Resident Evil Dead Aim

Game Playing Journal
  • This content is really spoiler, if you haven't played the game yet, don't read this. And you don't understand what I writing anyway.
  • This content is just explaining step by step what I done, so this is not gonna be ANY of your help to beat the game.

First Day: Tough guy Bruce
Second Day: Got control of Fongling

Third Day: RUN!!
Fourth Day: Got Magnum
Fifth Day: Fat ugly one and the end
Tough guy Bruce
Connect Japanese Playstation2 and Gun-controller to the TV. Connecting the Gun-controller is too complicating for my jet-lagged head....
Set gun aim and let it run a while, start movie is soooo cool!! I love those graphics. But still Bruce is too far from being a tough guy.
OK, start the game, pick so-sweet mode as usual.

What is this voice!?? Bruce's voice?? His voice is too high like Steve.... I feel like I'm not gonna like this kinda high voice guy so much.
Cut scene starts, Bruce... are you already caught by Morpheus? don't you think too early? the game has just started...... yeah... I know, you are not tough guy anyway.... you are just a skinny high voice guy.... I know, I know.
Then Fongling helped Bruce. Hey, thanks cute girl!!
OK, now I got control of Bruce.
.... Bruce you are hard to control... I hope Capcom will go back to normal Resident Evil control style after this game....
Walk around, found ammo and green herb, bunch of zombies laying down in the hall... but they don't do anything at this moment. I know, you guys will wake up and start attacking me after a while.
Check several more rooms, found more items. In this game, items are not blinking... kinda hard to figure out which ones I can get.
Oh? something blinking there!! Found map and key. !! .... and some noise.... I know, the hanging woman falls and she WILL attacking me.
Yes she does. soot soot!! GASH!! I didn't think it is too hard to shoot by gun-controller!! .......Finally killed, Bruce got bit A LOT.
Walk more and killed a lot more zombies. Yeah!! I'm getting use to this, this is fun!!
Found card key and used it, cut-scene. Fongling beat Bruce up... poor guy. Least, Bruce got her name. Next time, don't forget to ask her phone number Bruce.....
Found document, and it says Morpheus is just a big head stupid guy.... well, but he has a better voice than Bruce, I think.
Got in to the save room!! And there is a bunch of hand gun ammo. I love this room.
OK, I got enough today, save the game and get a little rest.

Got control of Fongling
Get out from the save room and open the door, killed zombies and found ID card. Right after I (Bruce) picked up the ID card, "What!??" bunch of "URGGGGGG" sounds..... OK, I can kill you zombies one by one.
Go down stairs and use the ID card to open more doors. Hummmm, which door should I go first? OK, go back and check those guest rooms first. HA-HA, zombies. OKeeeey, come on guys. Then found semi-automatic pistol, GOOD. But I have to be careful to not spend so much ammo. Search more of the guest room are and found door then got in to the room... GASH!! those zombies in the guest rooms kinda scared me. ONLY 2 ROOMS I CAN GET IN!!?? Those "The door is locked" made me feel like I'm playing Silent Hill 2.....
Hum, panel to open those shutters, but I have to find something with Umbrella logo on it. OK, I will go to the other area then.
Kitchen, but nothing special, open the door on the other side and ..... !! a bunch of zombies laying here and something blinking.
I know, something bad gonna happen.... but I have to get the item, especially, it is looks like a weapon.
Got it....... nothing happened YET. Slowly start to leave the room....
GASH!! All zombies got up at the same time!!! Shoot!! shoooooot!!!!
............. killed all :)
Opened the door to the pool deck, expecting finally I get to meet cute bikini girl zombie or cool muscular guy zombie...... Yeah... I know, it will never happen. Even in the pool side, those zombies are wearing suits... I strongly think Capcom should make bathing suit zombies.
Anyway, found key and opened shutter, go through the hall and get to the bar area. Walk around and found valve handle. Wired.... no zombies around here..... I feel some trouble.... Get out the room, then something attacked Bruce. Ouch!! Then, Fongling stole valve handle and left.... Bruce..... don't you think you should do better than that? You are not acting like a HERO.
Oh? got control of Fongling. Yeah, this is better than controlling LOSER.
Killed about 50 zombies and back to pool area. Using valve handle to open the hatch. Then, oh? Bruce? you made it here already? It was so easy to go through here after I KILLED ALL THOSE ZOMBIES.
Cut scene..... Morpheus still alive, hey Morpheus, if you die now, it makes it so easy to beat the game.
Instead of die there, Morpheus opened the shutter and released Hunters.
I hate you, Morpheus.
NOOOOO!! Hunters are too fast!! Shoot, shoot...... used all handgun ammo, machine gun ammo and finally killed by shotgun. I should have just used shotgun from the beginning.
Then Morpheus infect himself with T-virus. So, you are the last boss then. I hope you can wait until I almost beat the game.
OK, go down the ladder and YES!! save room!!
Get handgun ammo and save the game.
Pew, I quit for now, cuz this game make me dizzy.

Go down by elevator and opened the door. Go straight and NOISE!?? "URGGGGGG" ........ Zombie!! Where?? where is the zombie??
Back step a little, then ARRRG!! BEHIND!! Kill kill!! aaaand another zombie came from behind too!! Shoot a lot and killed. I got bit a lot again!!
Walk more and more zombies. Killed all but I used all of my handgun ammo.... Went to back to save room and got ammo again, equip normal handgun. Semi-automatic handgun isn't worth anything.
Go back and killed a lot more zombies. I don't know, but I think zombies get tougher.... or I'm just getting bad??
Use another elevator and found map. The door to the crew room area is closed. I guess I have to find the key.
Go to cargo room, ship crew's private property boxes are everywhere. Oh? I can open these boxes!?? OK, I'll find crowbar or something to open these boxes!! I hope inside, I'll find a ton of ammo :D
Monitor room is closed, Morpheus is in this room now? Opened the door to the presentation room, found the crowbar!! and report of BOW. But.... I don't wanna move.... I think these capsules gonna break and Hunters will come out. ......... nothing happens and walk more..... OH NO!! cut scene!
Who are you? woman Tyrant? What!?? Morpheus?? I didn't know you are a woman!! and seems like any kind of weapon will work to him ..... Ahm.. or her. So, I guess there is only one answer, RUN!!
Run straight out from the presentation room, and run through the corridor, WHAT?? you are already here Morpheus!? Just ignore him/her and run through cargo room, to corridor and elevator!! Gosh!! elevator is GONE.
I need card key to open the other door!! Run back to the cargo room, open the boxes one by one... Don't you attacking me right now Morpheus!! I'm searching something!! Of course, he/she doesn't care.... YES!! found it!! Still open all those boxes to find goodies and hit several more times. Run back to the locked door, use the card key. Cut scene!! I made it!!
Bruce.... you can't run better than that? looks like 80 years old man trying to run away from bee.... and the end of the corridor, there she is!! Fongling!! Bruce run and looks like screaming Fongling "Help meeeee" reminds me another high voice guy from Resident Evil Code: Veronica.
Fongling have to unlock the door for Bruce. In a second, I thought leave Bruce alone and see what is gonna happen. But I don't wanna go back to the save point anymore, so I have to help Bruce.... even if I don't want to.
Killed Hunter and unlocked the door..... pew...
Back to control Bruce, search ship crew rooms, and go back to cargo area. Little bit scared, maybe Morpheus is still somewhere in this area? ... No, it is Hunter. No prob by this shotgun, ha-ha.
Oh, door to the monitor room is open now.
OK, save room. Save the game and go to bed.

Got Magnum
Found document. Hum, Morpheus lost the job, got pissed and attack this ship, I guess...
Go back to presentation room, press the button and go up stairs. Oh, I came back to the hall, good, rec-room is right there. Killed more and opened the door, go up stairs again, go toward captains room. Wow, captains room is nice, even some alcohol is there.
Something blinking on the desk, well, maybe zombies or Hunters will appear after I pick this item up. Change the weapon to shotgun and press the button to pick up. Read diary.... what!? captain has magnum!?? YES!! I have to kill you captain!! Where is captain zombie!??
Suddenly door opened and... YES!! Captain zombie coming right out. Greeeeeeeat! I don't have to search you and kill you. I kill you right now.
Killed easy by shotgun, found magnum ammo and Magnum.
Bathroom zombie scared me.... opened other door and go up stairs again. Check the map, a-ha, finally I got to the bridge. I smell boss fight ahead.... re-load the gun and take deep breath and opened the door.
Cut scene. Fongling!! good to see you, and ship is about to hit the cliff. ARG, I totally didn't know about it. OMG, time attack again. Just killed one zombie and RUN, oh? TYRANT!! I know I have to fight by myself.
Run around and hit Tyrant's back by shotgun. I still remember the report from the BOW file. This Tyrant walks really slow, Bruce can just run around and hit Tyrant's back. This is sooooooo easy. I think Hunter scared me a lot more. OK, killed :)
Long cut scene, well, Bruce getting looks better, or I just getting use to it?

Some kind of facility here. I guess Morpheus and Fongling are here. Found map, I'm in the loong sewer now. Opened the door and found save room. Pew, and found document again, says monsters is in the sewer..... More monsters to deal with.... Save the game and walk toward the sewage. Yey!! found grenade gun!!
Get into the dirty (I think) water, search item, killed zombies and weird monster, open other door...... OH!! Naked zombie!! If you are starting to appear, I'm in the almost finished with this game right? Naked zombie??
Go up lift, and use radio. ARG, whole country's life is on my (Bruce's) shoulder...... hey, you couldn't find better person to rely on?
Change to Fongling.... what is this fat ugly monster!!?? and it's gone... OK, if I don't have to fight with you, I don't care. BUT I know you'll come back sometime later to attack Bruce, and this means I have to fight.
Walk around and found key, use it at office and unlock the electrical lock. Go straight to the lift, killed all naked zombies. Opened the door and cut scene.......
This time, finally Bruce saved Fongling.What is "Don-gwa" mean!!??
Back to control Bruce. Found save room, and file again. found information of another new monsters I have to fight. I don't wanna see this ugly fat one....
Save the game and rest my eyes a little.

Fat ugly one, and the end
Get out from the save room and start to walk. Zombies coming but I'm getting tired of dealing with these zombies. Ignore them and run to the lift. Flog looks like monsters spit acid, but still ignore them. Go down by the lift and ...... Wow, burning zombies. Looks cool. But still ignore them and jumped into the nearest lift. Down again and found elevator card key and magnum ammo. Check the map, there is a big elevator room in this level. Hummm.... I know, I will fight with that fat ugly one in the room. Back to the upper level, still ignore all monsters, now I realized I didn't have to kill the other monsters I encounted before too....... well, to enjoy killing is part of this game....
Use the card and ..... FAT UGLY ONE!! I still remember the BOW report, so move quiet and shoot the head, shoot more and more...... fat ugly one is still alive. GOSH!! this ugly one is really tough.
Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot ......
Finally dead...... I don't even remember how much shotgun ammo I used.
Cut scene, Morpheus cut the elevator cable and Bruce is gone with elevator.... Bye-bye Bruce, I know you're not gonna die.
Control Fongling again, Save the game and get out from the save room.
Walk a little and found dust shoot, use it and oh? cut scene already?
Morpheus knocked Fongling down, and back to Bruce.
I don't know how, but sub-title of this game is "Heroes never die" so Bruce never dies too, even if he was in the falling elevator.
Start searching, aaaaand HUNTER!! killed by shotgun, then found card key and map. Killed more zombies and found voice analyzed lock door. Hummmm, reminds me of Resident Evil 3. This means I have to find a recorder and somebody's voice to open the door. Search more and found Morpheus' voice, but nothing to record for. Go up and search more, YES! found recorder.
Back to the 2nd floor, and HUNTER AGAIN!! kill kill. NO, one more coming!! ........... Phew, Hunter scares me more than Tyrant does.
Record the voice and unlock the door. Start to walk... WHAT!? the suits has inside!! SHOOOOOT!! OMG, it was scary.
Open the middle door, Oh? door on the right side is open. Go toward the door and, what is this?? Big Bee?? Shoot shotgun like crazy and it died so easy.... What was this? small bee still bothering me, so ignore them and run in to the door. In the room, something blinking. YES!! got electrocute gun. Ha-ha, I think I can use this. Killed all naked zombie by shock gun, soo easy!! and found key. OK, now I can open the door to the courtyard.
Go down by the elevator, get into the very simple room. Found Morpheus' note. But nothing important inside, just stupid craps. Move the chair, press the switch. Oh!? Morpheus and Fongling. Ha-ha, I have a very good gun now, wait to get bat kicked, Morpfeus!!
Go down again and save room. This must be the last save room before last boss. Check ammos, recover Bruce and save the game.
Get out from the save room and found Fongling. Where is Morpheus? My big gun is ready!!
Cut scene and finally start to fight!! Run around and shoot gun. I found Morpheus even wearing high heels.... anyway, killed him easy.
Fongling is of course fine, but we have to stop the missile launch.
Run toward missile silo. This is easy, just go as Fongling said, ignore all zombies and oh? I can't open this door. Morpheus again. Just shoot his head by magnum several times. OK, done and run little more, Morpheus back to fight again. Shoot some more, I think I killed him.
Morpheus blew up and ending.
Well, I guess I beat the game, but I still don't know Morpheus was a really woman or somehow he turned into a woman when he was infected by the virus. I thought I will find some kind of document about it, but NO, I didn't. And I don't know missile was launched or not still.....
Oh-well, I beat the game, so I have to make myself understand everything over anyway.
I have to do time attack next and get infinite ammo for all weapons.

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