Resident Evil 0
Extra mode Strategy
The Road to A Rank on Leech Hunter
  • Don't pick any Leeches while killing enemies, Kill all the enemies first, then pick up Leeches. Because when characters pick more than 90 Leeches, enemies re-appear.
  • So, you better not pick up those Leeches in the hall, and the 2nd floor hall yet.
  • You have a limited amount of ammo, so don't shoot like crazy, use it one by one. Especially, when you are attacked by Hunter or Monkey. Use handgun to kill zombies.
  • Your worst enemy is not Hunter, it is Monkey. Watch close and shoot carefully.
  • Use Rebecca as a item carrier. Rebecca is weak and it is a wast of the limited green herb if you use it for both characters.
  • Every time, when you go into the zombies room, go with Rebecca and press the start button to separate from her and let her move around and fight by computer, it is easier to try to control 2 character by yourself.
1 When extra mode starts, check the herbs in front of the stairs in the hall. If it is the Green and Blue herbs and no leech in the middle of the stairs, continue the game. But if you found 2 Green herbs, re-set the game and start again.
Because if you got 2 green hares, you are not gonna get Grenade gun with fire ammo and you'll have hard time to deal with Leech guy.
(When you re-set the game, press re-set button on Gamecube, don't escape from front door and start again, because if you escape, you might not have grenade gun.)
2 Go down the ladder in the hall and walk towards the wrecked train. pick up the shotgun ammo and shotgun. (the shotgun is in the water, about right side of ammo walk around and press "A" shot gun is not blinking.)
Open the door to the wrecked train area and start shooting Hunters. (About 5 of them.) Kill them and you have to save at least 11 shotgun ammo. Pick up green herb and fire key, then go back to hall.
3 Leave the green herb in the hall, go open the door to the dining room. As soon as you open the door, separate from Rebecca and shoot all the zombies. Use the fire key, but you don't have to get in to the kitchen.
4 Get knife and open the door to the corridor. kill lay down zombie by knife. go down the stairs, go through boiler room and go to the basement.
As soon as you open the door, run towards the other stairs, when view changes, Hunter is already jumping to you. So, when view changes, step back to avoid attack, shoot shot gun to the hunter in the floor, when Hunter is down, run towered him and shoot one more time. This is the only way to kill Hunter with 2 shots.
5 Don't go downstairs yet, back to the animal statues, and get in to the trick door. (Already open) another Hunter is already jumping to you. So, shoot him in the air, and shoot one more time.
Open the door on the right side. kill all zombies and get all herbs and the Grenade gun. If you can't find the Grenade gun here, it is impossible to beat the game with A rank. so re-set the game and start again.
Go to the other door and kill all zombies in there by handgun.
6 Open the door to the place where Billy saved Rebecca. And kill all zombies by handgun too.
Go open the door to the stairs, let Billy equip Grenade gun, and let Rebecca stay at the stairs. Then down the stairs, kill all spiders by one shot of Grenade gun per enemy.
Equip shot gun again and open the door on the right and kill bugs by shotgun.
The door on the end is no-enemy so you don't have to go until Leech pick up time.
All done on this side of basement. Go back to the hall.
7 Leave Rebecca in the hall, equip the Grenade gun on Billy. And open the door to the restroom side. Turn the corner and kill Leech guy, open the door and kill zombies. Get in to restroom and kill the other Leech guy. pick up shotgun ammo and handgun ammo. Back to hall.
8 Still leave Rebecca in the hall, go down to the basement from the hall. as soon as you are down the stair, kill spiders. (There are a lot here. about.... 4 or 5 of them) You have to move quick to avoid their poison attack. Call Rebecca, get in to the room on the right side, kill all zombies by handgun, and re-equip the shotgun and open the door to the torturing room. Kill all Monkeys. (This is the hardest part!! be careful!!) pick up the shotgun, leave the room.
9 Go to the door in the end of the corridor, open it, kill Monkeys, open the other door, kill more Monkeys. Pick up the Magnum, back to Hall.
10 Go to the dining side and go through corridor and equip Magnum, open the door to the storage room. Kill 3 Hunters and run to the place you found shotgun in the game. Avoid Hunter, and kill it from behind. (If you keep running until the very end, you can avoid Hunter's attack and get behind the Hunter.) Re-equip handgun, go up the ladder, kill all zombies.
11 Unlock the door on the end of the outside corridor, get in to 2nd floor hall, equip Magnum, open the knights door and kill all Hunters. Open the door by fire key, kill zombies, go to library and open the door, kill all zombies. Pick up the handgun ammo.
12 Back to 2nd floor hall, go in to the door toward chess set room. Kill Hunters in the corridor, open the door to the first aid room, kill zombies and pick up first aid spray.
13 Back to main hall, open the door towards the water door area. Go 3rd floor, kill bugs by shotgun, open the knights door, kill zombies. Back to 2nd floor, open the door in the corridor, kill bugs, open the water door. (After opening the water door, this area is full of Leech guy. Use Grenade gun!!) Basically, all the room is ether Leech guy or zombies. Open the door and kill, open the door and kill. You can pick up another grenade gun but only 1 bullet in it.....
Kill all of them and back to the hall, go to the room on the same side, kill all zombies.
14 Go to opposite side of 2nd floor, kill crows.
15 Pick up Leeches, you should go far away from the hall first and come back and pick up Leeches. REMEMBER, after you pick up more than 90 Leeches, ALL ENEMY will re-appear. and you don't have item space to carry shotgun or grenade gun, SO, you have to leave the Leeches in the hall, 2nd floor hall and crow room. Pick up all other Leeches, then go to crow room, then go around hall and 2nd floor hall. When you pick up the last Leech in the hall, an you realized you picked up only 99 Leeches..... Oh, well..... you have to beat the game again.
16 This is the list of the places for the hard to find the Leeches. You have to watch close and walk around and change view position to find all Leeches.
1, In the small room right next to the library. Upper level, behind the moving bookshelf and floor.
2, On the lift in the library.
3, Right next to the 1 ammo Grenade gun. (Water door area)
4, In the kitchen, beside of the refrigerator. (On the counter, both green and blue leeches are hiding. You can barely see they are blinking.)
5, In the outside corridor, 2 behind the column.
You might need to check TIPS page for how many Leeches are in every room.
Or, if you know the place of all Leeches in Grenede gun fire ammo mode, go to "Leech Hunter's MAP"


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