Resident Evil for GameCube
3 Hours to Get Rocket Launcher Strategy -Jill-
  • You don't have to fight every time you have contact with the enemy, to be chicken is the most important thing to get a short time.
  • Don't forget what you need to do next, so you don't have to go back to item box to waist time.
  • Don't be a HERO, you don't have to save your friends when you do the time attack. Save them after you get the prize.
  • Don't forget to press the start button to skip the cut scenes, if you wanna watch it, beat it one more time.
  • Don't watch OP or ending, just press the start button, don't check the staff roll, you have to make yourself to press the start button when you don't moving the character.
The Mansion
1 After you separate from Barry, go to the dining room and go through right beside of Kenneth's dead body, get up to the 2nd floor, get arrow head in the corridor. Run away from zombie as much as you can.
2 Open the door to go through above the dining room to the hall, open the door to the cemetery and use the arrow head to get downstairs. Get the book, check the backside of the book to get a sword key Don't forget to check the backside.
3 Back to the hall and go to the east side of the mansion, use the key pick to get outside and get the herbicide.
(If you don't need to get herb, don't get in there, cuz Cerberus gonna get you.)
Don't bother the bathroom.
4 Get the shotgun and let Barry save you, (Don't forget to push the start button to skip the cut scene.) go to the save room, get up the stairs to 2nd floor, get in the room on the right hand side of the stairs and get the lighter and dog whistle. Or, if you think you're ok without shotgun until get it from Richard, ignore this.
5 Go to the hall and open the door above the dining room and get out to the terrace outside and use the whistle to get a dog collar. Unlock the every door you can.
6 Use the fake key in the 3rd floor to get an armor key. I died here onece.
7 Go to the 2nd floor in the hall and use the key to get outside of the south east side of the mansion and get the grenade launcher. (Don't get herb here, Forest is gonna get you.) I woke Forest up onece in here too...
8 Go to the east side of the 2nd floor to see Richard, Go get serum and save Richard.
(Only this time, you have to be the hero, cuz it is easier to let Richard deal with Yawn.)
When you go get the serum, unlock every door in the west side of the mansion.
Don't forget lighter.
9 Get the piano score and go downstairs to Lisa's picture room, (during this time, open every door you can open but ignore getting masks. you don't need those yet) go outside cemetery, get in the hall. Still run away from zombies
10 Go to west side 1st floor, use herbicide to kill the monster plant, get mask-1. Don't forget piano score
11 Get the wood emblem in the dining room and go to the bar, play piano and get the gold emblem. (When you get out from the bar, use the key for the basement.) Use the gold emblem at the dining room to get the sealed key. You have to have one empty space to get gold emblem.
12 Go kill Yawn, (Don't forget to save the game. If you get poisoned, reset and start over.) Actually, you don't kill Yawn, just ignore Yawn and get mask-2, wait until Richard gets eaten by Yawn, and pick up the assault shotgun from the floor and leave room. sorry, Richard....
13 Get mask-3 from armor room and go downstairs, go through Lisa's picture room, pick mask-4 up and go under the cemetary. You will need a powerfull weapon such as shotgun.
14 Kill Crimson Head and get stone and steal object.
Go through Lisa's picture room and go through the guard house, set the weathercock and go Lisa's house, get the clank.
Run away from Lisa.
Set the weathercock west and north.
15 Use the clank to make the way and get the resident. Ignore snakes
The Resident
16 Go to the very back room in the residents and get the room 001 key and go to room 001 and get the key for the control room and double derringer.
Go to rec room and get the red book.
Take time and move the box to avoid attack of plant 42.
17 Go to the save room and just carry the red book, granade launcher with fire ammo and controll room key, and go back to back room and go underground. Move the book shelf
18 Just run away from Neptune and close the shutter and drain the water. Don't kill Neptune, big shark gonna get you.
19 Kill the big shark by electric shock and get Gallery key. Easy...
20 Go gallery and get insectcide from dead body, get out from room and take the map away from the wall, (Don't peek from the hole!!) use insectcide. Ignore killer bees
21 Get room 003 key and get in the room, use the red book to open the door and burn Plant 42.
Pick the helmet key up and go back to the mansion.
Don't make V-JOLT
The Mansion (2nd time)
22 Go to the east side save room and make 2 empty spots and go to the small room in the 2nd floor and get wind crest. (If you think you don't need Magunm, ignore this.) Don't forget to save here.
23 Go through the small room with fireplace, use key and move statue to open the secret door and get down the hole, get the book, move Trevor's gravestone and get down the ladder. Open the book and get medal.
24 Go towards kitchen, activate elevator and get in the elevator in the kitchen. Ignore zombie
25 Get battery from storage room and go through the place that you got armor key and get to the Library.
Kill Yawn, and get another book.
Acid ammo work for Yawn.
26 Go to the west side 2nd floor stuffed animal room and get red jewel.
Go through above dining room and go downstairs and use helmet key to open the room in the hall
Get jewely box and get Spencer key from inside of the jewely box.
Ignore yellow jewel
27 Go through Lisa's picture room and open the study room, get the steel object and back to save room and get crank and battery from itembox. Don't forget to take crank and battery.
Underground area of the cortyard
28 Use crank and Battery to activate elevator and down the ladder.
Get hexagon crank from Enrico's dead body, avoid rollind big rock .
Don't forget to save before you use the hexagon crank.
29 Ignore Black tiger, pick the knife up and cut the spider web, leave the room. Or, I heard you can kill Black tiger just one shot of derringer.
I never tried yet.
30 Use the hexagon crank again, avoid rock, get another piece of the cylinder. Run, Run!!
31 Back to the underground elevator area, get another piece of the cylinder and put the two together, read the number and put it back. push the button to activate the elevator. Number is 4 2 3 1
32 Run away from Lisa, clash the box, get the flamethrower, open the door and go to Lisa's room.
Pick the Jewely box, get steel frame and go up the ladder.
Don't forget to get windcrest from item box in Lisa's house
33 Use windcrest and get Magnum. get stone and steel object and back to the mansion. Don't forget to get stone and steel object and save the game.
Underground area of the mansion
34 Open the door at the hall, get the medals from itembox. Get down stairs and down the ladder. Find Barry, and kill Barry. (Don't give the mugnum back to Barry, Just run away from Lisa and push the big stone.) Please don't shoot Lisa, I feel sorry for her....
And sorry Barry...
35 Use medals and get in the elevator. (Change the disc. I think disc changing time counts.) Quick disc change.
36 Go straight to the B3 computer room and unlock the doors. ID: John
Pass: Ada
Unlock: Cell
37 Go B2 room enter the passcode to open the hidden door and get power room key. Passcode: 8462
38 Go B3 power room, get cupsule and kill all Chimeras in the first room. Save the game
39 Go B3 fuel room, fill the capsule with nitro, walk back to power room. (On the way to the fuel room, kill all enemys to make sure there are no enemy to fight.) You have to walk back to power room or DIE.
40 Activate elevator in the power room and get in the elevator to B4. Ignore Chimera, just RUN.
41 Kill Tyrant by Barry's Mugnum. (You just need one shot to kill Tylant.)
Open the door, RUN.
Don't listen to Wesker, press the start button.
42 RUN! Ignore all the enemys, just RUN for your life!! pick up the fuse, go up the elevator, pick the signal and use right after you got it, you don't have to walk to H mark!! AAAAAND Press! Press!! PRESS THE START BUTTON 4 OR 5 TIMES, SKIP EVERYTHING!! Just press the start button!!
You made it? I hope you do. (With my navigation, of course.)

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