Nemesis, every time he shows up?
Answer is NO. Jill (or Carlos) has contact with Nemesis in total 13 times. (It changes depends on which on time selection you choose, see story flow chart for detail.) And Only 3 out of 13 times, you have to fight with him.
See the table below.

Nemesis appearance point Have to fight? How to get away from him?
1 In front of R.P.D. No Get in to R.P.D. building
2 Inside of R.P.D. corridor No Use key pick and get into the narrow street
3 Downtown restaurant or news paper office No Get in to city hall area
4 Uptown street No Go to R.P.D.
5 In front of substation No Go to narrow street behind the restaurant
6 City hall area No Go to construction area
7 Inside of the train No Back to the front car
8 Clock tower 2nd floor No Go to very end of the chapel
9 Courtyard of the clock tower Yes Fight
10 Clock tower hall No Go to the chapel
11 Clock tower piano room No Go to in front of the park
12 Factory waste room Yes Fight
13 Rail cannon room Yes Fight

so, If you having a hard time to kill Nemesis, just run away from him :)
How many gun powders to get in the game?
You can get total 24 A gun powders and 17 B gun powders in the game.
How to get Grade S?
There is the point that system to decide which grade you are. Grade and point relation is in the table below
Grade S A B C D E
Total points over 270 260 to 230 220 to 180 170 to 120 110 to 50 under 40

And points earned by 3 constituent, see the table below
Points Finished time Number of saves Health recovered amount
100 Less than 2:29:59 0 Less than 1500
90 2:30:00 to 2:39:59 1 1550 to 1700
80 2:40:00 to 2:59:59 2 1750 to 1900
70 3:00:00 to 3:29:59 3 1950 to 2100
60 3:30:00 to 4:09:59 4 to 5 2150 to 2300
50 4:10:00 to 4:59:59 6 to 8 2350 to 2500
40 5:00:00 to 5:59:59 9 to 12 2550 to 2700
30 6:00:00 to 7:09:59 13 to 17 2750 to 2900
20 7:10:00 to 8:29:59 18 to 23 2950 to 3100
10 8:30:00 to 9:59:59 24 to 30 3150 to 3300
0 More than 10:00:00 More than 31 More than 3350
So, you have to add the finished time point, save number point and health recover point, then see the grade table to which grade you are in.
Grade only matters to get extra costume, but worth to know this.

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