Interview of Shinji Mikami
Tatsuya Minami

biohazard 1-0-4
Shinji Mikami -Complete the direction of Resident Evil (biohazard) re-make and currently developing Resident Evil 4, and
Tatsuya Minami -Producer of Resident Evil 0- talk about
Resident Evil for GameCube and Game development.
Reason of releasing Resident Evil for GameCube only,
concerns about graphically "beautiful" games
and thought on being a "Game Craftsman".

T = Tatsuya Minami
S = Shinji Mikami
-- = Interviewer (unknown)

-- How's the feedback for Resident Evil (biohazard) on GameCube?
S: Really good. I usually go around to internet web sites after game released, I checked several sites and first, I didn't see many reactions but after a few days people started to post and I can say almost everybody was satisfied with the game.

-- This time was the first time to make Resident Evil for GameCube, was there any trouble?
S: We had a hard time on the movie part, capacity and processing. GameCube CPU doesn't process the animation computer graphics and other part separately like PS2 does. But we got a lot of help from Nintendo and we solved the problem.

-- Do you think graphic quality is high enough?
S: Yes, of course. I think quality is high enough because Capcom made the game. Our motto is "Guts", "Willpower" and "Stamina". When I show our team's work site to guests, always everybody says, "Guts is only strength we need."
T: Every development team in Capcom is like that. I think we are the only company that can do the job forcibly.
S: Basically, our staffs are craftsmen, so they always find a way to make things happen. Even if they have to spend the night at the office all week.

-- About background animations, in RE-make, you used a lot of background animations to create the real feelings that other game don't have, will that atmosphere of RE re-make be carried over to RE0?
T: Yes, of course. Usually, Shinji's No.4 development department makes Resident Evil series but this Resident Evil 0 is my -No.3 Development Department- making with No.4DD's help. Even though we are making the game, it is still Resident Evil. So I had to follow the steps what RE-make did. I saw RE-make and I just couldn't let my team to make pre-rendered background, so I remaking the background.
S: You're the MAN!!
T: Shinji wanted me to do it too.
T: You never told me to remake background but you gave me a pressure when you show me the background animation, like "I'm not gonna let you go with pre-rendering background."
S: Oh, no... You are saying I threat you?
T: Well... Actually, when Shinji show me the demo, I decided to remake the Resident Evil 0. Resident Evil 0 was originally made for N64, we started a long time ago but we changed almost everything. We delayed release date a lot because of that.
S: I saw the background animation of Resident Evil 0 a few days ago, and at this point, already the quality is higher than RE-make. And the story and everything is all new, so it feels fresh. Besides, Resident Evil 0 is started from the train scene, that is the best place to use background animation.
T: The good side of following in the foot steps of RE-make is we can get data from RE-make. I think We are lucky to get Rebecca data from RE-make team, we just had to make a few modification and use it. We have good cooperation.

-- About Resident Evil 0, there is the new game system in, like partner zapping system. Could you tell us about it?
T: When we started to develop the game, we made it for N64. And N64 console characteristics, we don't have to think about loading time, and I came up the idea of changing the playable character back and forth without loading, and we put the idea to GameCube. Game Cube is not the same console system as N64 but for RAM and capacity, we didn't have any problem.

-- I heard RE0 is using the new game system came from "Sweet Home" as the root of the RE series.
T: Yes, we eliminated the item box. So, if players have a lot of items that they can't hold, they have to put it in the floor like "Sweet Home" did. Because we wanted to make the game harder, maybe a little bit different way for the people who want to enjoy the story and graphics, but....
S: I think it is OK that only people who like to play the "game" will enjoy it. Go back to the basic, enjoy the "game itself". RE0 is a new RE series since Resident Evil Code Veronica, I think there is a big different from RE-make. RE-make is just remake.
T: If somebody thinks RE-make is just remake of Resident Evil, that is a big mistake.
S: I don't care about what people think. Actually, compared to Resident Evil 0, RE-make is not fresh enough.

-- Even if you said so, I was surprised by the change and addition in RE-make.
By the way, why did you made the questions in the beginning of the game? Like clime up the mountain or walking?
S: I wanted the player to pick the hard way. If I put Easy or Hard, they will pick Easy. I want RE to be alcohole, not popular drink like coke.
T: I pick hard and killed by first zombie.
S: I think the first zombie kills most of the people who play Resident Evil the first time.
T: Yeah, especially in the original Resident Evil. People didn't get use to move the playable character and got eaten. That kind of "hard to play" part is fun. But now, I think some of the people play Resident Evil because the game is popular. Shinji wanted people to realize the basics.
S: After all, what the users want is important. Either they want beautiful graphics, interesting story and easy to play or they want to have a feeling to capture the game. If 1 out of 10 people feel like they want to capture the game, the point of view of the video game will change.
T: I think RE-make is good challenging game and also graphics are real. I wanted to put zapping system in to Resident Evil 0 because I wanted Resident Evil 0 to be the real game.
-- How hard to beat Resident Evil 0?
T: I only can say, "E3" version is hard. I put zombies in where I wasn't suppose to.
S: It surprised me when I saw the room full of zombies.

-- RE-make is already released and Resident Evil 0 is coming soon, after that Resident Evil 4. Isn't it Mr. Mikami?
S: Yes.... but I don't think I can say something about Resident Evil 4 yet, young staffs struggling to make good one, so it is changing everyday. Of course I am checking what is going on, but we really don't know what is going to happen.
The only thing I can tell you now is Resident Evil 4 will definitely release only on GameCube, not on another console, if it happens, I will cut my head off.
T: Yeah, I want to say this point LOUD. Resident Evil series will only release on Nintendo, This is done deal.
-- The users are confused because Resident Evil-network is developing on PS2.
T: Yes, we are planning to release RE-network on PS2, but I'm talking about Resident Evil with number series, 1, 0 and 4 and another number Resident Evil series. This kind of orthodox Resident Evil is ONLY in Nintendo.
I have to apologies to the users who believed me to buy Dream Cast to play Resident Evil CV, I didn't know Capcom put out the "only on DC" thing. When I found out, that was too late.
T: This time, we really mean it.

What is the reason to stick with Nintendo?
S: Compare to PS2, GameCube doesn't have much of market share, but this situation is what we want, we are -the software maker- can take charge to make market. I think if we can get a different kind of users that GameCube already has, is good for both of us.

-- Resident Evil 2, 3 and CV will release on GameCube too.
S: Those games are NOT remake, totally port. Don't misunderstand that.
T: You will not remake those games?
S: No, I just release those games for the new users on GameCube.
T: Why don't you remake?
S: Personally, I want to remake, but if I do, Resident Evil 4 release date will be delay again.
T: Maybe it is better to just release the port and makes it cheap price.
S: So, I'm not going to add anything. If I add something or change something, die-hard fan will buy it, and I don't want that to happen. "No addition, No change".

Mr. Minami, do you have a message for the fans who look forward to playing Resident Evil 0?
T: Check the E3 version and please wait a while.

Interview from HYPER CAPCOM SPECIAL 2002 Summer
Published date 7-15-2002
Published by SONY Magazines

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