Resident Evil 4

Game Playing Journal
  • This content is really spoiler, if you haven't played the game yet, don't read this. And you don't understand what I writing anyway.
  • This content is just explaining step by step what I done, so this is not gonna be ANY of your help to beat the game.

First Day: Haha, .....hard....
Second Day: still hard....
Third Day: Gigant Dude
Fourth Day: More!!???
Haha, .......hard....
Open the package and realized the game has two discs.... yeah, I put the news sometime before I guess... Set the first disc and run it.
watch the Capcom logo. Logo screen looking good. :)
Press start... Well, Umbrella was gone... yeah... sucks. OK, start the opening movie. What is this STUPID music? Nobody listen this kind music from long time ago... even in the Spain.... I think the President's daughter thingy is stupidest game world ever. I'd never thought about I'll hear "save president's daughter" in Resident Evil world.
Finally, I get to control of Leon. Press some control buttons and try to figure out how to control him. Oh? I have map already. Hummmmm, typewriter is there, I should go to typewriter first. OK. Start to walk. Humm? There is house... looks like haunted house... I don't wanna get in there but I know I have to. Walk in and cut scene. :P Yeah, I feel like I'm playing Resident Evil. :P Zombie looks like guy is doing something. And Leon started to talk to him in English..... I thought Leon is in Spain.... I guess government training didn't even teach him basic Spanish. See, the guy seems angry. Of course, If I'm in the house and some stupid get in to the house without permission and started to talk in some language that I don't understand, I'll get mad too. ...but problem is I don't understand what's the guy saying.... I hope someone can tell me what is going on. OK, the guy start to attack!!! KILLING TIME!!! shoot shoot!!!
This controller is hard to use.... I mean I know I'm not good at shooting game, but I CAN'T AIM.... used about 5 bullets and killed.
got some items and broke the window and get out from the house. MORE COMING!!! SHOOOOOOOOOT!! ...... phew, I killed all. Get some money and items from those dead bodies. Feel like I am the bad one.....
Found typewriter and save the game. OH? I don't have to have ink ribbon to save the game. Then I found the game mode is normal.... I didn't see mode select screen... If I can chose easy, I should have done it. Shoot some boxes and get some items.... this is different. I don't like it so much but oh well.
DAH!! I try to change the view but I always looking at the opposite direction... This is opposite from Silent Hill... I need practice mode to get use to this...
Help poor dog and walk more. Humm? Traps. OK, I try to walk around and.... AHHHH!!! I trapped!!! Please help me dog.... :'(
Get out from trap and sounds like some enemy found me. But I don't know where is it!!?? walk around but nothing. try to walk around other trap and something exploded!!! hum? enemy is dead..... I don't know what is going on.... am I plying this game???
Walk more and found ahm... house? get inside. Haha,"There's no sex discrimination here" oh? enemy again? found 2 guys. try to kill but DAHHHHHH I can't aim!! I hate this self aiming system!!! :( Killed guys but almost got killed. I really need practice.
Get more money and item from those dead bodies. And thought, no wonder why people attacking me.... I am just burglar.
Kill 3 more and opened the gate. Walk very slowly.... looks like village and a lot of people there..... check items, hummm.... I only have one fast aid splay and 2 grenades and about 50 ammo. I don't wanna die until get to other typewriter. Then decide to go back to first typewriter and save the game. ;)
Back to village and check those guys buy binocular. Oh, no.... those policeman are dead.... what those crazy village guys are doing....?? I really should have told killing and stealing were only done by me.....
Anyway, please someone tell me what those guys are saying!!!!!?????
Equip grenade and prepare for another killing time. try to think about money and items that I'll get from those guys. OK, I'm ready. WEAPON AND MONEEEEEEEEEY!!!!
Walk towards the fire. They found me!!! Ohhhhhh? everybody attacking me!!!
Threw grenade gun and start to shoot! Shoot Shoooooooot!!!!! DAHHHHH I hate this aiming, I NEED A GUN CONTROLLER!!!! Run away a little and shoot more and kick more. Humm? Why those village guys are disappear like ghost after dead?? Not enough memory on Gamecube??? How many of those people?? Kill Kill!!! But they are QUICK!! Kill one or two but IT IS NOT ENOUGH. I can't aim good. DAHHHH, don't bite me like that and don't threw the knife!!! and ................dead.............
...........................................................................................go to bed........

Still Hard....
Back to village again. Tried several times..... running and killing.
Finally, the bell ring and people are gone..... I used almost all ammo and my health is RED. I need herb BAD. Search those houses. Only ammo or some other items. I guess those village people has plenty of ammo but not weapons. Lucky me.
Search more and finally found herb. Phew....Found more ammo and money, take everything of course. I already killed plenty, I don't care.
Then found some document.... there was nice person explained everything in there. And moreover, this stupid put his name on the last..... OK, I have to go to firm.
Found typewriter and save the game. Check items and well.... I really need more herbs.
Rest a little, those killing made my hands hurts. Then I realized maybe I didn't have to try to kill them all, I should just hide in some house and people go inside of the church after certain amount of time..... Haha, I guess I am more stupid than the guy wrote the document.
Get into the firm, shoot pendant and those zombie like guys are start to attack again. Killed all and... what? blue medallion? get some kind of prize? OK, I'll find all.
Hum? I thought I killed all, but the scary music is still on....
Ignore scary music and start to search around. I try to push the chest drawer, but it is not moving.... hummmm, went to inside of the barn and get on top of small shack, jump down the inside. Ha-ha.
Walk to the gate.... this scary music is like Silent Hill music.
Start to walk.... what? DAHHHHH!!!! Big rock is rolling down to me!!!! Who are those guys!!??? Crazy!! Press press !!!! Press A button like crazy!!! and what!!!????? L and R???? ................................ too late..... died.....
WHAT'S THE HELL IS THIS!!!!!????????
Continue the game and got it alright at second time. Walk towards another houses and... hum? the guy found me and gone... OK it is fine for me.
Dah? something exploding!!?? The stupid guy throwing dynamite!! Walk back to the tunnel and wait for the guy to come in. Haha, the guy lost me, and stupid walking and turning like dancing, funny.
Looking at guy and laugh a while, then decide to kill him. Bye-bye.
Another one throwing the dynamite like crazy, seems like whole box of dynamite with him. OK, one thing I can do.... RUN!!!!
Run around and killed all dynamite guy and save the game.
Hum? what is this noise, sounds like someone knocking. Walk carefully and found the guy inside of the closet. Cut scene..... Ohhh? looks like king of bad guy is coming... Humm, Big-Bad-Ball head is strong, Haha, Leon has no chance, weak.... Then chapter 1-1 is ends.
Start chapter 1-2. I wonder how many chapters in this game... OK, this Spanish Latin lover guy didn't give me any useful information, other zombie kind village guy is walking with the big axe, I guess this guy will be help me to get away from this Latin lover. Yeah! this time, I pressed L and R in the right time.
OK, now I have to go back to village again. And now, I can shop stuff from the shop guy. I can spend all the money I stole from village. Get rifle and.... well, I don't have so much money left... I wanna buy scope and treasure map.... OK, ANOTHER KILLING TIME WAITING, I kill them all and buy more stuff.
Found good hole in the wall, shoot the guy from distance is fun. Hum? it made everybody attacking.... Shoot shoot and pick up items and money, kill more, pick up. Kill kill and pick up. MOOOOOOONEY!!!
Walk some and found half of the medallion. I know I have to find other half. Run up to the ledge and found other half. Kill more and pick up.... How many are they???
Finally, I killed all, scary music was stop. Dah... I'm tired... Too many enemies in this game.
Collect all items and money. get shot gun and start to move. Go through the gate and hummm? no enemy..... open the door and still quiet. Wired...Walk more, and yeah! found ya!! Another killing time. Killed all until the scary music stop. I think I start to figure out how to aim. Good to have a lot of practice.
Climb up the ladder and walk more. Oh? Puzzle? This is easy one. Open the door and get into the room. Wow, this room looks different. Got money and ammo and key. Chief's note.... again explaining some, but not much. OK. Open the door and walking...
Big-Bad-Ball head again!!!! What? same blood? What are you talking about? And chapter 1-2 is end. Enough for today.

Gigant Dude
OK, start chapter 1-3. Get all items in the room and open the door. Oh? Enemy again and.... Dahhhh!!!! Chainsaw man!!! Shoot shoot!!! he is too tough!! or, is it possible to kill him? Shoot more and.... he killed me by just one swing... Dah.... I hate this guy.
Try again, and... got killed again. :(
Now, I decide to ignore this guy and maybe others too. Equip flash grenade and just run to the church. Threw and run, threw and run!!!!! Phew, got into the church now.
Save the game and go down the pass. Oh? what is this lantern? shoot! Yeah, got some item. Out from the cave and walk more. Killed more, and more enemy coming. Gosh, I'm getting tired of this mass murder....
Killed all and start to search the key to get into the church. Go behind of church and found something. "3 family insignias of the dead ringers".... what is this? tried several times but doesn't work at all.... Think a minutes. back to cemetery and search a little. then try one more time and got the jewel. OK, this will open the church door.... NOT.
Decide to go more. Run to the small shack, killed some and found letter. OK, now I know I have to go to lake. Always nice people leave a lot of message for me, even I killing all.
Walk more and found shop. Hey nice shop you have.
Walk back up, avoid rock and hummmm, swamp? and some shacks. Killing time again.
It is so easy to kill them by shotgun. Kill everything until scary music stop.
Walk to the lake and cut scene. Oh no, the policeman.... what is the big fishy??? Phew... I guess I have to kill it.
Find typewriter and make sure I saved the game. Fishey fight is ahead.
Start to move by the boat. Yeah, I knew you're gonna come, big fishey. Throw harpoon. Throw, throw!!!! this fishey is too tough.... when this stupid fishey gonna die??? Ah... dropped into the water... press A button like crazy to go back to the boat. Throw more... and back to water.... DAH!!! A! A!! A buttooooooon!!! and.... died....
Someone please tell me how to kill this fishey!!?????
I'll try one more time then if I can't kill you, I'll destroy this game disc. OK? fishey?
Throw a lot, move around and press A button like I am having some problem. Yeah!! finally I killed the fish!!!! But my health is in RED..... I need herb....
Get up to the land and chapter 1-3 is end.
Cut scene. Oh? I got infected??? well, something going on inside of my body. I know in the end, I have to find some medicine or something to cure when I fighting with boss.
Search a little and found no herb.... I really need herb.... If something attack me now, I'll automatically die.... Hummm, found letter. OK, some boss is in the way back to church... must be Gigant dude. Open the door and start to search, raining outside... dark... herb... Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrb......
Enemy!!! and What is this guy??? something inside!!! Shoot shoot!!! died and got gold... I don't need gold. I need herb. killed one more and cross the creek. No herb. Walk more and no herb. Down the cliff and enemy!! go up the ladder and killed by one shot of shotgun. Finally I found herb. Phew....
Shoot boxes to made the pass, pull the lever and OK, killing time.
Killed a lot and I need herb again.... go inside of the cave and found "Round insignia" OK!! but I need herb... I am so sure Gigant dude waiting me. Oh? the wall raising and made another pass. go in and get into the boat. OK, I'm back to the shop now. Bought some items and save the game. go up the stairs. Hummm, if I go to left, I'm so sure the Gigant dude will appear. Decide to go to left to pick up some ammo and money.
Killed a lot and picked up a lot of stuff. Tune up weapons, save the game. I'm ready for boss fight now.
Go up the stairs again, and open the door. Yeah, I knew boss fight will come.
Leon kindly waiting all village guys pulling something. If I have control, I'll kill them all and close the door. Ohhhh, Gigant duuuuuuude. Gigant dude killed all village guys, Thanks.
Start to fight!! Shoot shoot, and running around. Oh? the doggy dog!!! You finally come and help me in the perfect timing.
Shoot shoot, and something inside of gigant dude came out. shoot the parasite. Shoot more, shoot parasite several times, DAH! This guy is to tough!!! I'm gonna run out ammo!!
Oh? I can press A button? AH! now I know how to kill this guy. Press A like crazy and shoot more. Dah! this time, press B!!???? Press press!! and shoot more. How many time do I have to so this??? Don't grab me!!! don't hit me like that!!! Shoot shoooooooot!!!! One more time, press A crazy and finally, the guy dead.... If he dead? I hope...
My health is red again. back to shop and bought herbs and save the game. OK, back to church again.
Killed some dogs and get into the church. Humm? I can't go into the room.... found ladder and some machine. Rolled all colors and opened the gate.
Now, I have to go with this stupid girl can't even fight. I am tired to do this like Silent Hill or Ico. Both good game, but Resident Evil doesn't have to be Ico. Go down and finally, boss of bad guy came and explained everything. Those people just can't shut their mouse, they are stupid. And, chapter 2-1 ends.
OK, new chapter. Open the door and wooooo, too many enemy. Stupid girl said shoot the wagon, so I did and killed almost all enemy. Good. I still hate this girl but maybe helped little. Get into the cave and bought new handgun. go up the ladder and save the game. I really don't wanna go through village with this stupid girl. But I have to. So the answer is one thing. JUST RUN!! Ignore all enemies and just RUN!!!!
Open the gate and walk a little... Oh? I can hide stupid girl in this box? Good. Killed all guys and call the girl. Search a little and found "Sara and the 3rd party." Hummm, OK, some new thing some up. Good, I'm getting tired of this situation anyway. The game is too long with same kinda thing. I need something new.
Open the gate and found shop. walk more and.... Too many enemies!!! I wonder how many people live in this small village..... OK, Latin lover is the help this time. Black all window by shelves and pick up all items. go up the stair a little, equip the grenade and ready for killing time. Come on enemy!!!
Throw throw!! throw grenade, and switch to the shotgun and shoot more. Grenade work really good. Still too many enemy!!! Latin lover comes up the stair and gave me the item. Hey thanks. Go upstairs with him and kill more and.... oh? I can knock the ladder off. Haha, stupid village guys falling. This is fun. kill more and finally.... they are gone.
Good.... I'm exhausted....
Latin lover is gone. Thanks, I hope the stupid girl can fight like you.
Found document. "Two Routes" Hummmm, the gigant dude is not dead yet, and I really don't wanna fight with him. Especially with this stupid girl. Chose to go to left way, and hoping I'm not gonna encounter with Gigant dude.
Open the gate and killed some. Hide the stupid girl in the box and kill more. Gosh!! what is the chainsaw woman???? Kill kill!!! too many enemies in this small area, I don't know who I fighting with. Shoot more, tough chainsaw woman finally dead. And got some key.
Call the stupid girl and walk more. kill more. cross the bridge and found shop and typewriter. OK.... I'm really tired and have headache.... I think I quit for today.....

Get onto gondola and go down. Well... again village guys throwing axes.... kill them all by my shotgun. Go into cave and killed and got some items. Sell it and save the game.
A-ha, this is haunted house said on the document. OK, I smell boss fight. reload all weapon and back to shop and get some herb. And save the game again.
I am READY!!!
Dah!! Big-Bad-Ball head!!! OK, Shoot shooooooot. Go upstairs and collect all items, jump down from other side and shoot more. Run up, run around and shoot again. Phew, yeah, I know you change the form. and.... you are too quick!! Shooooooooot!!!!!
Shoot and run, shoot and run, finally, Big-Bad-Ball head is gone. Phew, this wasn't bad.
Get his eyeball and get out from the area. Then I remember in the beginning of the game, I met so many time to Big-Bad-Ball head, and now, he is gone with no mystery. What was the character???? Is there was some big story change happened in the last minutes of development stage???
Anyway, use the eyeball to open the door. Ah? Castle??? I thought the game is almost finish..... Dah... I really have to go through castle? Search around and fight with this stupid girl can't even fight???
Start walking.... Oh? Truck coming. Shoot by shotgun and truck crushed... Yeah, good truck killed all enemy and left items. Run to the items.... and What? Villagers came from behind!!! This is new!!! Use grenade to kill them all.
Pick up all items and oh? cut scene. Ohhhhhh!!! A lot more enemy coming!!! But I don't care, because it is in cut scene, so Leon and stupid girl will take care of by themselves.
The bridge raise and ha-ha, bridge close, block the way.
Open the door to castle. Now, shop carry a lot of new items. But I don't have enough money to buy all.... decide to buy stuff later and start to search. Walk a little and found rifle ammo... humm... is this means I have to use rifle in the near future??? I already sell it, I have to buy it again???? walk more and enemy started to fire cannon.... crazy... How to stop it??? Well, I guess I go back to shop and get some rifle with scope.... I need MONEY!!
Got rifle and killed some monks. Ha-ha, money and items. Found one cannon, I have to do something to activate this... but before, I have to stop those cannons. Use rifle and shoot the barrel and explode everything. Feeling good. But I can't find barrel around last cannon, decide to shoot enemy and all cannons are stop now. Raise the cannon and shoot!!! Boooooom!!! Wow, I made a big hole in the entrance.
Walk in, and found platinum sword. Hummm? can I sell this one? well, I know I can't.... go upstairs and killed monks, go down and killed red one. Got gold sword and switch it with platinum sword. Yeah, door. I feel like old Resident Evil way is back.
Oh? Latin lover? OK, you go back and get it, I'll stay here and do killing and stealing more. The bog door is not open... go to small door and open. I know enemy coming!! Now, I have bunch of shotgun ammo and grenade!! kill kill!!! Search around and kill more. Found a key.... Yeah, then bunch of monks come into the room. Shoot the barrel and killed all.
Open the big double door and..... humm? who are you? you little thing? OK, I know I have to kill you before I finish this game.
Save the game, and now, I have enough money to buy riot gun. Finally, back to shop guy and got it. Phew, I have to steal more money to upgrade this gun.
But not today, I think I'll go to bed now.

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