Resident Evil Short Fan Fiction
By Martina K.

It was late in the evening...a lone man was looking outside his appartment window onto the silent streets.
He felt a quiet urge inside of him....revenge, pride, death, pain, memories.
He knew that a part of him was missing, lost in an attempt to gain ultimate power.
"Damn that son of a bitch" he mumbled to himself. The smoke from his cigar filled the room like an illuminous silken ghost, his face contorted with anger... memories of failure displaying inside his mind over and over again.

"Why? What went wrong? It was so could they haved survived?"
The man stepped back from the window, he sat down in his large leather chair which gave some comfort at this late an hour.

A small clock kept on taunting him "My god...3:21A.M. already?"
But he didn't care...sleep was something he began to ignore more and more lately...even if his body didn't show it. Files, paperwork, classified top secret projects...his life work, that and and his marksmanship skills.
He slowly took off his sunglasses and placed them on the table next to the report he just finished, he rubbed his eyes in pain. He sighed and kept on thinking about his life and future, contemplating on how to exact his revenge on the man who destroyed everything for him, Chris Redfield.

Again you saw the fury in his eyes, those dangerous yellow reptilian eyes. There mere sight of the could steal your soul, yet alone scare the living daylights out of you. But as he went on he knew it was useless....what he should do is go to bed and get some rest.
His own conciousness kept on telling him that he needs sleep, no matter how hard he fights it, his body begins to weaken. "Perhaps...just for a few hours?"he got up and opened the door to his bed chamber, a grin creeped up on his face.

"Well...haven't seen one of THESE for a while" he chuckled in humor of his own mockery. He barely bothered with his clothing, he took off his jacked which bared the lettering 'HCF' on the back and placed it on the floor.
Lazily he took off his shoes and finnally slumped into the bed, it was cool at first, but  the warmth swooned over him in time, joyously he exhaled in victory.
His mind wasn't focused on death anymore or revenge nor the past....his only concern was now the comfort and love he recieved from his emminent slumber.
''s so close your eyes without fear...'
And thus he went on to dream...............

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