New Resident Evil Wallpaper section UP -Dec 31 2003 click >> HERE
New year special, Resident Evil Wallpaper section UP
OMG.... this was hard update.... I worked looong time for this.... making wallpaper is not easy job, make one wallpaper takes forever...
Anyway, I least made those, and I got help from Wesker, webmaster of Survivhor. Special thanks to Wesker.
Just take those :P, download it and use it on your computer.
I didn't even have time to play Outbreak... I will go back to play more and write more Journal during this new year day off.
Happy new year to you all!!!!
New Resident Evil Outbreak game playing Journal UP -Dec 19 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art by Martina and Carissa UP
click >> HERE
OK, I started again :P
Yup, I am doing this again :P Playing Journal.... I thought I can't write and play Outbreak but I found pose key, so I have time to write :P
Maybe better for me just play the game and enjoy it, but always first play is fun!! and funny... so I decide to do this again :P .... just read it and laugh ;)
And again, thank you very much to Martina, always her art is my favorite :) and today, one more new artist I can introduce, thank you very much to Carissa (Martina's good friend). Check her art at the guest plce.
MEGA UPDATE!!!! -Dec 1 2003
New Resident Evil 1.5 column UP click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan ART by Martina and Wesker UP click >> HERE
New Final Fantasy 12 Wallpaper UP click >> HERE
Finally..... finally I managed another update.... I've been too much busy lately...
And holiday thingy made me really tired. Before and during the holiday is really too much busy!!
Now, already December.... and soon, Outbreak gonna be on sale in Japan!! I have to connect my Japanese Playstation2 to get ready :P hehe
Special thanks to Martina and Wesker!! My 2 very favorite fan artists :) Thanks a lot.
2 New Wallpaper UP -Nov 9 2003 click >> HERE
2 New Games wallpaper, Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children UP
I was little disappointed about FF7 Advent Children.... because this one is not game, just movie.... kinda sucks, but I saw these images on Famitsu and made these wallpaper.
I'm just playing a little to getting ready for Outbreak release. :P One more month to go !!
New Resident Evil Dead Aim Column UP -Oct 26 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art by Martina UP
click >> HERE
Phew...... Finally, mega update!!
ARG..... tired.... I've been too lazy or too busy to do mega update for looooong time....
But finally, I did it!! Yey!!
I have to translate one more interview before Outbreak release date in Japan.... but before that, I need to draw some fan art. ;P
New Resident Evil Fan Art by Wesker UP -Oct 14th 2003 click >> HERE
Another Wesker drawing by Wesker is UP
OK!! Another drawing from Wesker UP :)
I really love his way of drawing, I think some kind of completed techniques he has, I just can't draw like this..... One more Wesker drawing is coming .... for sure. :)
New Resident Evil Fan Art by Wesker UP -Sep 30th 2003 click >> HERE
Yup, New Wesker drawing by Wesker..... UP :)
YES!! Thank you very much to Wesker!!for this very, very good drawing!! Simple, but good composition like his web-site. :) After check his drawing, check his site SurvvivHor too :D (Well, I guess you already know..... sorry :P)
New Resident Evil Fan Art by Martina K. UP -Sep 24th 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art Weskler HCF UP
Another good drawing from Martina. :)
I just love this drawing!! And it was really fun to color this one.
And I have to say sorry for lack of update, I just been busy with private life recently, but I'm not forget about all the visitors. :) I'm ready to come back and update more.
New Resident Evil Fan Art by Martina K. UP -Sep 9th 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art Alexia UP
Okeeey, another Martina art is UP, :) Thank you very much to Martina.
Also, I have a lot more art from her, so I made Martina section at Fan art page. I think I'll update another her drawing with colored by me sometime next weekend, this gonna be kick ass! :D
New P. N. 03 TIPS and wallpaper UP!! -Sep 3 2003 click >> HERE
Finally TIPS UP
Ha-ha, I finally finished P. N. 03 section. I feel good!! From now on, I think I just update Wallpaper section if I want to do something with this game.
Special thanks goes to Ruben A. he provided me really good Vanessa images. Thank you Ruben!!
New Resident Evil Fan Art by Martina K. UP -Aug 27th 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art Wesker and Hunter UP
OK, little more update, I can't believe I'm updating 2 days in a roll.
Anyway, thank you very much to Martina, I like this system, she draw and I color. She already sent me a bunch of drawings, so I just color those one by one and upload it.
New Fan Fiction and Wallpaper UP -Aug 26th 2003 click >> HERE
Resident Evil fan fiction by Daniel Whiston UP
Special thanks goes to Daniel Whiston. Just go check his really good fan fiction. I love the tension that he creates from the beginning. :)
And maybe nobody knows this game "Kowloons gate" but this is my best favorite game, so I made wallpaper. I'll make more Kowloons gate wallpaper later.
I was gonna update more today... but no. I don't feel like it and I'll do it another time.
New TIPS UP -Aug 19 2003 click >> HERE
Resident Evil Dead Aim TIPS UP
Haha, maybe too late? I don't care. Finally my laziness is gone I think. :P I have too much other thing to do right now.......
Well, Resident Evil world is kinda slow, so it doesn't matter.
I hope this TIPS will help you to figure out how to get infinite charged particle rifle.
Whole new 3 cheers for P. N. 03 UP!! -Aug 12 2003 click >> HERE
YES!! Everything is NEW!!
ARG!! This one was hard!! Maybe not everything is finished (Yup, Tips page is still offline, but I totally forgot about it. :P) But almost everything is UP!! Uploading whole files was just pain!!
Anyway, it is done..... I'm so tired but feel good. I was gonna make new wallpaper but I didn't even have time for it, so maybe later.
Version 4 ONLINE!! -Aug 1 2003
Finally online
OMG.... Finally made it!! Now little after 12 o'clock midnight.... But maybe few minutes late is OK right? :) And Aug 1 is Morbid Creation's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I wanna tell "YOU" yes, you! anonymous visitor! thank you very much to support Morbid Creations for 1 year!! I sure couldn't done without all visitors. And thank you very much to all affiliate web-sites!! And my friends, if you are my friend, you already know who am I talking about. :D
New Resident Evil Behind UP -Jul 10 2003 click >> HERE
Resident Evil 1.5 UP
Tired....... It was a lot more work than I thought it was.....
Go play game a little and go to bed....
New Resident Evil Behind UP -Jul 6 2003 click >> HERE
Resident Evil 1.5 Screen shots UP
Hehe, onr thing to say.... "VIDEO CAPTURE BABY!!" Finally I got video captureing card :D YEY!! and capturing screen shots are soooooo fun. I have to beat all Resident Evil again and capture the shots :) This gonna be fun.
I made Resident Evil 1.5 section at behind section. More things are coming!! :)
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