Resident Evil Code: Veronica X
5 hours to get Rocket Launcher Strategy

  • To get the Rocket Launcher, you have to beat the game with "Rank S".
  • To beat the game with "Rank S", you have to 1) beat the game in less than 5 hours. 2) Give lighter and homostat medicine to Rodorigo and get lock pick. 3) No save except half time save when the game asks you to save or not. 4) No first aid spray, use green herb to recover yourself. 5) Get gold Luger in Chris mode. 6) No retry. 7) Save Steve as quick as you can in the mansion. (Even if you don't want to)
  • You are gonna have a hard time by shortage of ammo, so don't waist ammo, if you think you can run away, just do so.
  • To beat the game in less than 5 hours is not a hard thing to do. skip all cut scenes and use a powerful weapon for bosses. Even end roll time will count, so skip skip skip everything.

Prison -Claire
1 Skip opening and use lighter, skip cutscene again and get knife, leave the room, pick up ammo and go up the stairs. Skip cut scene again, ignore all zombies and go through the cemetery and open the door. Too much cut scenes, just skip everything.
2 Skip cutscene and pick up handgun and get ammo from dead body. open the door and forget about machine gun and go through in front of guillotine, open the door, put everything you have into security box. Just run, you don't have to kill any zombies in this area.
3 Go through another security box, go to watch room and skip cut scene, unlock the shutter, pick up eagle plate and set to the machine, leave the area. Open the shutter, pick up fire extinguisher and back to cemetery. I think you should kill those dogs.
4 Use fire extinguisher for burning car and pick up briefcase, check it and open it and get TG-01.Turn around and back to work room with security check.
5 When you get to work room, before you set TG-01 to the machine, pick up some of the metal stuff and make security system work, so you don't have to worry about corridor full of zombie on the way back. Then set TG-01, re-set security system and back to the eagle door.
6 Go through the eagle door and bridge, move box and go up the ladder. Ignore military training facility for now, ignore all zombies and go up the stairs. kill Cerberus.
The mansion and the airport -Claire
7 Go up the stirs and put empty fire extinguisher to the item box. Don't pick up card, just back to hall and input ID number and unlock the door.
Go through the corridor and open the door, press the button under the golden ant, skip cut scene.
ID is "NTC0394" Don't worry about Navy proof now.
8 Pick up the steering wheel, back to the hall, skip cutscene and save Steve, skip cut scene.
Go outside, go down the stairs in the right side and use steering wheel. Get in to submarine, get side pack and pull the lever. go up the ladder and go through the corridor and open the door.
To help Steve, press C and E.
9 Kill one zombie on the right side, go to right side door and ignore bats, just run cross the bridge and open the door.
10 Go to upper floor by small lift. Move lever and pick up container back to lower level and press the lift control button.
Ignore all zombies, and get card, back to submarine, back to front of the mansion.
If you are good, you shouldn't get any damage by those lift zombies.
The military training facility -Claire
11 Go down stairs and finally open the door to the military training facility, skip cut scene. Ignore Gulp worm, just open the front door and get in.
Go to the shutter at the end of corridor, use card and go to blue eagle plate hall, skip curt scene, run zig-zag to the stairs.

11 Open the door, go through the corridor, skip cut scene and open the door on the right side and get into save room, pick up homostat medicine, put the medicine to the item box. You have to pick up the medicine.
12 Get out and open the other door, pick up machine gun and go to stairs. Kill bandersnatch, go down the stairs, skip cut scene and change to Steve. Skip cut scene, one after another.
13 Just kill all zombies, and skip cut scene. back to Claire.
Follow Steve, skip cut scene about 3 times.

14 Go through the small door and go to military training facility room and get eagle plate. back to garage, open the double door and kill dogs, use card, open the shutter and back to eagle plate room, use eagle plate and get blue card. Go down the ladder.
15 Use blue card and kill all zombies back to the room where you started use Steve and use blue card and get grenade launcher. Go to the elevator and go to 2F, use blue card again and get Army proof and move the camera and check the pass code. Don't forget to pick up grenade ammo.
16 Back to entrance hall and use card and go upstairs. Get bow gun and enter the passcode and pick up the picture. Ignore Albinoid and leave the room. Back to military training facility room, use picture and get gold key. Passcode is 1126
17 Go back to the mansion. Go to the gold key door on 1F and press the button on the wall and get pot.
Go up the stairs and use gold Lugers and get in to the room, turn the computer on and skip cut scene. Type password in and kill Bandersnach go to the private house.
Password is 1971
Private house -Claire
18 Kill Bandersnatch and before get in to house, equip lighter and open the door. Go up stairs to the 3F, open the door, skip cut scene. Go to Alexia's room,stop music box, use red ant object, get music box plate and silver key, leave the room go down stairs and back to mansion. Ignore Alfred's room.
19 Use silver key in front of casino door (You don't have to get in to the room.) Go down stairs, use silver key again and kill Bandersnatch. Get Eagle plate.
Leave mansion and go all the way back to the prison, guillotine area.
Don't forget to take homostat medicine with you.
Prison -Claire
20 Use eagle plate and kill all zombies.
Open the door and get into first aid room. open the other door and turn around and comeback to first aid room. Kill hyper zombie doctor, pick up fake eye, use it on anatomical model, go down stairs.
If you are short on ammo, move box in save room and get some.
21 Go through torturing room, go down stairs and get sword, roll statue around and use sword again, kill zombie and get piano roll. Go back to the jail where you started the game, give homostat medicine to Rodorigo, skip cut scene and get lock pick. Go back to mansion.
The mansion and airport -Claire
22 Skip cut scene and get in to the mansion, go up stairs.
Go to the casino and use piano roll. Get Blue ant object.
Go to private house.

Private House -Claire
23 Go straight to Alfred's room. Use ant object and use music box plate. go up the ladder, get silver dragonfly, check it and use it at the painted wall.
Go up the ladder and move the box, get Alfred's diary and Airforce proof.

24 Go down the ladder twice, skip cut scene twice. Back to the mansion, go outside pick up Navy proof skip cut scene.

25 Go down stairs and get in to submarine, follow Steve, use Army, Airforce and Nave proof, get in to airplane. Skip cut scene, pick up lever, get out of airplane.
Go through the bridge and go to upper level, use lever and pull the lever.

26 Go across the bridge, pick up the elevator key.
Back to lower level, use key in front of the panel of the shutter. Open the door and move the box. Get in to the elevator.
Grab the grenade gun.
27 Get out from the military training facility, Run towards mansion, skip cut scene and skip cut scene. Fight with Tyrant.
(Should kill tyrant with 7 shot of grenade gun.)

28 Go through in front of the mansion and submarine, back to airplane and skip cut scene 5 times.
Airplane -Claire
29 Fight with Tyrant again. (Use grenade gun Gus ammo) Then press the button on control panel and eject catapult.
Skip cut scene and save the game.

Antarctica -Claire
30 Skip cut scene. Go straight to the stairs and go down.
Ignore big moss and go through the double door, (Not the door to the save room.) Go to storage room and get the key. Then go to B. O. W. storage room and get barcode label.
Ignore spiders.
31 Use key and get in to room, check octagon valve hole on the pipe and open the other door, turn the generator and turn the switch on the panel, supply electricity to the facility. You have to check the valve hole.
32 Back to package handling place, use barcode label, turn the conveyer switch on. Go to B. O. W. storage room and get gas mask. Go to save room. Move the shelf, check the locker and press the button. Skip cut scene and pick up pot, check it and get the key.
33 Go up stairs and open the double door. use the key and go through the controlling room, open the other door and get the valve handle, back to controlling room and skip cut scene twice. You should put grenade gun and bow gun in the item box for Chris.
34 Go to work room and cut valve handle, go down the stairs and use valve handle to stop the gas leak. Skip cut scene twice and pick up sniper rifle, get in to drilling car. Skip another cut scene twice more and fight with Nosferatu. (Use sniper rifle and shoot his heart, head and heart, move in front of him then shoot his heart one more time.)
Skip cut scene 3 times.
Don't get poisoned or miss the shot, you'll die. (Or take bow gun with you.)
Island -Chris
35 Skip cut scene and get grenade gun and bow gun (If you have it) from the item box, leave the room and fight with Gulp worm. (If you have bow gun with gunpowder, it works good.) Skip cut scene and get in to elevator. Go back to save room and get machine gun.
36 Press the button on the tank and use lift, go around the corner and open the door to the save room. Get gold Luger, put Luger in the item box, get out and pick up battery, ignore spiders and go to garage. Use the battery, and go up 2F get the key and leave the room. To get gold Luger, you have to pull the drawer "Red, Green, Blue and Black."
37 Use elevator and go to B1, get in to virus storage room and use key, set temperature 12.8 degree, and get clement sigma, get out from room. Walk straight alittle and get door knob, skip cut scene 3 times and kill Hunters. Go back to elevator. If you think you can run away from Hunters, just RUN.
38 Go to 2F, go through corridor and get side pack, use door knob and get miniature tank. Back to the elevator, go to 1F and use miniature tank. Get lift key, Go all way back to B1 big lift, use key and go to 1F entrance area. Avoid all Wesker's toys.
39 Go out side and get on the elevator. go across the bridge and get in to the oil pressure room, control the oil pressure in the panel, get on and turn the lever, go down the lift and cross the bridge again, get all three proofs, back to military training facility 1F entrance area. Control the oil pressure, press "3,3,3,3,10,5"
40 Go through the office and go down the ladder,turn the fan on and go to warehouse area, get clement alpha, mix with clement sigma and go back to the elevator and go to 1F, use all three proofs and go down the ladder. Ignore spiders.
41 Go down to the water, ignore Albinoid, get eagle plate and get out, mix eagle plate with clement mix, go back to the elevator and go to B1, go down the stairs, pick up shotgun, go down the ladder, use Herbert and skip the cut scene.

Antarctica -Chris
42 Use handgun to Alexia's guard. Go down the stairs, go to the save room, use Harvard and get paperweight. Go through corridor, open the double door and open the left door and get octagon valve handle. Ignore zombies and go to door on the opposite side.
43 Skip cut scene and go to electric room, use valve handle and supply electricity to the facility. Get out, kill zombies and go to tiger statue room and get valve socket, go through ants room. and open the door to Alexia room. Use paperweight and press the button, get Alfred's ring. Press the button "AA, crown, heart, spade".
44 Go through ants room, pick up dragonfly, back to electric room and turn the electricity off. back to icy area and open the door on the same side.
Mix valve socket and valve handle, use it, go down the ladder and get key.
If you can ignore hunter, just run.
45 Use key at the control panel, skip cut scene and ignore big spider, pick up Alexander's earring and run to the elevater door.
Go up, kill Hunter and pick up another 2 dragonflies, go into the mansion.
You know where the dragonflys are I guess.
46 Pick up knife, use it (Don't equip it) and skip cut scene 3 times.
Antarctica mansion -Claire
47 Recover Claire's health, pick up two or more green and red herb mixed together things. Open the door and just RUN, don't worry about Alexia's guard, just run straight to the other door on the corridor. Go through the jail, pick up security file and cristal ball, use it under the trick sealing, get security card.
This is the hardest part to go through!!
48 Use security card to the card leader, skip cut scene, go straight and skip cut scene again, right after that, Monster Steve will attack you. JUST TURN AROUND AND RUN!! If you are lucky, you'll only get hit one time. But every time you get hit, you have to recover your health right after that.
When you get to the fence, skip cut scene 3 times.

Antarctica mansion -Chris
49 Right after you start to get control of Chris, just shoot 3 grenade shots to Alexia. She is done. Pick up Alexia's choker, go up the stirs, use all three jewels and open the door.
Go through the corridor, go to the library, pick up the key, go to lion statue room and get blue and red jewels.

50 back to Alexia's bedroom and use red jewel, get music box plate, go to Alfred's room and use blue jewel and use music plate.
Go to hidden room and get dragonfly, back to corridor and go to genetic engineering lab, press the button on the panel, get dragonfly's wing.

51 Go through jail and skip cut scene, get security file from Claire and go to control room. Use dragonfly object and go to control panel, use security card and type password in. Password is "VERONICA"
53 Skip cut scene and shoot one bullet to Alexia, skip another cut scene and kill Alexia 2nd, skip one more cur scene and turn around and get linear launcher and kill Alexia 3rd.
Skip everything and.......

You made it? ..... This is hard.....

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