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Development design drawings
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Claire's design In the early development stage.
The color of her jeans and design of her top were different than her cloths in the game. Also at this point, she had a knife on her shoulder like in Resident Evil 2.

Early design of Chris.
No S.T.A.R.S. mark on his vest and he looks a little wilder than in the game because of his no sleeve shirt.

The writing on his back "H.C.F." stands for "Hive or Host Capture Force".

Alfred in the uniform
In this design, he wears white gloves and carries a stick, looks more like an old fashioned officer.
In the early development stage, his name was Hilbert.

In her cold blooded smile. At first her name was Hilda but was changed to Alexia. From the early stage of development, always those twins had similar sounding name.

On his leg, Umbrella mark and "AAT" .

Zombie face design

You can see the long right arm and blue blood vessel.

Hunter -kai


Monster Steve
Little different than the game


Alexia No. 1

Alexia No. 2
Bottom part of her body is different from the game.

Alexia No.3
Bottom part of her body is different too.

Rockfort island
In the game, you can only see the whole island from the airport.

Mansion hall
The shape of the counter and shelf is changed in the real game.

Gold Ruger room

Music Box

You can see the fishtank in the sealing only on the extra game.

Claire and Steve used this to escape from Rockfort island.
Pictures from: BIOHAZARD Code: Veronica Kaitai-Shinsyo
Published date: Apr 14 2001
Published by: Capcom

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