Resident Evil 3 -Nemesis-
Questions and Answers
Resident Evil 3 -Nemesis- Story planner Yasuhisa Kawamura and
Director Kazuhiro Aoyama Answered Questions about
Behind of Resident Evil world
Questions 1 to 23 answered by Yasuhisa Kawamura
Question 24 answered by Kazuhiro Aoyama

Question 1
Raccoon city was closed by the US government, did any Raccoon city citizens escape?
Answer 1
It took time to close the whole city, so a lot of citizens already escaped. And most of the escaped citizens were caught by the government and the government took preventive virus measures against those people.

Question 2
How was Nemesis put into Raccoon city?
Answer 2
Nemesis was dropped by a chopper like Umbrella carried Tyrant. By the way, Hunter kind of B.O.W.s were brought by automobile.

Question 3
What is the Umbrella's true purpose to put Nemesis into Raccoon city?
Answer 3
The order given to Nemesis is "Get rid of all S.T.A.R.S. members." But Nemesis was put into Raccoon city for experimental reasons same as Hunters, so Nemesis complete his task only in Raccoon city. Umbrella tried to demonstrate Nemesis' high ability by targeting S.T.A.R.S. member.

Question 4
How did Nemesis recognize STARS members?
Answer 4
The Umbrella Nemesis development team also trained Nemesis by using pictures and all kind of visual images. Nemesis has intelligence, so he completed his task by understanding the order.

Question 5
Where did the name "Nemesis" came from?
Answer 5
Nickname of Nemesis is taken from the Nemesis development team Umbrella Europe No. 6 research laboratory. It means "Goddess of Vengeance". I think they named him Nemesis to make S.T.A.R.S. member to pay for what they did to TYRANT.

Question 6
How did Dario Rosso die?
Answer 6
Sadly, he was so scared by the zombies that walked into the warehouse and he opened the trailer door to escape from the warehouse, and he was caught by the zombies and killed.

Question 7
Where is the Raccoon city Mayor?
Answer 7
He was the first person to run away from Raccoon city and already taken custody by the US government.

Question 8
What kind of band is "Big E" that planned to have a gig in bar Jack?
Answer 8
Big E is a band from Raccoon city that plays pure American Rock'n' Roll. The band is very famous in Raccoon city and almost everybody in Raccoon city listens to their music. Fortunately, when the city disaster happened, they were on their way back to Raccoon city from a tour , so all band members are safe.

Question 9
Marvin disappeared, what was he doing until he saw Leon and Claire in Resident Evil 2?
Answer 9
He was walking around with an unclear mind and he went down to the floor in the office.

Question 10
How did Nicholai survive from gas station or office?
Answer 10
Nobody knows how he survived, but he has kill from his experience. -He was from ex-USSR special forces. And after he escaped from those places, he tried not to get close to Jill because he was afraid he might interrupt the Namesis' task.

Question 11
What is the exact date Jill rang the bell on the clock tower?
Answer 11
It was Sep. 28th, after that, Jill went unconscious and stayed that way over a day.

Question 12
Inside the hospital, there were Hunters in the capsule, were they caught by somebody or the hospital was an Umbrella lab?
Answer 12
Umbrella holds hospital stocks but the hospital is not a lab or anything, just hospital. Hunters caught by Hospital worker and they put Hunters in those capsule for experimental purpose.

Question 13
How come Tyrel tried to open the security box in the hospital?
Answer 13
All U.B.C.S. supervisors task is to collect important documents or dispose of those documents for Umbrella.He tried to open the security box for those reasons.

Question 14
Carlos made a vaccine for T-virus, it there is a vaccine, why didn't people in the hospital use it for them?
Answer 15
As you can read in the diary left in the hospital, the doctors reached almost last step to create vaccine. But it was too late, already most of the doctors and nurses were infected by the virus and nobody reached the goal.

Question 16
Did Nicholai knows about all the supervisors?
Answer 16
All the supervisors recognized each other.

Question 17
What kind of activity had been done by the US military that died in the waist treatment plant? Or, why did soldiers fight with Tyrant?
Answer 17
It was totally a mistake that those special forces were sent to the waist treatment plant. Inside of the US government, there are Umbrella people and some of them are double spys that get Umbrella information for the US government. Those soldiers that died in the plant were sent to collect G-virus and get custody of the Umbrella researchers. But still they didn't have detailed information on the Umbrella lab so they used the wrong lift. (They invaded from the train pass) In the same time, Umbrella already knows about the information and gave chopper pilot and order to drop one Tyrant to R.P.D. and drop the rest of the Tyrants at the plant. While the soldiers and Tyrant fought in the plant, Umbrella special forces captures the G-virus from the laboratory. The rail cannon that the US military brought toward G wasn't used for unexpected Tyrant attack.

Question 18
Why did Nemesis kill Nicholai?
Answer 18
Nemesis saw that Jill and Nicholai spoke several times and he realized Nicholai is helping Jill.

Question 19
What kind of missile destroyed Raccoon city?
Answer 19
Detail about the missile is still unknown but some kind of vaporized bomb. In Resident Evil world, it is the strongest weapon the US military has as equal to Rail cannon.

Question 20
How much information does the US government know about Umbrella? And why doesn't the US government accuse Umbrella openly?
Answer 20
About Umbrella's virus weapon or B.O.W. the US government itself is already one of big costumer of Umbrella and had enough information of those, but the US government knows only Umbrella products and they don't even have much detail about research product. It is a top secret of Umbrella. Also, some of the high ranking people of the US government are connect to Umbrella, so it is going to be a big scandal for the US government. Not only the US government is in the situation, almost all industrialized nations are involved.

Question 21
What was Barry doing until he help Jill and Carlos?
Answer 21
After he was separate from Chris, he tried to set his family in a safe place, and after he let his family settle, he thought he can make contact with Chris and get back together with Chris and Jill. But he lost contact with Jill, then he got back to Raccoon city and he used a private chopper to help Jill. He was waiting until the US military lifted a siege right before the missile hit Raccoon city and rescue Jill and Carlos in this short time. Of course, he has a strong believe that Jill is still alive and bet his life on it.

Question 22
Jill decided to stay in Raccoon city to watch Birkin's laboratory?
Answer 22
Yes, she doesn't know about any detail but she knew something important was going on.

Question 23
What is exact meaning of "Jill's last escape"?
Answer 23
Those words mean the end of Raccoon city, which is the end of the scene that had supported the Resident Evil series since beginning.

Question 24
Please give a message to the users.
Answer 24
I struggled with "the creation of new fear", "detailed work for die-hard fans", "craftsmanship of creating a playing game, not viewing game", "challenge as a Resident Evil 3" and a limited development time. But it was fun days with those hot staff members that pursued the fear and game play.
Resident Evil 3 is our challenge to the users, I'd like to know how users felt about our challenge, and our challenge to the users is not over yet, so I hope the users keep support the game and enjoy to play Resident Evil series in the future too.
Thank you.

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