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Question 1
The secret forces who attacked Rockfort Island intentionally brought the T-virus to occurred biohazard outbreak on the island?
Answer 1
Biohazard outbreak occurred because of the T-virus outbreak from virus storage on the island by attack of the secret forces. A lot of different kinds of virus and B.O.W. were stored in the military training facility for anti-B.O.W./virus training.

Question 2
Rockfort island was not related to the Ashford family until Alfred became the commander of the facility?
Answer 2
Rockfort island is the Ashford family"s island and they moved the inhabitants out when Umbrella build the facility.

Question 3
The word "Founder virus" is used for the first time in the series. is this virus the same as "Cray virus" in the original Resident Evil?
Answer 3
Yes, the details of this virus will be explained in Resident Evil 0

Question 4
In Resident Evil 2, William Birkin developed the T-virus, but why in Resident Evil Code: Veronica, T-virus is the general term of the virus variation of the founder virus?
Answer 4
William Birkin made the T-virus that was developed in the Arklay facility. Other T-virus were developed in different facilities and are not related to Birkin's work.

Question 5
Is there any story behind the music box in Alfred's room?
Answer 5
Since Alexia went to sleep, Alfred has lived on the memory of when he was with Alexia. This music box was given by Alexander when Alexia graduate the collage and it is Alfred's memento. Password 1971 is their birth year.

Question 6
What was Leon doing when Claire sent e-mail to him?
Answer 6
Leon is one of the members of anti-Umbrella group. When Claire sent e-mail to him, he was doing another anti-Umbrella task and he couldn't go help Claire. -This story is already complete but I can't tell you what kind of story yet.
Jill, Barry and Leon are member of anti-Umbrella group, but group that Jill in and others in is same or not is unknown.

Question 7
Project "Code: Veronica" is Alexander and Edward's joint project?
Answer 7
No, Edward knew about project but Alexander himself works the project alone.

Question 8
Alexander didn't work on T-virus research?
Answer 8
First, Alexander and Edward worked together but Alexander realized he doesn't have enough ability to do T-virus research and change to genetic engineering research.

Question 9
How did Alexander got Veronica's gene?
Answer 9
Veronica's body was kept in the basement of Ashford manor in Europe.

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