-Or biohazards development behind the story-

2, Charactor suclupture by Kenichiro Yoshimura
-Charactor & creature creation unit designer
I put almost all my craftsmanship on the arm mascles (By Capcom belief).
To tell the truth, I re-made the arm mascle modeling three times.

When I had trouble with the modeling of cloth wrinkles, As I walking on the town, I saw the persons pants walk in front of me as a wire frame.
I think people call this an occupational diesease.

I get texture fromeverything around me.

Actor who modeled Chris, he was eating a bowl of curry by chopsticks.

I made Jil's face as much similar as I could to the model actress face, kind of peculiar face but that made good personality on her.

I conciously made Jil's breast with bra on.

Me and Mikami director had a hard time to agree with Jil's body shape.

The belt under her breast was added later to hold her shoulder pad and use it to show some kind of special force feeling. also secretly enphasis her breast.

This took too long, to find a model actor to fit my mental image of Barry.
I put a lot more weight on model actor's shape to make Barry, I am satisfied with the result of GOOD-OLD BARRY.

Barry is sharing bone structure with Chris so that was kind of hard job to make him little fat.

In the early stage of development, I used Chris' texture colored black to make temporally Wesker, I thought special forces need BLACK, and I try to make black Jil but result is.....little bit too sexy....
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I had a hard time to find model actor for Wesker too, hard to find bad guy face... I mean peculiar face, so I had to change a lot from oreginal model actor's face to make kind of "Reptiles face" suits Wesker's charactor.
You can't see in the game but not wearing sungrasses Wesker is cool too.
Wesker's knit brows are my favorite part.
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Wesker's equipment is more gorgeous than another S.T.A.R.S. member, I feel like it looks cool to put a lot of detailed parts on.

I changed Rebecca face a lot from oreginal model actress face, but still based on real person, so I think people can feel some kind of realism in her face.

I tryed to make Rebecca cute for everybody. Rebecca has a lot of enthusiastic fans and already decided for her to be the lead charactor in RE0, I felt a lot of pressure when I was making her.

I refined all charactors when I started re-making the game, especially Rebecca is too much game charactor so that wasn't easy job. I took away earrings amd headband (I also thought about taking red-cross sign away from her back but I didnt ) I was warried about fans getting mad at me.

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