Resident Evil Dead Aim

Hello everybody, thank you for buying Resident Evil Dead Aim. (Of course, everybody bought it right?)
I am the game programmer for enemies in the game, and I also gave ideas for enemy creation. I'll give you the tips for how to kill those enemies with a little bit of behind the story.

In this game, Hunter's face looks like fishy face, but still their quick move, nimble jump and fatal attacking ability will will be hard to avoid.
First of all, when you fight with more than one Hunter, you have to be careful not to get in the middle of those 2 Hunters, and use L1 or R1 button to avoid their attack.
The Hunter's attacking motion is exaggerated, so you easily can dodge their attacks by using L1 or R1 button. (You don't have to press the A or B button like crazy) Anyway, pressing L1 or R1 button to avoid enemy attack is the must use technique to beat the game.
Personally, I like Hunter's dyeing action where they put their arm up and say like "I'm gonna dieee....." and cute death throes voice.

-Tyrant 091-
Tyrant 091 is conspicuous with his big mouth and uneven teeth and uses various ways to attack, but same as Hunters, it is easy to avoid his attack by using L1 or R1 button. Taking advantage of his unguarded moment and shoot his back.
Also, sometimes, he gets down on his knee and do like "Oh.....", this is a good opportunity to give him big damage without getting hit by him.
Maybe some of you running out of time on Extreme mode, in this case, keep distance from Tyrant and let him use big jump attack to give you time to go around Tyrant's back side and shoot his weak point.
You should know, shooting Tyrant's head gives a little more damage to him than shooting other places. (eccept hid back)

Grimmer's vamps on their back is not eggs, those are eyes.
Grimmers must have pissed you off because if you try to ignore them, they spit acid on you or, if you try to fight with them, it is hard to shoot them.
How to fight with them is to keep a good distance (Because if you get close to them, they will spit acid on you) and at least give a shot to Grimmer and make it writhe on the ground. If you can make it writhe, it is easier to run away from it or give them another shot.
If you want to kill it, make sure to wait until they get up on the floor, because when they writhe, you can't give them any damage.
Also, when their eyes gleam, it is the sign to attack, so you have to be careful.
In the Extreme mode, I think a lot of people are having a hard time to go through the place that 8 Grimmers appear, you have to use plenty of grenade gun ammo to go through this point.
However, I just force my way through this point.....

People call this monster "Fat-man", "Meat ball" or "Obesity" but actually, he has a name "Pluto".
As you can read on the file, Pluto is a blind, so he listens to the noise and uses it as a guide to attack you. You always have to use stealthy step and keep about 8 meters distance from him, don't move or soot him when he stops and moves his head like searching.
If you use silencer pistol and shoot the top of his head, it is not that hard to kill him.
But, if you accidentally make noise and he finds you, he will dash to you to attack, so you just have to forget about shoot him and RUN!! *laugh* soon, Pluto will slovenly fall down to the floor, then you can either give him more damage or make him lose you.
If you are brave enough to use all of your Magnum, Grenade gun and Shotgun ammos, forget about what I said, and just shoot him until he dies.
Just for your information, Pluto does not recognize you as an enemy, he is just playing with you like "Oh, hello little kitten, I'll catch you".
When your health gets low less than 1/4 of your total health, Pluto will hold you in his arm like you are his baby. If you want to have sweet time with him, you should try.
I think you will have nice dreams with him.......

-Morpheus the 1st form-
I'll explain how to kill Morpheus the 1st form that turned to a high heel sexy monster by a strange virus power.
I hope, people who having a hard time by A) His serial craw attack, B) His sexy walk, or who having easy time to kill him by make him stuck in to the column, will learn the right way to defeat him.
First, the craw attack during you are down on the ground, you can avoid this attack by pressing L1 or R1 button, you have to press the button when Morpheus shows his back in a second.
Next, his jumping attack, it is better to shoot him than try to avoid his attack, if you hit him during his jumping attack, he will fall down to the ground so it is easier to give him more damage. His plasma attack is easily avoided by hiding behind the column.
At last, we made him like this because of designers careless word "Hey, how about female Tyrant for the last boss?" and scenario writer said "OK, lets make him a cross dresser"
Then we made Morpheus like this.... but honestly, I am little scared about users reaction...........

-Morpheus the 2nd form-
In the development, we talked like "Well, this is a shooting game, so I think it is fun to do a simple shooting game" then, we made Morpheus the 2nd form.
Strategy is "just shoot his head" and use Assault rifle or Magnum or Automatic handgun. When he gets too close to you, use Shotgun or Magnum, then he will set right back up. Grenade gun will not work good on him.
I think keep those things in your mind and the rest of it is just luck.
Personally, I like Morpheus' action that crushes Bruce like swatting a fly. If you haven't checked this yet, I highly recommend you to see this scene!! (There are 3 different ways!!)

I hope, I can be of help to beat the game and I hope you enjoy playing Dead Aim.
Thank you

Column from: Resident Evil Gun survivor 4 Official Web-site
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