Resident Evil 3 -Nemesis-
Design Notes
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Jill Valentine
Comments from the development team
Redesigning Jill, we intentionally make her "Beautiful for everybody".
I think we made it clear about her speciality "Trap and bomb countermeasure expert" by her background that she has experienced special force training

Carlos Oliveira
Comments from the development team
We had a hard time to name him Carlos. His design image is "Wild but attractive guy".
He has sad life history and where he came from is unknown. When he decide to join U.B.C.S., he asked to get "A new life" for award. So, this means his face, name and nationality is all fake......??

Mikhail Victor
Comments from the development team
We made Mikhil for the person who acts "Heroic way of death", so every time the story changes, we of his death changes too. His design image is "Hard headed military man".
His background is, he quit CSSR army to join minority guerrilla for his wife who came from the minority group, and he is one of the heroes to achieve an independence movement for the group

Nicholai Ginovaef
Comments from the development team
We call him a stringpuller and in the beginning of the development, he and Mikhil were brothers. (It was like good older brother and bad young brother.) His design image is "Sturdy and cold blooded mercenary soldier".
His background is, expert of hand to hand combat and he and Hunk are rivals. So, it gives an answer that in extra game, he only uses knife and handgun like Hunk in Resident Evil 2.

Drain Deimos
Comments from the development team
We designed this monster from the bus that walk on walls or sealing and jump, because of "Monster uses three-dimensional space", it was requested. This monster's motif is flea.
When you shoot, sometimes arms come off, or they droop eggs too, please check carefully.

Brain Sucker
Comments from the development team
I designed this monster like two monsters get together.
In the beginning, this monsters color was black and orange, but it didn't look good so I changed several parts and finally came up with the current design.

Sliding Worm
Comments from the development team
First, we designed this as part of the Grave Digger that things coming out from his mouth. But it changed to immature Grave Digger. When they suck the characters blood, they change color to red.

Hunter beta
Comments from the development team
The concept of the design is the same as Hunter alpha from Resident Evil 1 and a little disgusting look and strong nail.
This Hunter still have the head cut-off attack.
Hunter is left handed, so left arm and hand is bigger than right.

Hunter gamma
Comments from the development team
First, this monster was colored white and blue blood vessel running around the body, but it didn't show well on polygon model and we change to the current design.
This monster is more like amphibian, no eyes or teeth and just swallow their pray.

Grave Digger
Comments from the development team
"Monster that's coming out from the ground like big worm and attack" is the concept of this monster and this monster is designed very first one.
We had a lot of ideas like little arms coming out from mouth and pick Jill up, but we had a lot of problems making this monster and those ideas weren't made.

Comments from the development team
Director requested to make "A monster with coercively big body and attacking to character continuously and carries weapon." so we designed Nemesis.
To make him special, we put parasites on him, Nemesis is a prototype, he has stitches and some muscles stick out on his body.

Comments from the development team
Nemesis changes to 3 different forms, but he is not changing to revolute like "G" from Resident Evil 2, he changes by damage on his body. In Nemesis 2, his jacket is gone and those parasites were out, so he can use those parasites to attack character.

Comments from the development team
We had a hard time to design this monster. We tried to make this monster as disgusting as possible.
It is hard to see but Nemesis 3 is in the condition of multiply parasites in his body and walk on 4 legs with stomach above. Those tusks look like things sticking out from the top is his libs.
Original Japanese text and art from: Biohazard 3 Last Escape Official Guide Book
Published date: Nov 13 1999
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