Resident Evil: A Taste of Fear

By Cody Redd
Prologue: What It Felt Like
Chapter 1: Awaking To A Nightmare
Chapter 2: The Unexpected Allies
Chapter3: The Escape
Chapter 4: The R.P.D. Office
Chapter 5: Out of the City

Prologue: What It Felt Like

The stench of rotting flesh cut through the air like a knife, making the dense cold air of the city, even eerier than it already was. But even ascold as it was, the cold wasn't what sent chills up and down my spine, the screaming and painful groaning that echoed through the city is what frightened me. The groans that came from the souls of the undead that roamedthe city. The mindless spirits of cannibalistic undead flesh eating creatures, that terrorized the survivors that still lived, separate gunshots could be heard far off into the city, right before the tight scream that could be heard with the ripping of human skin at the teeth of those hideous creatures. The U.B.C.S, and surviving members of the S.T.A.R.S unit had been dispatched into the city, trying to destroy the creatures that roamed free, but many had failed and I believed many more would.
Maybe I was the only one who would survive. Maybe not, maybe I'd be left alone as a meal for the cannibals just like the others, or maybe I'd meet someone who could help. But whichever way it may have went I was ready to follow that path, whether down the dark or the light no matter which. I had to follow it, because I'm not one of those monsters and I don't want to be. I'm getting out of this city. My name is Alice and welcome to everyone's worst nightmare.

Chapter 1: Awaking To A Nightmare

When I awoke, somewhere around nine o'clock P.M I strongly smelled smoke, the kind of smoke that makes your eyes water, I quickly opened my eyes and looked around me, my home was on fire, the smell of burned cedar cabinets, and clothing in piles of ashes quickly alerted me into a state of fright and distraught. I escaped the house as fast as possible, dodging falling debris and lava like flames. Before I left through the backdoor of my apartment, I grabbed my pistol and headed out into the dark alley behind my house. The flames of the burning house where the only thing that lit the dark streets, the moon was covered in dark granite colored clouds, making the light reflect through them, with a bright white, giving only the sky a gleaming light. I rushed away from the apartment building hoping that there wouldn't be an explosion of heat hitting the gas heater. As I ran away, not looking back, I heard the sound of breaking glass. I knew the building was exploding, I ran farther hoping to run far from the flames. I found a safe place, a few yards away from the building, and watched as it collapsed. My fatigued body fell to the ground and I fell to sleep.
     I was startled as someone grabbed me and pulled me running towards an old abandoned warehouse. My eyes where still closed but I was awake, I heard him yell out. "Get Away, before I cap ya!" I opened my eyes and saw that we where being chased by slow moving people, at least twenty of them. I didn't know why he was running so fast, as slow as they where moving, and none of them where armed. We got to the warehouse; he opened the door and quickly pushed me in as he stood at the door shooting at the people. I stood inside watching him as he shot at least three clips of his machine gun. As the people started getting closer he slammed the door and locked it. I stood there as he walked by me calmly; I followed him with my eyes, being alert the whole time. "Who are you?" I asked him. He ignored me the first time as he sat down, on a row of steps, and sat his gun down, next to him.  "Who are you?" I asked him again. Again he ignored me, I walked over to him and bent down to his level, looking him straight in the eyes. "If you weren't going to talk, then why did you drag me in here?" The room was silent as I continued speaking. "Who are you, and what's going on around here, I'm laying at home, wake up to a burning bed, then you come around and pull me to this forsaken place, being chased by what seemed to be cracked up people.
     He looked back at me and spoke in a calm, deep almost sarcastic voice. "You know. If you'd stop talking long enough maybe I'd get the chance to." I looked at him with disgust, and he continued talking. "Umbrella aren't the people they say they are. Healthcare products. Bull Hock! What they're doing is what I call massacre, those people you saw out there, are why I've got a job. Working for the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. Those cannibalistic freaks, aren't human, I say their some sort of evil. Those are the people you meet in the grocery stores, or accidentally bump into at the movies. But Umbrella has changed them." I interrupted him. "What are you talking about?" I asked him. "How does Umbrella have something to do with those crazed maniacs?"  He replied to me, as he stood up and walked around the warehouse. "Well, it's kinda' hard to explain. You see, when someone dies, they still hold energy in their body, so while you're dead, the whole time you lay there, you are still growing, well, Umbrella has found a way to neutralize that energy and bring the dead back to life, they have released a 'Virus' into the city to not only bring back the dead, but to make new undead." I stood silent, at what I heard, because it startled me, I didn't know what to say due to the audacity of it, I finally decided to speak after I let it sink in. "So you're saying that those people out there are dead?" He turned around to look away from me, and he replied. "Yep." There was a long silence and I again broke it. "So, I know you work for, Umbrella.but who are you?" He turned around and looked at me, as he answered. "My name is Jack Feniks.Who are you?" he continued. "I am Alice.And I too work for umbrella, or I guess you could say I used to. I don't expect I'll be getting a paycheck for a long, long time." Jack grinned at me and agreed, with the nod of his head.
     We sat on the steps in the warehouse, talking about the U.B.C.S plan, as he cleaned his gun. "We need to get out of here. Do you have a weapon?" He asked. "Yes. I have a pistol." I replied. Jack searched me up and down with his eyes, and then he walked around me, still searching. "I don't see one." He replied with a grin on his face. "I keep my gun somewhere no one will look." I said. "I'd look." He replied, as he walked over to the door opposite the one we entered. "Are you ready?" He asked me. I nodded my head in reply. He peeked out the door cautiously, looking around in the thin alleyway; he motioned with his hand for me to come. We left the warehouse and I followed him though the city. The sun was beginning to rise and yet the clouds still blocked out the sky's red tint, but the city streets still seemed red as blood, as we walked down the street, we passed many dead bodies and patches of blood where the dead once laid, wondering where they where now. The city was a giant pit of destruction, every car in the city totaled at every corner, the broken windows to the shopping areas and second hand department stores, added a certain air to the city, allowing the wind to blow through the buildings making a strange sound. Inside the buildings they where dark, even though they all seemed abandoned, I know they weren't due to the grunting and groaning coming from the inside of them.
     We walked deeper into the city searching for survivors, and found none, when we reached the central square we where attacked by about thirty of the monsters, Jack and I could see the monsters coming toward us, busting out of shop windows and doors, as well as from cars, and some where just crawling around on the ground, but we where surrounded, and I thought we were hopeless. "Get your gun out and start firing!" Jack yelled. I backed up to his back and him to me. I pulled out my gun and we both started shooting at anything that moved. They started closing in on us as we downed about ten of them, I was out of ammo but Jack was still firing. As they approached closer I started to kick the ones going after my feet, away from me. The ones standing where still coming after us, some of them tripping over the ones on the ground. "Alice.I'm out of ammo!" Jack yelled, trying to throw his voice over the sound of the grunting of the "zombies". We were both out of ammo and the creatures were pushing us back to back. Just as the zombies got into touching range of us, an outburst of machine guns fired at them, making them flinch and fall to the ground into pools of blood. Neither Jack nor I knew what was going on, because Jack was the only one of us with a machine gun and he was out of clips.

Chapter 2: The Unexpected Allies

     We looked around for an answer, the sky was still dark and it was starting to rain slightly, through the darkness and the sprinkling rain, I could see a flash light, My eyes where flickering from the hardening rain hitting them, but I could tell that whoever that was, they where there to save us. I looked at Jack and he didn't seem as exited, and as a matter of fact he seemed worried, as though the ones that saved us where out to kill us. Jack added to the sound of the falling rain. "Alice we need to run." I looked at him confusingly, and he said it again this time a little louder. 'Alice.Run!" I didn't know why he said that, but we began to run away from the ones that helped us. I looked behind us and found them running after us, but they were not firing their guns, I was again confused and lost, not knowing why we where running or who they where. As we were running we approached a porch with a cover, we hid in the shadows of the porch while we awaited the arrival of the ones following us. When they arrived at the street we were on we could see them and the outfits they where wearing - The uniforms where almost identical to Jack's, and even had the red and white Umbrella symbol on the right lapel, just like his, but these soldiers wore a biohazard mask along with the rest of the ensemble - I looked at Jack in the darkness and asked him what he knew was going to be asked. "Why are we running from them if you work for them?" I whispered. Jack remained quite and didn't answer.
     As we sat there we could here them speaking to each other. "Sir. I'm using the Thermal to look for them but so far I see nothing." One of the others who seemed like the leader of the group replied to the other. "Well keep looking, we'll find them, because we have to find out if their contaminated." The other replied. "Yes Sir!" We sat there hoping that they wouldn't notice us; Jack still sat silently, like he knew it was over for us. I sat looking outward toward the street, watching every movement they made, hoping that they wouldn't come over that way. I kept watching cautiously. "Sir, There they are!" one of them said. "They've noticed us I replied quickly, as I turned around and looked at Jack. Jack grabbed my hand and pulled me again. After a few seconds of running I felt a prick in my neck, and I fainted a few seconds later.
     When I woke up I was in a bright white room underneath a bright light, I was still in pain from the fall, and I didn't really have the power to move. But as my eyes opened wider I lifted up my head and saw that I was I strapped down to a metal table, with leather straps. I didn't have the energy to escape, so I lay there and screamed for help. I rose up again and looked for Jack but I couldn't find him, I was the only person in the room and it was cold and lonely. After a few minutes of looking around the large metal door opened and someone in a white doctors outfit, came in. I yelled at him. "Leave me alone! Who are you?" He started releasing me from the table. "What are you doing?" I asked him in a loud voice. "Shut up. Alice, it's me." He replied. I looked at him and my eyes widened. "Jack?" I asked. "Yeah. Shhh. Don't say any thing." He replied. "He went and got my clothes, and I changed out of my, hospital robe, and put my normal clothes on, while he waited outside. "Are you done?" He asked. "Yes." I replied as I walked out of the door. I looked around the dark hallway, and found about ten bodies on the floor. "Jack what happened?" I asked him. "I don't know." He replied. "I came up here, and I was going to try and trick them into letting me in but they where already dead, they took our guns away before we fainted, so, I didn't do it."
     We walked back up to where Jack had switched clothes, and he put his uniform back on. We had decided that our next step would be to look for our guns; we searched through the whole building until we finally got to the armory. There we found our guns, and no others, seeing that ours where the only ones in the whole armory we where suspicious, we picked them up and left the room. When we got out the door, they where waiting for us; the three that where chasing us earlier. "Hold it!" The main man yelled. "Come with us, your going to need some ammo, for those." he continued in a calmer voice. Jack still seemed iffy at the concept of it, as if it where a trap. But I believed differently. We followed them, into a hidden room, behind a tall gray wall with the Umbrella symbol on it. When I saw the symbol, I began to think as Jack had been, because of the recent history of it, now I was suspicious.
We followed them into the room, and sat down in black leather chairs; the room was well furnished and resembled an office, it had a desk and all of the other things that make an office. We sat there and the soldiers informed us of what they where up to. The main guy started speaking as he and the others took their masks off. " Our intentions weren't to harm you, they where to help you." Jack stood up and interrupted him. "What do you mean, to me that's a bucket of- - -" one of the other soldiers, a female, interrupted him. "You should be glad we got you off the streets, because if we hadn't, you would have become just like the others." The other soldier spoke in a silent voice. "Yeah, you should be thanking us. After all, we did save your life."
     I stood up and walked over to the captain of the group. "Who are you and what's going on here, and why did you save us?" I asked him. "We are all members of Umbrellas Biohazard Countermeasure Service, just like Feniks here, and we saved you because we didn't want more undead creatures to deal with first of all, and second of all we couldn't just sit there and let you die." He replied. "That answers two of my questions, now for the other." I said. "Well, our company. Umbrella was 'testing' their new 't-virus' on the city." He replied. "They where using the city as their testing ground!" Jack asked. "You could put it that way." The captain replied. "But I believe that they knew what was going to happen, the only civilians that haven't died are the ones in the holding room, but most of them are crooks." He continued. "I'll take you there." We followed him again, now with a little more trust. While we where walking down the hallway, the dead bodies we saw in the upper level, where walking now. The three UBCS members, where the only ones firing seeing that Jack and I had no bullets. The zombies got within about four feet of us and they fell to the floor. We walked farther down the hallway and we came to a room, with large tanks in it. We kept walking but the UBCS members were very cautious about their movements. Jack and I peered into the tanks, as the others informed us that the tanks held prototype experiments for Umbrella's T-virus, with the virus being injected directly into a human' s nervous system.
     When we got to the other side of that room, there was another large door, with a keypad that had to be unlocked. "Feniks. Come here, you're good at unlocking high-tech defense systems get over here and un-lock this door." The Captain said. Jack walked up to the door and he too, couldn't un-lock it. After Jack and the others tried, I used my skill and tried, I walked up to the door and easily unlocked it with an old bent paperclip. "You're good." Jack said, as if he where astonished. "I know." I replied. The captain walked in first and motioned for us to follow, so we did. When we got inside, the door closed behind us, and air locked. We looked around and there where a lot of holding cells for criminals, and rouge civilians, rebelling against Umbrella. One cell was opened, and there was no one in it. "What happened to the person that was in here?" I asked. "No telling." The UBCS Girl replied. As she was speaking, I saw through the corner of my eye, a revolver press against the captain's neck, and he was put into a headlock, with the revolver pressed against his cheek. My eyes followed the attackers body, up to his head. "Hey! I f you all participate, I'll let your partner go." He said. Jack replied by coming up behind him and tackling him down. The gun was dropped and fired at the ceiling, the lights went out, and I couldn't see.
     While the lights where out I could here the sound of powerful punches to the gut, along with moans of pain. After a few minutes the Captain found a light, and we saw that Jack had knocked the attacker out. "This man is crazed!" Jack Replied." We'll take him with us and keep an eye on him. Jack put him in a fireman's carry and carried him out of the room, with me close behind. After we left the room, the captain and the other two, decided to stay and observe the other cell holders. So Jack and I walked out of the room and waited for them to finish. We sat outside of the room and waited for them to come out. After about five minutes, the door locked shut again, and we tried to get in but we couldn't, it was tightly locked, and they couldn't get out. On the inside a few tanks like the ones we saw earlier, where lowered into the room and they opened. Monsters much unlike the ones we had been seeing, where popping out and walking around the ceiling and walls, some looked like large frogs with no eyes and a much bigger mouth, the others looked like werewolves with no fur or skin, and with the flesh they did have, falling off, and one other, had one large arm and one small one, it had the head of a Human but with a gray skin tint, and only one very large eye. All Jack and I could do was watch as the beasts, broke into the holding cells and ripped the civilians apart, when they got done killing the civilians, they headed for the captain and the other two. They fired with everything they had, but it wasn't enough, our view was blocked, as the captains blood splattered onto the small window that we where looking into.

Chapter 3: The Escape

     After the horrible scene of terror that we had experienced, I sat outside the door with my face in my hands crying lightly, while Jack leaned on the door hitting it with his hands. As he turned he saw me crying, bent down and tried to comfort me, I took my face out of my hands and looked at him, he held me in his arms. "Jack I don't want this to happen to one of us." I said. "Same, here." He replied. As we sat there, the civilian that attacked the captain, started to wake up. Jack let go of me and approached him. He woke up and tried to run. "Hey calm down." Jack replied. "Who are you?" the rouge asked. "I'm Jack, and this is Alice, what's wrong?" Jack replied, and then asked. "I'm Dillon Steel." The suspect replied. "I'm sorry about what I did in there, but if you had to fight against those monsters every day for a week, with no protection but a revolver, you'd be hostile too." I walked over to him and started talking to him." You're saying that they gave the people in those cells weapons?" I asked. "Yeah." He replied. "They think of it as entertainment, watching us fight off those monsters, every single day." He continued. "Whoa! You're talking crazy. You're saying that you kept those monsters off of you for a week with six bullets?" Jack asked. "A bullet a day." Dillon replied. "So they liked watching all of those people die that way? I asked. " could say that. I was the only one that survived a whole week, and they where going to inject me with the T- Virus today to watch me die, but due to the problem outside, they cancelled my injection." Dillon answered. "Why were you in there in the first place?" Jack asked. " Because they caught me trying to pocket the virus secrets."  After a long silence I broke it. "Do you know a way out of here?" I asked. "Yeah, but it could be dangerous. You'll need ammo." He replied.
     We followed him as he led us back to the armory after we had finished talking. When I figured out where we were going, I spoke up. "You do know that there aren't any weapons in here don't you?" I asked him. "Yeah I know that." He replied. "Umbrella and STARS units are using them in a conjunction movement to ward off the monsters outside." He continued. "So why are we here?" Jack asked. "If you noticed when you came in here earlier, there is a hidden passage way in the back of the room, that leads to another armory, hopefully they haven't taken the weapons from there yet." Dillon replied. We walked into the armory, and it was still bare. We searched around for the hidden door but neither Jack nor I could find it, Dillon led us to it instantly, as if he had been there before. After Dillon had opened the door, we went in, it was dark, cold and it felt as if I was standing in water. I couldn't see anything, but finally Jack lit a flare and a bright green light went around us. After the flare was lit I could see all around us. The passage way resembled a sewage drainage pipe in many ways. Other pipes led down to other rooms in the building, but only one was the right one for us. We followed Dillon farther into the pipe, the dark devilish scenery along with the darkness of the atmosphere sent a strike of fear down my spine. Above our heads in the room above we could here the screeching and footsteps of another monster. With every step the monster took I could see the plaster in the ceiling splitting, I knew instantly that this beast was bigger and more powerful than the ones we had been seeing
     We followed Dillon farther until we got to another door at the end of the tunnel. This door was less high-tech, and much like any normal door made of wood with a normal turn handle. Dillon opened it and clicked on the light. Inside it looked like a storage room, not as clean as the armory, and much less high-tech. "This is where we'll find our weapons. Start looking." Dillon said. Jack, Dillon and I all started breaking boxes open in an attempt to find something. anything that could help us. Jack found ammo for his gun as well as a few grenades, and some first aid packets. Dillon found ammo for his revolver as well as a storm machine gun which was not quite as strong as Jack's, but who would've expected it to be due its small size. And I found A Bennelli Shotgun, which I instantly loaded and kept at my side, while I put my handgun and my newly found ammo, in my side pouch. I walked over to Jack and Dillon. "You guys ready to blow this joint?" I asked them. They both nodded in reply, and we left the small storage room.
     When we got into the passageway, the ceiling had fallen in from where it was splitting earlier. The fallen ceiling blocked our only way out, but it was stacked up and it supplied us with a way out through the room above. As we approached the piled up debris, going to climb out. The monster I heard jumped down from the room with the agility of a cat, but it was huge. I backed up and stood behind Jack and Dillon. The beast was shaped a lot like a spider but with only four limbs. It hadn't any eyes, and its brain showed over its skull, it's tongue shot out at an amazing length, around seven feet and it could have easily be used as a weapon. "Alice get back, we 'll take this!" Jack yelled. Jack and Dillon, got their automatics out and started firing, but the long tongued monster dodged the rapid-fire shots. After a few seconds of dodging, the "Licker" tackled Jack down, and tried to use its amazingly sharp claws to cut him into small pieces. I got angry, and finally shot the thing in the head making it burst blood all over Jack's face. Jack tried to stand up but the weight of the monster was too great. Dillon and I went over and pushed the monster off of him. "Blast it!" Dillon yelled. "What the heck was that!" He continued. "I've never noticed that in the UBCS plans before." Jack said. As he rolled onto his stomach and stuck his face into the water on the tunnel floor trying to get his face clean of the blood." Come on, let's climb up, and head out of here. I replied as I started walking up the pile of debris.
     When we reached the room above we moved cautiously, watching every wall as if it were an enemy. The room was much different than the passageway. There were barred windows and we could see outside, but we couldn't get out through them. We could see by the window, that we where on the first floor, so we knew that we were almost out of the building. We walked out of the door and we ended up in the main lobby of the building, on the wall was a C4 bomb, almost like a trap. I quickly ran over to it so I could determine how long the time was on it, while Jack and Dillon tried to get out the front door, which was locked. I screamed out how much time was left. "Twenty seconds!" I yelled. Jack and Dillon got their guns out and tried to shoot the door open, but it wouldn't budge. "Ten seconds left!" I yelled as I ran over to the door. Jack, Dillon and I all dashed at the door trying to break it out, the first time we didn't succeed "About five seconds left!" I screamed, as if it were all over. We finally got the strength and we bust down the door. We had enough time to get far enough away from the falling debris of the building, with only a few bruises and scratches wefinally escaped the building.

Chapter 4: The RPD Office

     After we escaped the building we had decided that our next objective would be to find help, if there was any left in the town. Our first and most obvious starting place would be the Raccoon City Police Department. The Umbrella building we where in was quite a way from the RPD office, so we had quite a while to go through the city until we got there. The clouds had finally gone and the rain that we had seen last time we were outside had ended, The sun shone bright like the mid afternoon of a spring day, and it felt like one too. The bright appearance of the city made it look much less intimidating than the darkness did, but there was still an inner darkness that surrounded us. The light didn't seem to faze the zombies, and it was still as normal as the city had been since the problem started. As we walked through the city, Jack seemed anxious yet inherent to get to the Police Office. It was as if he was looking for something and he knew it was there. All I could think was; what was it and what did it have to do with our mission. While Jack ignored what was going on in the city, I had noticed that Dillon wasn't ignoring anything; he gave the impression that he wasn't frightened but not valiant either, it was as if he was teasing the monsters around us, and if one of them came too close to him he'd shoot them in the head. We continued walking until we got to the street the RPD Office was on. A bus that had wrecked blocked the street; it was still upright but stretched across the street so we couldn't get around it. The only way around it was through it.
     When we got to the bus we could see inside the windows, the passengers that had died in the wreckage were now walking around in the bus, bumping into each other and the seats. "We have to get through it somehow." Dillon said. "I know."Jack replied. I stood there looking into the bus. As I peered into the window, one of the zombies turned and looked me straight in the eyes, I was scared stiff as the creatures ice blue eyes dug deep into my soul. Without thinking I instantly shot a hole through the window with my shotgun, hitting it in the head. "Alice no!" Dillon replied. "You'll get their attention!" Before he could finish what he was saying, the zombies burst through the windows of the bus, and crawled after us, we where standing there and shooting with everything we had, but the zombies continued to apprehend us. The bullets tore at the zombies flesh making them look even more menacing than they already were. After a large number of gunshots and blood shed the zombies finally ceased about three feet from our ankles. Luckily enough when we got into the bus we found out the rest of the people in the bus had already been devoured by their fellow civilians. Making our way through the wreckage much easier. When we got to the other side of the bus we were only a few feet away from the Raccoon City Police Department front gate.
     We approached the gate being extremely watchful in our attempt to get inside. Making sure not to be seen by one of those monsters. We broke open the large gate, and walked into the small courtyard of the building. We looked around and saw that there were four dead zombies lying around the courtyard pools of their own blood. Dillon and I were suspicious but Jack looked as if he knew what had happened. Jack had been acting strange all day, ever since we got out of the Umbrella building. Whatever was bugging him was inside this building. We proceeded towards the building and went in the door. It's old rusted hinges screeched as if it was one of the monsters. When we walked in we could see that the lights were on, along with the light that came through the windows. "She's Here!" Jack yelled. He started running and ran through an open door. He shut it behind him as if he didn't want us to follow. I yelled out trying to stop him, but he continued running. We immediately started following him, followed the same path he did. Every time we saw his back he was already on his way to the next room. "Dillon. We have to keep following him." I said. Dillon nodded in reply and we kept following him. We finally came to a stairway were we got within a few feet of him, but he was still ahead of us. Above the stairwell were it ended. Dillon and I could hear machine gun shots. "Jack!" We yelled. We ran faster to find out what happened. When we got there Jack was gone, and there was a dead cop, who had also been effected by the virus. We followed him further into another hallway but he was gone.
     We searched through the hallway for him but there was no trace. There was one room in the hallway, with a sign by the door that read "S.T.A.R.S Office" We opened the door and ran in. On the wall there was a large STARS symbol. All throughout the room, there were desks scattered out in an unorganized manner, and papers strewn out like sand on a beach. In the corner of the room Dillon and I saw Jack bent down with his arm around someone. The person was crying, and watching old news videotapes on the TV that also stood in the corner. We walked over to them and saw that the person he was holding was a young brunette woman in her early twenties. She was watching old news tapes of what had happened in a mansion a few years ago; the same thing that was happening now. "Jack" Dillon said. "What's going on?" Jack was silent and didn't pay any attention to us. It was as if he didn't even know we were there. I spoke up again. "Jack.what's wrong?" I asked. After a few seconds he stood up, along with the girl; holding her hand. "Jack.Whatsup?" Dillon asked. "This is my girlfriend Jill Valentine." Jack replied. I was startled. The whole time we had been together I began to fall for him, now I was jealous and angry but I tried not to show it. "Jill was in a problem like this a few years ago when this happened in a mansion outside of town." He continued." Now she is living through this's as if this nightmare won't go away. Jack walked over to the TV and rewound a videotape. Dillon and I walked over to it and started watching.

     "We're here with one of the survivors of the tragic problem that happened at the mansion outside of town. Special Tactics And Rescue Service member, Jill Valentine.So Jill what happened?"
     "We went into that mansion looking for shelter, but we found something even worse than what we were looking for. What was in that building is scarier than you can possibly imagine."
     "So.ummm.what was in there?"
     "Monsters.but not the kind you see in movies, these monsters made Godzilla look like a puppy dog."
     "Really, can you explain what they were like?"
     "They were human, but they weren't -- they-they-they were zombies."
     "O.K .ummm.this is startling information folks, but don't let this bother you. Jill has been extremely tired since the accident. So, for RCN I' m Nick Rodgers, saying Good Day, Good Night, and......"

     "This happened before?" I asked. "Yes." Jill replied, this was the first thing she had said since, we met her. "This same exact thing happened. To me. and my friends.." She started crying again. " Dillon walked over to Jack. "Jack.How did you know she was in here?" He asked. "This problem started about the same time I got off of work. I went to go pick Jill up from were she worked. After we drove a few minutes, one of those things got in our way and we wrecked off the side of the road. From there we ran away. We where being chased by a large group of monsters, I could shoot some of them down, but the rest followed us. when we got to the street we are on now, we were separated by another group of the monsters. I saw her run into the RPD Office while I ran to look for help. I knew that before I tried anything else I had to save her." "We need to get out of here." I replied. "We can't get out of here." Dillon said. "Why not?" Jill asked. "I just looked out of the window and the street is full of the zombies, hundreds of them are out there." Dillon continued. "There's no way we could get out, by the street." The room was silent, as though we were all thinking. "I know a way out, but it could be extremely dangerous." Jill replied. "Will it be safer than the street?" Jack asked. "I f it's as bad as he says than, it should be. There's a train down underneath the police department that connects from the underground laboratory to the Main Umbrella building on the outside of the town.If we could get in there, we could probably terminate the program, by now it's abandoned, if not, everyone has been changed into monsters." Dillon spoke. "So you're saying that we could terminate the program?" He asked. "Probably, it won't hurt to try.Then we could get out of this city. Let's get out of here." Jill Replied.

Chapter 5: Out of the City

     We headed down into the underground of the police department. After going though a multiple number of doors we finally came to an immense one, which led down to the underground Umbrella laboratory. We opened it and cautiously walked in. The lights were on but dimmed, and the room was a muddle. It was large with a lot of room to move, but we all stood secure to each other for fortification. Jack and Jill held hands and they seemed closest of our group. We moved farther into the room, desks where promiscuously placed and they made our trip harder than it already was. The arrangement of the furniture was deffinetly not prosaic. The sounds of the necrotic monsters that were also underground could be heard through the thin metal walls. Even as dangerous as we knew it would be we continued through the noisome laboratory.
     We arrived at the other side of the room after a few minutes of evading tables. That side of the room was not quite as damaged as the other but it was still intricate. Hanging on the wall was a sign that read. "In Pace Requiescat". Jack walked over to the sign and translated it from Latin to English. "May he rest in peace? That's what it says." Jack turned around and looked at us with Jill's hand still held tightly in his. "What could this mean?" Dillon asked. "I don't know." Jack replied. "It could be a hint." Jill added. "Yeah you're right." I quickly answered. "Maybe we should remember this. In Pace Requiescat." Jack Replied. "We should keep moving." Dillon said as he walked towards the door that the rest of us had not yet seen. Jill and Jack went in first because Jill had been down there before.  Right behind them I was close behind, and Dillon behind me. Behind the door was a small hall. One of the walls was amorphous in shape do to a rheum from one of the underground water pipes. We walked through the hallway and the resonance of the cannibals still reverberated through the underground station. "Only a few more steps we're almost to the train" Jill said.
     We walked down to the door at the end of the hallway and opened it. We were know inside the station area. "There's the train!" I yelled. " As soon as I had finished we all started running to the train. But as soon as we go to it we heard a voice. "Do you really think that you would get out of here that easily? Heee Heee Heee Hee He!"  The voice had a French Accent and it was deffinetly noticeable to be a man by its deep tone. "If you want to get out of here you're going to have to entertain me. Hahehehehehe!" He continued and cut of the transmission. "I've got a bad feeling." Jack replied.  As soon as he stopped. The door we came through burst open and a large pale figure walked in. It was around eight feet tall and a pale tan color almost that of a Krait's bands. It's lips were bright red like a Cossack, and it hadn't any eyes. It was bare fleshed and without a gender. Its left hand was much noticeably larger than it's right. And it had spikes
coming out of it. While it's right was that of a necrotic human's.
     The four of us recoiled like snakes in terror. The monster continued to apprehend us aloft. We were now standing on the back of the train. The monster with us. The base was about 25 feet long and about 7 feet wide, which gave us plenty of room to fight it. After a few seconds the train started moving. "We need to kill this thing." Jill Yelled. Immediately we started firing. The wind from the speed of the moving train was the only thing that kept the monster away from us, along with the firing of our guns. The monster just scarcely flinched at the shots of our guns, but we continued shooting nevertheless. The monster charged after Jill and grabbed her by the neck. The whole time she was in it's hands she was tremulous - Shaking precariously - "Jill!" Jack yelled and continued to shoot at the monster all the more, but the monster gave the impression that he was intolerable. The monster started raising it's left hand. Jack rapidly bowed his eyes to the hand, and noticed that the spikes where growing longer and the hand was getting closer. Knowing that the bullets weren't disconcerting it. He stormed toward the monster with the weight of all the paraphernalia wrapped around him and rammed into it knocking Jill out of its hands. The Monster tried to hold back Jacks weight, but it was too much; even for something that big. The monster was knocked of the side of the train and Jack with it. The firing ceased with the sound of Jill blaring. "Jack!"
     The three of us walked into the train and sat down. Jill was dumbfounded at the Idea that Jack was gone and I too. "Hey you two." Dillon said. "Don't worry about it. We can get out of here.Together." Jill began to cry, as I stood up and walked over to look out the door." Jack." I thought to myself "You're leaving Jill can't be dead." I walked back over and sat down again next to Jill. The ambiance inside the train was hushed, with the exception of Jill's expression of grief and Dillon beating his gun on the floor. After a few minutes the voice spoke again. " get to flee? Good for you, but you won't make it out of that train." Again we were terrified. The flap to the cockpit opened up and the Monster that we thought Jack had killed walked in. Its right arm was completely gone and a rheum sprayed from it. Its red lips could now not be differenced from the blood on its face. The whole right side of its body was almost completely immolated, and it seemed that it was heading for Jill again. The monster seemed as if it had an infatuation her. She stood up and backed away from the monster. As the monster got closer it seemed as though Jill was scared stiff, the ogre reached for her. And a combat knife flew over her head, hitting the fiend in between were the eyes would be - If he had any - It fell to the ground and started flinching. But we all wondered where the knife came from. Jill fell to the floor still suffering from the side effects of the trepidation but she was still conscious.
     We stood looking through the door waiting for someone - Or something - To walk through it. After a few seconds of waiting a figure in dark colored clothing staggered in. Dillon readied his gun and prepared to fire. "No!" I yelled, trying to stop Dillon from firing. "Its Jack!" I continued. Jack continued to stagger into the room as he fell to the floor right next to Jill. "Jack! Your alive!" She opened her eyes and saw Jack laying there. Jack continued to remain motionless as he spoke in a crackly voice. "See the trouble you get me into?" Jack asked. Jill did nothing but laugh over her tears of contrition as she cuddled up against his prone body, just hardly sensing his heartbeat. Dillon ran into the cockpit room. "Hey you guys we're almost out of here I see Light - - -!" Dillon was interrupted by the voice once again. "Fine then. If you're getting out of this city then I'll blow it up!" The accent exclaimed with an irate tone. "You don't even have to worry about it, because you are all going to die anyway!"  The four of us waited for the end of the tunnel as the voice continued speaking." There will be a missile sent to this city. I'm going to wipe this city and everything in it off the map.Hahahahahahahahah!!!" The sound cut at the time we reached the light.
     The train came to a halt right at the front door of the Main Umbrella Building. As it stopped we could see a helicopter taking off behind the building. And a dense laugh could be heard over the sound of the copter flutter. He passed over our heads and as if on purpose dropped a watch that told how much time we had to get out of the city; fifteen minutes. We ran around the building, with Dillon carrying Jack on his shoulders. When we got there we got into the other helicopter and flew off, away from the terror that we had faced. As we were flying -- Approximately 4 miles away -- We could see the small mushroom cloud as Raccoon City was gone and so was the frightening experience that we will never forget.

Dillon's Diary: September 23rd
It's been 3 months since the tragic nightmare in Raccoon City. The sounds of the monsters are still in my dreams. And I can't help but think about all the thing's I - no - WE went through. The others and I still keep in touch and I hope to get together all of us again some day. God forbid that we meet the same way we did last time.

Jack's Diary: October 12th
Four months have passed and I still think about my near death experience. I 'm just glad that rail was there to catch me when I fell. I also think about how I almost lost Jill. But now we are living together and I'm just happy that the nightmares over. Lets just be glad that I quit Umbrella.

Jill's Diary: October 31st
Almost five months since my last experience. It's almost becoming to be a yearly ritual.Ha. Hopefully now.It's over. I don't want to go through that again. I almost lost the one dearest to me. He risked his life for me and I' d do the same for him. Thank you Jack. I love you.

Alice's Diary: January 4th
7-going on- 8 months since what happened in that small rural city. I will always remember what we went through. But we made it out alive. I still have feelings for Jack. But I hope that He and Jill are happy together. If I had to go through it again, I wouldn't pick any one different than the three friends I made in Raccoon City.


Jill walked into her and Jacks living room and turned the T.V on. Our top story tonight, the small rural town of Raccoon City has been completely demolished and turned into a crater.
All we can wonder is why. In other news Umbrella's Figure Head leader who requires that he remains anonymous has noted that he is going to relocate the Raccoon City Umbrella Headquarters in somewhere in France.But one question to ask.where.
Jill clicked off the T.V and immediately remembered the hidden voice's French accent She and Jack moved to France to get away from the terror but they may just be getting a taste of the fear.

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