Resident Evil 0
"Game Playing" Journal
  • This content is really spoiler, if you haven't played the game yet, don't read this. And you don't understand what I writing anyway.
  • This content is just explaining step by step what I done, so this is not gonna be ANY of your help to beat the game.

Opening - Mission: Purchase Resident Evil 0
First Day -What is that Fantasy Guy
Second Day -It was not stopped, It was crushed
Third Day -STUCK
Fourth Day -Got into 2nd disc
Fifth Day -BEAT IT
Mission: Purchase Resident Evil 0

No.... no, it can't be.... has changing the release date from the 12th to the 14th....
But, I need to play now, I MEAN I NEED TO PLAY RIGHT NOW, like crack fiend needs a hit!! Maybe by some miracle I can find a copy somewhere in this town..... yup, I MUST!!
So racing, rushing, brain and car turning 100 miles an hour I frantically battle my way to Best Buy. The closer I get to the store, the more my body calms as I begin to convince myself that it will be there waiting just for me, after all Best Buy has 100's of games right? I searching the shelves like a mindless zombie searching the cases with blood lust, I most have looked somewhat distraught because salesperson came to assist me and assured me an order had arrived today. He went to check the back of the store and returned after what seemed like hours only to inform me they would be on shelf tomorrow....... Have you ever felt like the whole world was conspiring against you!!??
Anyway, on to the next stop, at least I know they wouldn't plot my insanity. The electric doors part magically and I enter the circus they call Toys R Us. I rush willing along the familiar path to the Gamecube isle and began my search. Once again, I was blessed with the assistance of a near useless salesperson I think maybe the Zombies had gotten to him already............. Anyway, you guessed it, NO RESIDENT EVIL 0.
So, I told my friend I want to check one more small game store I know, seems like he doesn't want to but I persisted and he just said "They won't have it either and if they do, I'll buy your dinner."
Well, guess who ate for free tonight!!
Gotta go, need to cancel my Amazon order.

Dah.. Takes too long time to write this way, I go back to normal now.

What is that Fantasy Guy

Put the game into my cute orange Gamecube, just let it run and see the title movie.
Hum, Billy looks a lot better than picture. Rebecca is cute too, and there is, WESKER!! just for a second, but make me satisfied. :)
Press start and start the game with "EASY" o.k. call me chicken, I DON"T CARE.....
Hum? Sheena Island???? Where is that??
Train runs and guy with Umbrella logo pins....... I WANT THAT.
and the guy, somebody said he looks like from the game Final Fantasy is in the top of the hill and ...
Then the whole train is attacked by creepy leeches and everybody died.
Good, Resident Evil have to be like that.
Bravo chopper crashed and Now, I'm (I mean Rebecca) is alone in the train.
First thing I did was try to get off from train.... I know I can't, but I at least had to try. Checked around and nothing. One door is locked, this means I have to go to the other door, I DON"T WANNA OPEN IT.
But I can't stay here forever, so I decided to open it.
Looong loading, this means cut scene... and I know, after cut scene is enemy.....
Here they are, zombies!! and three of it. shoot one and kill the others too, phew, I'm glad I picked EASY. But still make my hands hurt to hold the controller so tight.
Nothing useful here, go to other car and found Passenger's Diary, ammo and First Aid spray, no zombies , Good. (Sometime I feel like why people in Resident Evil soooo good to write diary.... seems like no lazy people and everybody write about job...)
Next door is save room, thank GOD! Get ink ribbon and save the game.
Conductor's room is locked. In front of the door, dead body and something blinking....
I DON"T WANNA GET IT. But I have to.... nothing happen, SUCKS!!
Oh? Billy? hey he has nice voice. and Billy walks away.... Hey Rebecca, why do you really shoot him?
Anyway? Edward died and I checked his dead body for something goodies I can get. YES! Got ammo!!
In the dining car, Billy again.
Didn't I (Rebecca) told you to call me officer Chambers? DO YOU HAVE EARS!!??
And he told me to go by myself..... Could you go with me?? please....
Something on the table... Notice to Supervisor.....
I talk to Billy one more time, maybe he'll go with me. I knew he would not..... Something telling me bad thing was gonna happen. Cut scene again, and NOOOOO I'M NOT READY FOR BOSS!!!
phew, kill it and Billy shows off himself and he even gave me a ammo!! Hum, not such bad person Billy.
ARG, What is that guy, singing again?? I'll call you Fantasy Guy from now on.
I even went to the roof of the car but nothing there, well, I will save the game and go to bed.
Good night

It was not stopped, it was crashed

Go back to the roof of the car.
It took me about 30 minutes to realized I should just re-connect the electric line. I thought I have to turn the power off before I touch the line.
A leeches came from nowhere and knocked Rebecca in to the hole. Hey, thanks. I wanted to get down there anyway.
Found the key, sent that key to Billy by small elevator and go to Conductor's office. Leave the stuff that I (Billy ) don't use in front of saveroom...... it looked beautiful in there, a bunch of stuff blinking.
Oh, Edward's dead body is still in the isle, I wonder when he is gonna turn to zombie.
Got note from conductor and briefcase. I don't understand why people do so much to just hide a card key.
Don't you think you can break the briefcase and get the card key?
Go up the ladder and walking the bar, something big is walking the roof...... I don't wanna make contact with it..... Opened the door to the small room, OH! Shotgun is there!! does this mean I have to fight with that big thing on the roof soon??
The closet is locked by "special" key. YES!! I know! This must be a costume changing place!!
Found ice pick. OK, Rebecca could open the door by using this. I got enough, lets go back.
OH, NO!! cut scene!! That big one was a Scorpion! I have the shotgun but I don't have ammo with me.
So, fight by handgun, Billy got beaten by scorpion..... oh? I can open the door!!
Back to corridor and stay there for a while..... Hoping the Scorpion went somewhere else..... Opened the door again, DAH Are you still there!? I killed the Scorpion by my handgun. GOOD FOR ME TO PICK EASY.
Gave Rebecca a icepick and open the crowlspace. Enter it? OF COURSE. oops, phone ring.... OK, you guys (Billy and Rebecca) go down crawlspace, I'll get the phone.
WHAT!? what is that music!? Cerberus!! hung up the phone and grab the controller!! ........... But it was too late..... Rebecca died...... well... at least, I could check those "You died" screen.... blood dripping effect is good.....
Back and killed Cerberus, get hook gun, and got gold ring. put Rebecca in the saveroom and Billy went up the roof, found another ring ignore leeches and back. Got card key, YEAH!!
OHHHHHHH! WESKER!! and Birkin. Wesker looking good! and his voice is good too.
Birkin, you are gonna turn to G very soon......
Search those Umbrella commands bodies for some goodies.... nothing... I thought they had a machine gun.
DAH... Brake operation manual? WHO THE HELL IN THIS WORLD MADE THIS KIND OF STUPID BRAKE SYSTEM TO JUST STOP THE TRAIN!!!!!?? What to do in an emergency situation?
OK, Billy will go to rear. Ah... on the way, I thought I killed Edward.... I didn't have time to make sure....
Train stopped or maybe just CRUSHED. Don't be proud of it guys. Rebecca and Billy are so tough, their health is not low or anything by that train CRUSH.


Open the door , go up the ladder.
Wesker again!! and Fantasy Guy..... DON"T SING. Well, so he can control those creepy leeches by singing the song..... I didn't know leech have ears.
Start to search this ah.... mansion? Found another gas tank, PLEASE somebody tell me how to use this thing!?
Go up the ladder, kill bunch of zombies. Then, realized I haven't save the game since I crushed the train. Back to the hall and save the game. Also, back to train crush area and picked up all stuff I left.
Back to outside corridor, opened the door and found Training facility mission. So, this place is training facility. Wait a minutes, I remember, this is the training facility closed right before Wesker and Birkin assigned to Arkley research facility in Weskers Report 2. OK, I understand now.
Something on the stage, prop? no, security unlock system........ WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE AT THE STAGE??
Search around, found micro film. Go around more..... opened the door to corridor in west side first floor...... too quiet...... I should go somewhere else..... open the door, OH restroom!! This is the first time I saw exact restroom in Resident Evil series.
Found gas tank again and bottle........ Now I realized I should combine those two to make weapon.
Zombie came in... WHAT!? THIS ZOMBIE IS TOO TOUGH!! No, this must not zombie SHOOT SHOOT!!! it is not working!! Use the molotov cocktail!! NOOOOO THIS IS LEECH GUY!!
Phew, it worked good.
One more leech guy in the corridor!! I don't have molotov cocktail anymore... Used up about 7 shoot of shotgun and it's dead.... I hate you, leech guy.
Start to search 2nd floor. (dunno why I searched from 1st floor, maybe because Barry told me before I guess.... :) and found Notice to All stuff. OK, I can open the door now. Got clank handle to. Good.
What!? Claws!! I don't care I just run away to the hall. AH? Where is Rebecca? suddenly Radio said "Gimme a help!!" GASH, You too slow Rebecca.
Move the lift and kill those creepy bugs. went to outside, ignore Claws and got into some kind of hall.... I don't like this room. because THIS ROOM IS BIG ENOUGH ROOM TO FIGHT WITH BOSS.
Rebecca can't wind the chain.... and lift is broke.... I'm stuck.
.......reset game......
OK, what I gonna do, Rebecca can't move the lift too. Back to huge room with empty pool. Walk around, and .......................................... FOUND STAIRS.
OK, you can call me stupid now.
YES, got grenade gun. I'll save this til boss.
Unlock the door, let Billy wind the winch.
Got key aaaaand BOSS!!?? Rebecca got caught by Centipede. STUPID REBECCA!! You are the person carrying shotgun and I don't wanna use grenade gun yet!!
Fight by handgun... well it took time but I killed.
Use fire key and got lighter fluid and bottle, good, I can use this to kill more leech guy.
Go upstairs and use key again. found Assistant Director's Diary and switch, but table is on the way...
HA-HA, easy trick!! and got Iron needle. Put the needle on the clock and opens more door. First, check the 2nd floor. Found A verse of poetry and microfilm B. Go down stairs and found microfilm projector. Numbers on the seats.... I have no idea.... and got MO disc. WAIT, somewhere I heard I need disc to do something...... I GOT IT. and I opened those doors blocked by knights.
I moved those chess and got poisoned.... go to other door, got green chemical, OK, I should have came here first. Finally gave a meaning for Rebecca carrying those things.
OK, one more time.... got poisoned again..... Rebecca uses the green............ died.....
...............................................................................................good night...............

NO! I can't sleep with this until solve this puzzle!!
Died in the chess room several more times, then I decide to check other doors.
Went to 3rd floor and nothing, It not gonna do anything until I get 3 principals.
Walk around ... nothing. Back to chess room and finally realized I could just move the king.... DAH.....
Got wing and diary, made devil statue but still nothing.
Went to outside and found something blinking on top of column but I can't get it.
Went to 2nd floor balcony, I thought I can move the box and drop it to the front yard..... maybe not.
Now I have to find how to recover the power to the elevator. (I think it is....)
Boiler room still can't go through... because stupid steam.....
I am really stuck now......

Got into 2nd disc

Search around, look for a clue. Walk... walk and walk.
I can't do like this anymore.... I have to ask some help!!
My friend told me "Go to every room where you've been and check everything one more time. Even pictures on the wall." .................. I don't think it will work..........
But there is nothing else to do right now, so I started from the 1st floor.
In the library, I thought nothing is there but when I checked the picture in the wall, showing to lit the candle!!
The door is open!! Oh my god.... sorry, I thought your suggestion is worthless....
Move the book shelf and found the wing. Back to hall, put wing on statue and there is another pass to the underground.
Go down and killed spiders. Got inmates list and typewriter there....I can feel something bad is gonna happen.... Of course, save the game and open the door.
Rebecca go in to air vent. GASH!! torture room again..... must be full of sick people in Umbrella, torture room is in every Umbrella facility.
Got another document "About power regulator". Set the power voltage to 70 on the control panel.
Yes! unlock the door and annoying steam is gone. Cut scene....... YOU AGAIN!!? Fantasy guy. Trespassing?? gimme a break. This is all your fault we came here because of you and your creepy leech.
Rebecca attacked by monkey and fall. Another cut scene, Wesker and Birkin. Hum. Wesker finally decide to get out from Umbrella. I don't know, but re-make wesker looks batter than this wesker.
Okeey, go to help Rebecca. Go through boiler room and killed monkeys, then catch Rebecca. Radio call, but Rebecca didn't report about Billy to Enrico. Yeah, Rebecca shouldn't because Billy helped Rebecca a lot, and Rebecca should help Billy at least once.
Billy has tough history behind...... dunno what to say.... but I just hate to see somebody killing innocent people.... killing zombie is different, I feel like.....
Search around, go downstairs and found locker key. Now, I just have to find locker....
Yes! found locker and got duralmin case. I can't open it. Well.. move the controller and HUNTER!!!! KILL! KILL! KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ................................ Got water key :)
Time to go back to training facility. Go upstairs and what is this animal thing?
EASY!! Just lit the fire from deer to eagle. Yes, door is opened. Got unity tablet and found Management trainee's diary.
OK, Lets go use water key.
Dah!! Leech guy again. Found vice handle, what is this for?
Another leech guy. Billy, threw the bottle!!!! leech guy everywhere.
Go to other room. Play the piano!? OK, go ahead Billy.... GASH! YOU PLAY BETTER THAN REBECCA.
Magnum ammo, bottle for leech guy and battery!! Good room!!
Used vice handle and got obedience tablet. One more to go and I already got battery.
NO! Leech guy. Don't stand in front of the door, I thought I'm gonna have a heart attack!!
Go outside, use battery and move the box, there it is!! discipline tablet.
Got all tablet and I'm ready to go to 3rd floor, but wait, I smell Boss fight ahead. Take grenade gun with me. Put 3 tablets in.... First disc is over!! YEY!
Building sinks.... Open the door and cross the bridge. Let Rebecca open the door and Billy got in to church. Saveroom and Boss!! I love shotgun. It is so easy to kill.
Have to go get hook gun, use it and go up to the roof and down the ladder, activate the elevator and down to the lab. Well.... nothing special there.....
I got a lot of progress today. I will rest my eyes a little while.


Used hook gun to climb upper level.
Got Laboratory manager's Diary.
Leech guy again!! No prob, Billy has molotov cocktail.
Got leech capsule, What is this thing!? Press the button and raised wall up, oh no,Leech guy again. But where is he? Let Billy go in to the other room and Rebecca take care of him. Found red chemical, mix it with green chemical, made stripping agent.
OK, Rebecca can't do anything right now, it is your job to look around Billy.
Found Leech Growth Report and Investigator's Report. Search more.... I think I'm stuck. A lot of stuff but nothing come together.
Decide to send leech capsule to Rebecca and open it with stripping agent. Got Blue Leech Charm, use it in Marcus door. Unlock the door!!
What is this? water tank? Got input Reg. Coil. Fantasy is Marcus' son or grand son.... I thought so too, loong time ago. it is too easy to guess. I hope not really story go like this.
Opened the door and killed zombie. I should have brought handgun with me. Grenade gun is too good for zombies. Got Green Leech Charm and send it to Billy. Use it and got into... morgue..... laying zombies, kill it by stepping on their head. Splashing blood effect is good!! I like it!!
Got Sterilizing Agent. Use it to pump the gas out. Got Breeding room key, zombie started to move... SHOOT!! Yes critical hit!! zombies head is gone by one shot.
Use the key and NO! HUNTER!! Shoot! Shoot!! Gash, Leech guy doesn't scare me anymore but Hunter still scares me BAD.
B.O.W. Report, and got dial and sent to Rebecca. and ..... Combination? .........I don't know.........
Go through files and check Leech Growth Report. OK, I got number and I unlock the door.
Found cable car.
Move the bridge, found Output Reg. Coil. Hummmm... how I can get power to the cable car?
Ah, hole in the sealing again..
Set both coil and cable car got power. Get on!! .............cut scene.............. Well, just monkey, Hey!! YOU GUYS HAVE WEAPON!!?? Why don't you kill the monkey!?? I mean YOU ALREADY KILLED BUNCH OF THEM!!
Billy is gone..... IDIOT!!
And Leech guy... I think leech guy is lot stronger than monkey.
I have to get power back............... Leeches took coil out? Walk around and kill all leeches by step on, just took coil out means NOTHING. Understand? Stupid Leeches?? I can always put it back.
Decide to leave Billy behind. Get on to cable car and bye-bye Billy. I shouldn't let you carry my favorite shotgun.
Go upstairs and.... this place looks familiar!! Use small lift and everything is same. Tyrant coming too :)?
No, Tyrant is on the screen!! I have to kill this sometime later.
Use the key and big lift came up. A-ha, no car like Resident Evil 2. feel like something missing.
Go down, Enrico!! I would rather go with you instead of searching Billy, but the story doesn't go like it. But you look better then re-make.
Got key, and use........ TYRANT!!I didn't think I would fight with you this soon.
...... Kill it ... and Rebecca almost died too.
Got into elevator, and press level 1. OK, I'm back to here. Go to level 4.... Fantasy Guy.... You can do your revenge but don't bother me!!
Oh, Billy! Are you OK?........ Gone.
Dam Area Power Supply Panel? What is this!? Just press the button without thinking.... lights back. look beautiful. Go down the elevator, kill zombies and Leech guy. Go more.... Wooo, nice pool table.
Go down more and finally, found Billy. Are you still have shotgun with you? You do, GOOD.
Move the box and got valve handle. Use it and open the door. Oh, naked zombies. I missed you.... KILL KILL!!
"About battery fluid" yeah, I need battery to move the forklift.
Go to next room, ARG, sewage is overflowing.... must be smalls bad. Kill more naked zombies, found Treatment Plant Manager's Diary.
Go around more and TYRANT AGAIN!! You never give up do you!!
This time, kinda easy to kill.
Press the button and go up the ladder, found Motherboard.
Let Rebecca ride gondola, turn the lever and there is! Bridge!!
Billy Cross the bridge, ignore frog and unlock the door. Rebecca got Empty Battery, but where is acid??
Walk around.... nothing... search more...... NOTHING. I think I'm stuck again. Found red chemical... I thought this is acid....
Search, search... and nothing. WAIT, blue chemical?? mixed with all 3 together, then ACID!!
OK, move forklift and got card key. Opened the door and... YOU!! Fantasy Marcus!! Wesker and Birkin killed him and .... Wesker said "Time to die...." cool, I love to see you act bad guy, Wesker. Fantasy Marcus transformed and said "Which one gonna die?" Well, sorry but OF COURSE YOU!! I can always comeback and try, because I SAVED THE GAME!!
Fire, fire!! and dead soooo easy. You'll comeback again, right?
Use the key and save the game. Get on the lift and........ I KNEW IT!! YOU CAME BACK!!
OK, fight one more time, and Rebecca run around and opens the gate.
Billy gave a last shot!! BYE-BYE!!
AAAAND Over!! I BEAT IT!! I'm not gonna write about ending, because if you already beat it, you know what is it and if you not beat the game yet, just bet it and watch it.
I feel soooooo good!! I beat it!!
OK, play some extra and beat one more time!! by normal mode......

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