Paul Anderson -Director of movie Resident evil- and
Yoshiki Okamoto -ex General Manager of Capcom-
Talk about Movie Resident Evil

Paul Anderson
O: Yoshiki Okamoto
--: Interviewer (unknown)

--: You two had met several times before. I heard Paul brought the ideas to make the Movie of Resident Evil first.
Yes, I went to Japan to show my love for the game and passion to make Resident Evil the Movie. And I met Mr. Okamoto and had a meeting with Mr. Mikami. I showed him my original story and.... he looked like he was a worried about it. But he gave me a lot of good ideas, for example, it was his idea to create a new Licker in the movie.
O: Before Paul brought the idea, there was a lot of request to make a Resident Evil Movie. But for Capcom, it is not an appealing idea. Because Resident Evil is one of our very important series, actually, we had already rejected 4 ideas for the movie, (One of those came from really famous Director but....) Those 4 ideas and scenarios were not satisfactory for Capcom. But Paul's scenario was almost perfect for us and especially, he kept "the game Resident Evil world " alive.
Personally, I'm a big fan of Milla Jovovich, *Laugh* When Paul and I had dinner in L.A. I was telling Paul "I'm a fan of Milla." and it really surprised me when Paul got a phone call and he said Milla said OK to be in the Resident Evil Movie.

--: What is your impression of the Resident Evil Movie?
The story is good. I was guessing which one is going to die and which one is going to survive, but the story didn't go like my guess, it reminds me of the movie "Zombie"
Some of the gimmicks we don't have in the game, like a scene with those laser trap, It is bad that the characters in the game can't jump, so we can't use it in the game.
--: What kind of point did you try to keep similar to the game Paul?
A: I created background sets which make the person who already played the game feel like "I've seen this place before." The train running underground came from Resident Evil 2. I made an exterior, interior and even Umbrella logo completely similar to the game. And I wanted to use the scene where the dog jumps through the window!! because it scared me a lot when I played game.
I remember, in the meeting with Mr. Okamoto, he wanted to put something from the game in to the Movie.
O: One thing I wanted to use in the movie was, in the game, even the character got hurt and walk slow, but when they get to the stairs, they go up like nothing wrong with them. I wanted to use the soooo bad. *Laugh*
How about, in the game, people feel like time stops when they open the doors.
A: I respected the idea of the tension that you don't know what is going to happen after open the door.

O: By the way, in the game, do you know why the zombie's dead body disappears after you kill them?
A: No, I don't know.
O: Because Wesker is cleaning all the zombies dead bodies. *Laugh*
A: Oh, I didn't know, *Laugh* So, it makes sense in the Movie, those dead bodies in the laser corridor disappears, Wesker cleaned them up too.

--: Why no herbs in the movie?
It is hide at actor or actress' trailer, they go to the trailers and use it and come back to shoot the movie. *Laugh*
--: You are already planning to make another Resident Evil Movie.
Yes, we are working the scenario right now. How about you Mr. Okamoto? What kind of game are you making?
O: It called "Red Dead Revolver" It is a western shooting game. Oh, you can offer me to make movie right now. *Laugh*
A: Westerns are good! How about Devil May Cry 2? is it going good??
O: Yeah, Devil May Cry 2 development is going really good.
By the way, I have a great game I want you yo play, it is called "TEKKI" and...............

(They went to non-stop game talk.....)

Interview from Weekly FAMI-TSU
Published date Sep 9 2002
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