3. Cut scenes and gimmicks
M: Shinji Mikami -Director of Resident Evil re-birth-
K: Hiroyuki Kobayashi -Producer of Resident Evil re-birth-
--: Interviewer (Unknown)

-- Can we talk about cut scenes?

K: We all re-recorded all those parts. This time, Barry is not gonna say "I haaaave this!!"
M: A native English speaker on the stuff did the translation for the game and he is a big fan of original Resident Evil, especially, he loves Barry's "I haaave this!!"
He asked me "What are we going to do about this part?" and of course I said "Change it!" but it seemed like he really didn't want to change it and he tried hard to make that part remain. but.......

-- How about acting or producing?
M: This time, we left all cut-scenes producing to Sato director. Acting was.... We planned all character"s personality first and followed that plan, for example, Wesker moves like inorganic way. Another thing is lighting, we can't move the camera position this time, so we put a lot of extra care in lighting
K: Sato director and Gondo cameraman both have very good taste.
M: Gondo cameraman likes to put cameras across the top of two rooms.
K: Yeah, and another is when the character looks down, put the camera on the floor to look up.
M: Sato director loves blood and loves brutal expressions, so a lot of blood is splashed on the camera. In the beginning, it wasn't like that. Me and Sato director checked cut scenes alternately, when I checked cut scenes of Kenneth's camera, first, the camera just dropped to the ground and snatched mysterious forest, but after Sato director checked, and added blood on it.... I thought "well........ that is OK"

-- Blood Lover *Laugh*

M: The director told me "Are you chicken??", that is not the issue.......
*All laugh*
M: Game seems like has a lot of brutal expressions, but I think the director suppressed brutal expressions.
By the way, in the beginning of development, we had a plan for the character puke in the opening movie, we said like "Create puke by computer graphics" or "I want to express puke by computer graphics".... but it was rejected.
K: This time, we put a lot of fear direction cut scenes, like zombie coming out from the bath tab, not only characters talk scenes.
M: "Turning around zombie" is scary too.
In the last part of development, I had started to think it is OK to use little more brutal expressions in the game, so I use dripping blood on the "Turning around zombie" cut scene. Then, Sato director saw the scene and said "Finally you are starting to understand."
*All laugh*
K: I don't considered Resident Evil is a brutal expression game, same as the zombie voice, makes users feel uneasy, part of the direction.
M: Crimson Head's voice is good. Kind of horrified feeling. That is one of our staff's voice.
K: The way Crimson Head get up is different too, it looks like somebody pulling up from their chest.
M: They move like physically impossible way that not happened in Resident Evil world before.

-- Can you tell us about gimmicks?
M: Yes, I made it very easy this time.
-- NO!! I don't think so....
M: I think the original one is a lot harder, like crow one that press the button under the pictures. In original Resident Evil, players have to press the button young to old, this time, I changed that to color, so everybody got it easy. Oh and computer in lab too.
K: In those days, not many people had their own computers we assume, so after game released, we realized that is hard to understand for some people.
M: So, this time I changed to put "OFF" key in the keyboard. One of the staff told me "Nobody has that kind of keyboard." and I said "I LIKE THIS BETTER!!!!!" *Laugh*

K: 6 years are a lot of change.
This time, we changed a lot of gimmicks. What we didn't change..... Ah, for example, we didn't change piano gimmick, just add one more step to solve the puzzle. Of course, we put in a lot of new ones.

Anyway, how was the crests??

-- I had a hard time with it.

M: *Laugh hard* You thought "No way!!" ??
In original RE, the crests are the key item of the first part of game. We had to change it to use the death masks to create new feelings, but I didn't want to get rid of crest, so I used it in the forest.

K: After you figure it out, how did you feel?
-- I thought It takes me to another step, but I just got the item....
M: I thought I put that item on there for good. Maybe not.....
K: this time, we separated the rooms into 2 kinds, rooms that you have to go to get key items or not. So, players don't have to go to every room to beat the game. Hard to know about it the first time you playing the game.
Some people feel like going to the bare minimum rooms, another feels like they want to go to every room. You can chose the strategy style is Resident Evil.

Interview from: biohazard official navigation book
Published date: Apr 5th 2002
Published by: Capcom

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