Resident Evil 2 TIPS
How to get sub-machine gun?
In story 1 or 2, you can get the sub-machine gun in the weapons room. But if you decide to take the sub-machine gun in story 1, you can't get it in story 2.
But you can. In the underground lab, do you remember the place where you enter your finger print in front of the door but nothing happened in story 1? If you enter the fingerprint information in both 1 and 2 story, you can get a sub-machine gun in story 2. (Be careful of Licker :)
Kill Marvin?
If you don't kill Marvin in story 1, when you enter the office in story 2, Marvin is still walking around and attacking you with other zombies.
If you don't have infinite ammo, you should kill him in story 1.
Alligator come back!?
In the sewage plant, Leon and Claire have to fight with Alligator. Ether you have to (1) Give a certain amount of damage, or (2) put high-pressure cylinder in the Alligators mouth and shoot, to finish the fight.
But, if you kill or make Alligator escape by (1) way, you get extra ammo in cable car platform but you have to fight with Alligator in story 2 too. If you don't have weapon with infinite ammo to waist, you should use high-pressure cylinder to kill Alligator. (You can't make cylinder blow up by knife.)
Burn the plant at vent hole?
In the underground lab berthing area (sleeping area), you can burn the plant in the vent hole by using flamethrower (grenade gun fire ammo) or lighter, and go through the vent hole to get to the next room to get items. But if you burn the plant in story 1, you have to deal with 3 naked zombies in story 2. So, if you are not low on ammo in story 1, just ignore the plant.
Use anti-BOW gas?
In the underground lab berthing area, there is a machine that sprays anti-BOW gas. The gas makes all Ivy life 30 to 50 lower.
But if you spray in story 1, all Ivy will turn to poison Ivy in story 2 and anti-BOW gas not gonna work for them. So, if you wanna use the gas, you should use it in story 2, not story 1.
When can I kill Super Tyrant?
In story 2, after you put plugs, you have to fight with super Tyrant, but seems like any kind of weapon is not making damage to him.
Yes, you have to use rocket launcher to make damage/kill super Tyrant.
So, don't waist any ammo, just run around 1 minute and wait for the mysterious person to drop the rocket launcher.
Hidden item film "D"
In story 1 or 2, if you search Wesker's desk at STARS office 50 times, you'll get hidden item "film D". Go get it developed and see who is in the picture. :)
Extra games
If you beat story 2 (ether Leon or Claire) by rank S, you'll get a extra game "The 4th survivor".
If you beat the story in order 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, and get rank S at least first or second story 2, you'll get extra game "The Tofu survivor". To get Tofu survivor, you have to have "The 4th survivor" data in the memory card.
Goodies getter
If you beat the game without using any first-aid spray with rank A or S, you'll get sub-machine gun with infinite ammo.
If you beat the game without save the game with rank A and S, you'll get gatlen gun with infinite ammo.
If you beat the game in less than 2 and a half hours with rank A or S, you'll get rocket launcher with infinite ammo.
Go check the item box at R.P.D.
Costume change
To get special key for costume change, you have to get to R.P.D. without getting any item in story 1. and go down the stairs in front of R.P.D. entrance door, then kill zombie Brad. Be careful because zombie Brad is 5 times tougher than normal zombie. When you kill him, he'll drop the special key.

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