Resident Evil 2
2 and half hours to get rocket launcher Strategy
Claire 2
  • Don't kill every enemy you have contact with
  • You have to skip every movie cut scenes by pressing the select button
  • Some cut scenes that you can't skip, you use it to check the guide or take a bathroom break.
  • You don't have to go to every room to beat the game, just use the key and don't open the door.
  • When you are with Sherry, you have to go slow and don't lose her, because you have to go back to catch her and lost some times.
Raccoon city area
1 Actually, you don't have to kill any of the zombies in this area to get to RPD. Get a key and Just RUN.
2 When you got into inside of R.P.D. go through corridor and get outside, go down stair, get valve handle. Ignore crows
3 Go 2nd floor outside again, use valve handle and put fire out. Press the button to skip cut scene.
4 RUN beside of Tyrant and go to the room with statue and get blue card key. Don't fight with Tyrant.
5 Go through 2nd floor save room, go to 2nd floor hall, put ladder down, go to the very end of hall and get unicorn medal.
6 Go down the ladder use the blue card key to open the door,and use the medal of unicorn and get key. Skip the cut scene
7 Go through 1st floor save room, use key to get in to storage room, get lighter.
8 Go to conference room at 1st floor, use lighter, get red jewel.
9 Go to 2nd floor and move the statues and get another red jewel.
10 Go to S.T.A.R.S. office and get the key.
11 Ignore Sherry and go down stairs, use key, go cabinet room and get plastic bomb, go see Marvin and get fuse, combine with bomb.
12 Use two red jewel and get blue stone, use bomb in front of chief's room and see chief Iron, see Sherry, back to chief's room, get key.
13 Go to underground of RPD, get the manhole opener and go to sewage plant.
Sewage Plant
14 Play as Sherry, drain the water, move the boxes, put water back in, get key and go back. Just RUN
15 Go to kennel and get clank.
16 Get Eagle stone, get gold gear, use entrance hall ladder to get 2nd floor. Light the fire by lighter, order is 12, 13 and 11.
17 Go to 2nd floor library and get serpent stone Press the button and move the book shelf.
18 Use gold gear to get Blue stone, back to chief's room, use 3 stones to open the secret door, see Sherry, go down the elevator.
19 Fight with G, and press the button to put ladder down, go get Sherry, down the elevator together, up the ladder. Use grenade gun acid ammo.
20 Get Wolf medal.
21 Go through save room, get valve handle and go down the elevator. Don't forget Valve handle
22 Go through sewage, use valve handle to go over the water.
23 Get medal of eagle, use those to drain the water, go to platform.
24 Back with Sherry, make the cable car back and get in to the cable car.
25 Go through underground pass way, go up the ladder. Sherry not making things better at all.
26 Go out and go down the small elevator, get key.
27 Fight with G
28 Get the fuse, put the fuse in to the fuse case and put the fuse in to main fuse.
29 Kill ivy, down the ladder, get in the Lab, get key.
30 Get in to main elevator, go to B1. Push the box to elevator, go downstairs, push the box again.
Go up the box, use the key to get in power room.

31 Back to B4 area, find Sherry, get the master key get in to elevator.
32 Get in to the train. go to rear car, get key, get out, go through bridge, get N and S plug.
33 Put S and N plug in to board, kill Tyrant. Back to platform, open the gate, get on the train, make train move. Don't waist good ammo, use handgun, you can't kill tyrant anyway.
34 Kill G, and skip the ending. Use grenade acid ammo.
I think this one is easy one.
You don't have to try so hard to hurry up like re-make.
Just you have to know where to go.

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