-Or biohazards development behind the story-

7, Programming By Hideki Motozuka -Software lead engineer
End of Year 2000
Biohazard team member were gathering as the Capcom management side announced Resident Evil is going to be release in the Gameqube and we will RE-make the Resident Evil 1, also they announced "Mr. Mikami will direct RE-make"
When we hard Mr. Mikami will be director of the RE-make, we thought like "God, we will have a hard time to get the character design approved." but honestly, I was so happy I finally complete the Resident Evil's unfinished job. BUT....
We started the job like "Can we put whole game on to one disc??" I said "It is possible to put in three discs but not one disc."

Beginning of Year 2001
We started to study Gamecube to ascertain the performance and how much we can do. I was devoted to computer graphic animation.
So, how was it?? I say that was hard because we had to study and do development at the same time, besides we had only 4 people in the team.
We didn't even completely develop the system of computer graphic animation, but the director brought a bunch of guests and said "Is this great or what, we use these in RE-make!!" That was like he force me to sign the contract, I was so scared.
But in the end we made it all right (of course....but....) Thank you for NINTENDO help. Truly.

Spring to Fall of Year 2001
In the spring, one of our team member quit, he said, he's "going to Brazil to make coffee" (This is not true...)
In the middle of April, a new recruit and old team members of the original Resident Evil (Kind of living witness of old-Resident Evil) joined the team.
In the summer, another team member from another project finished their job and joined the team, the team then became eleven members.
Ah? You want to know haw the developments going??
At that time, people said "I want to make Neptune 8m long." (I don't think it would fit the water tank, even if it did, it couldn't move.....) "I want to make red Hunter move three times faster than normal Hunter." (Ah... You're joking.....maybe NOT??) kind of ridiculous thing.
I try to ignore those kind of voices and make the blood effects with running blood, I thought "Hey, these blood effect looking good!!" but that good feeling ended with Mikami director's one word "Too much."
These days were fun days for making game to JUST MAKE IT. (I say before the storm coming.)

Fall to Winter of Year 2001
After summer, game development was getting to detail part (Like enemy motion, tricks). We burned ROM and run it like just playing game on console to see if we can keep the right direction of game concept and get it to the and of the first development stage.
And we burn and test, burn and test on through October and November, we were almost done with the mansion part, I started to think "Maybe we can be done by dead line date." AND then it Mikami director checked it and he said "Humm, This is exact RE1" (Yes, I think so, that what we RE-making...) He decided for a "Mansion Transformation!!!!"
In the same time, The Zombies changed and we made the Crimson Head in this time. We spend all December on finishing the Mansion part. Dec 31 to Jan 2 were New years vacation.

Year 2002, Until Master UP
I'm sorry, I don't remember what happened this time, we just worked earnestly. Development, adjustment and bug cleaning done all at once. All the programmers worked straight for two months, no days off, and then a flue bug spread in the team, I feel like how are we gonna make it!? (I don't know why I don't remember most resent thing.)
And when we finally finished, somebody asked me "Are we really done??" and I said "I don't know, but I think so." Well, I'm sure people thought "If you don't know, then who knows." those were hard days, really. but we are done. And I am thankful to the entire cast and crew.

But still I'm working on overseas version. When it is really DONE?? Let me know.

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