-Or biohazards development behind the story-

4, Sound effects By Atsushi Mori -Sound unit lead sound engineer
When I started to re-make RE1, first thing I considered is inherit the unique atmosphere -Fear feeling- that original RE1 has, and create my own sounds.

Enemy sounds
This time we work with Soundelux (Currently Design Music Group Located in Hollywood US) as a joint production, so I started by making Soundelux people completely understand the game and enemy characteristics before working on the sound.
I went Hollywood several time to discuss with people about sounds.
Especially, I paid attention to -RE's featuring thing- the "enemy has not appeared yet but the user can catch the sounds" Circumstances.
We attempted to make differences in the enemy sound so the uses can determine which kind of enemy is appearing.

The following are how I explain each enemy sound to Soundelux staff and how we get together

HUNTER has still and active motion. I wanted to express these two different motions, I used low tone sounds for normal stand by Hunters breathing sound and footsteps.
But when Hunter finds a human, they make a sudden change and attack, I put high tone sound on attacking voice and adjusted to aggressive but still people feel living thing.
Also Hunter has the ability to kill humans by one swing, so I created a sound that users can catch and feel "This voice is TROUBLE!!" and users understand by symbolic sounds.

CHIMERA created by the concept of joint leg animal and quick move, I put a verity of the movement sound like when they attacking humans by jumping or landing, put the sound of joint movement.
On top of that, I tried to express the gross feelings (Because Chimera has lice all over their body.) by the sounds. I tried to characterize even they are in the stand by, not shocking sound like Hunter but adjusted like disturb the users mental state by visceral dislike sounds. and when you kill it users can hear the sound of a grate number of lice fall into the floor and uses will reconfirm the gross feeling.

I had a hard time to make Soundelux staff to understand ZOMBIE voice, I had to be a sample to make voice and kind of force them to do Zombie voice actor.
I prepared over 1000 different voice sounds for raw material. In the RE-birth, we have 10 different kind of zombies, so I arranged the sounds to keep their own characteristics and I concentrated on to be not too aggressive, not sounds stupid.

I went through 3 different kinds of enemy. Because I made good communication with the staff of Soundelux, we could make special and detailed craftsman's sounds.

Characters footsteps
To produce the atmosphere difference by the sound, I divided the sound of footsteps for three different kinds which are attacking, direction of atmosphere and brutal essence and mixed those to create a mixture of sound which remain forever pleasing to the ear.
Also to add the feeling of space, I change the reverb distance in every room, and I put a lot of little tricks on the programming so users don't feel sounds are monotonous.

Create the total balance of sounds.
In the game, we roughly have footsteps, door sounds, enemy sounds, weapon sounds, trick sounds, atmosphere and background music.
I created those sounds it need to make sounds depend on what kind of circumstances the player is in and it needed to maximize the users present feeling by sound, so I put a lot of time in to make balance on between effect sound and background music until the end.

I think I could create new effect sound and atmosphere
-THE FEAR- as a RE-make.

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