-Or biohazards development behind the story-

9, Movie By Toshiya Kotani
-3-D real time event animation crew lead engineer
"Hey Kotani!! give me a second!!!!"
That was January 2001, Mikami Director called me like that.
In that time, I was on the development team for "Devil May Cry", so I thought what is going on?? and he told me he was going to RE-make the original Resident Evil. He want to me to develop Real time Movie, and I accepted the offer.
The producer asked me to give a quote for laborer, so I calculated and came up with two motion capture editors, and ten for layout and facial animation crew, total 12 people.

70 minutes long and we only had four months to create it, I think even if we had 12 people, it would be hard.70 minutes long is almost like real Movie.
In that time, we couldn't find 12 crew members inside Capcom, so I had to work with another company in Tokyo. If Resident Evil's graphics are the selling point, may be the company would make big project team, but I have to understand Resident Evil's game part is the real selling point.

To develop the movie, first we created every scene by individual teams but that way we had a hard time to keep the quality of every cut scene. So we ask for the help of a professional cameraman Mr. Hideaki Gondo (*1) and we re-created all cut scenes, we had to extend our schedule about three months.

Real time movie cut scene camera work on original Resident Evil is almost all zoomed out, but this time we used a lot of zoom ups like real Movie.
Mr. Gondo had strong direction on the lighting, I think back lighting is pretty cool. One of our concerns was characters expression, but character modeling team did very good job so we made it good too.
We couldn't move camera because of the game system, but in a few places we moved the camera on the computer graphic animation, can you find it?
Because I am the game creator, so I feel my image expression is still immature, but I had a chance to work with professional movie cameraman and I learned from the experience,and I hope, I can use what I learned in the next game.

RE-make has a lot of choices in the story line, so it is hard to see every movie scene in the game. Where the characters go or if you have Barry or Rebecca with you makes difference.

I hope users play again and again to see all the movies in the game, but maybe asking the users too much, please at least see Chris' and Jill's both once.

*1 Hidekazu Gondo
Professional movie cameraman and picture director
"Love game" (Switzerland)
"VINCENT" (Austria)
"Legal alien" (Japan)
Coca cola TV commercial in UK
Music video of THE SEAHORSES

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