-Or biohazards development behind story-

5, Music by Shusaku Uchiyama -Lead composer/Arranger
Background music of Resident Evil
Create music to heap up THE FEAR - but still game player can easily go into the world of Resident Evil, I intended to make horror atmosphere by music to be a background person, not the spotlighted.

I separated into three different ways to arrange the music.
First one in almost same melody line as old Resident Evil, so users feel dear old-Resident Evil.
Second one is a piece of old background music but made totally different.
Third one is brand new music. I put a lot of little tricks into each one, like some music, I arranged to made rough feeling or used distorted sounds on purpose.
These are to create THE FEAR by sounds. I used sampling rate/bit converter for sound effects, or used tape echo and analog echo, or distorted the sounds by over processing. On the other hand, I created beautiful sounds in save room, so game players can relax.

Tension and relieve
We normally live on a lot of different sounds, wind, insects, car exhaust, air conditioners and more.... People don't care about those sounds in their real world, but I think if same space is absent from those sounds, people should feel strange.

The mansion is this kind of space we tried to create. -We knew strange living things are there walking around but no sounds....- I think these circumstances should create tension for game players, or think about a very quiet place where only you can hear your footsteps, suddenly you start to hear the harsh breath that you know is not from a human.
This is not unique to RE-make, we always consider balance of sound effects and atmosphere, to create no-sound room, living sound place or background music room that make tension and then relieve.

Turn the lights off and enjoy THE FEAR night by big surround sound as much as you can.

-An extra-
Recovery item
Chris and Jill use herb for recovery.
When I spend the nigh in the office, (which a lot of times) I used hamburger for recovery item to fight zombie. Thanx to Capcom, by the time I finish this game project, I had gained 10% more weight than before.
I have to loose weight before summer.......

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