New Art UP -Jun 30 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art, by Martina K. UP
First, Thank you very much to Martina :) Personally, I love her drawing :)
You guys should give her a cheer, cuz she's suffering from arm pain.

Finally, I made myself back to online. It was kinda frustrated days but still I enjoyed days off from internet world. Yup, my new computer arrived :D I love my new one. Everything I ordered how I wanted and it is great.
Anyway, during those days, I couldn't connect to the internet, I've been playing games a lot. I played Final Fantasy X-2, which is kinda sucks, and new Tomb Raider which is SOOOOOO SUCKS. Well, Yup, I've been playing only sucks game recently..... BUT, I know Silent Hill 3 and Viewtiful Joe gonna be great game, so I just have to wait. But one thing I wanna say to the staff who made Tomb Raider The angel of darkness, IF YOU GUYS HAVE TIME TO MAKE "MAKING" VIDEO, WHY YOU GUYS DIDN'T FIX THE STUPID CONTROL FIRST!! YOU GUYS SUCKS!!
No wonder why Sony delayed release date to them to fix the game.
New Journal UP -Jun 19 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Dead Aim Game Playing Journal 5th day UP
After the big thunderstorm, my computer messed up a little. I have to wait until my new computer arrives and do more things done. I already beat the game few days ago but I couldn't get online so I had to wait a little.
I hope my new computer arrives sometime next week....
New Journal UP -Jun 12 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Dead Aim Game Playing Journal 4th day UP
I'm getting back to normal now. Rest good this weekend and I hope I go back to perfectly normal life in the next week.
New Journal UP -Jun 12 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Dead Aim Game Playing Journal 3rd day UP
This game is longer than what I expected. But this game is definitely the best of survivor series. I like this. :)
New Journal UP -Jun 11 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Dead Aim Game Playing Journal 2nd day UP
OK, starting back to normal. But still really busy.... 10 days vacation makes things just MESS. I don't think I will take any other long vacation in this year.... or next year.... tons of work still I have to do.....
New Journal UP -Jun 6 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Dead Aim Game Playing Journal UP
Still Jet lag is making me crazy.... I slept only one hour last night. I hate jet lag!!
But I started the new section :P haha... what am I doing....
I need to go to bed... I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired.
New Art UP -Jun 4 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art, by Martina K. UP
ARG.... Jet lag is just killing me..... I wanna sleep all day and wake up a lot during the night..... :(
Thank you veru much to Martina!! Go check her very good drawing! I hope she will make another drawing soon :)
I started playing Resident Evil Dead Aim, it is a lot better than another survivor series. It still make me diggy but good. I will start playing journal UP maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I have to make background.....
BACK -Jun 2nd 2003
One word to say...... TIRED..... riding the airplane is just pain in the A$$!! Well, least I made back good, I'm alive. :) I had big fun at Japan, went to Akihabara and got Japanese PS2 and Resident Evil Dead aim, Gaiden, and a lots more other games. (Gaiden gonna be the first game I don't feel like beat the game in whole Resident Evil series..... ) Went to Biohazard 4D twice and many other places. Busy days but I totally satisfied. Back to work tomorrow....... :( I already took bath and Tylenol PM, my bed is calling me...... night.....
New Comic UP -May 21 2003 click >> HERE
New Raccoon City Today "Chris' Trick" UP
It is hard to make myself start comic thingy. :P Took about 3 days but I made it. I updated comic before I go to Japan. ...... YEAH!! I'm leaving tomorrow to go to JAPAN!! I'll be back Jun 2nd. :) I'll go get Japanese Playstation 2 and lots of games. AAAAAND go to Biohazard 4D!! I'll write some report about 4D after I come back.
So, I can't update until Jun 3rd. If I have time, I'll only update news section... MAYBE not.... I'm not sure. I wanna forget about updating site and just enjoy the trip. So, don't expect me to update until Jun 3rd. :) See ya later
New Strategy Top UP -May 18 2003 click >> HERE
New design!!
OK, It is finally UP. I've thinking about renewing the top page looooong time. I was planning to renew both, Strategy and Tips page but I didn't have time so just one :P
I was running out space, and I will update this section soon, so this is about the time. I think I can update one more time before Wednesday...... What? What's gonna happen after Wednesday?? hehe, you'll see..... :D
P. N. 03 New Column UP -May 16 2003 click >> HERE
P. N. 03 column 4 UP
Yes!! I'm exciting!! He finally back to developing the game!! I've been waiting for this long time!! He knows how to make the game. Maybe some people thinks this is bad news.But I totally don't think so. I kinda feeling the reason why he back to development position, but I won't say anything at this moment.
Shinji!! I'm counting on you to make awesome games!!
New Fan Fiction UP -May 15 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Short Fan Fiction by Martina K. UP
Special Thanks to Martina :) short? but I like it. If you have comments, plz send e-mail to Martina.
And Viewtiful Joe more screen shots UP too. go check it >> HERE
P. N. 03 New Column UP -May 12 2003 click >> HERE
P. N. 03 column 2 and 3 UP
OK! Column 2 and 3 UP!!
Yeah, now I should go back to Resident Evil section and start update a little.... I know....... but I got little lazy few weeks ago and I haven't catch up yet... I kinda got motivation back, so I'll update more often from now on... maybe.....
New Art UP -May 8 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art, Jill UP
YES!! I love this drawing. :D
I hadn't updated art section much because I practicing a lot. I wanted to draw different way but it takes a while to get the feelings. I think I slowly getting the feelings and I think I'm getting better. I'll re-organize the art section a little and I will update more often.
Wallpaper section UP -May 5 2003 click >> HERE
New section, Games Wallpaper UP
Now you know, what I've been in to :P
Yeah, I've playing Silent Hill hard. and Making wallpaper. I don't have Silent Hill section, so I made Wallpaper section. I'll update when I feel like graphic mood.
P. N. 03 New Section UP -May 2 2003 click >> HERE
P. N. 03 column UP
Finally I got here. I've been kinda lazy these days.....
I'll update P. N. 03 and Viewtiful Joe column page when Capcom update it.
tired... go to bed
New column UP -Apr 29 2003 click >> HERE
Viewtiful Column -2-UP
OK, Viewtiful column 2 UP.... well, sorry for Resident Evil fans.... I've been play games hard and I was making other game's graphics.....
Oh, before I forget, Devil May Cry section is no longer UP, well actually it is Up n server, so if you know direct link, you can still view the page but I'm not gonna link from anywhere from my pages, cuz I'm sooooooo disappointed DMC2. If Capcom announce DMC3 and if Hideki Kamiya make the game.... or maybe other better director make the game..... I might think about get it back to online and update it.
New Section UP -Apr 22 2003 click >> HERE
Beautifully Viewtiful Joe UP
OK!! New section, Viewtiful Joe UUUUUUUP!!
Work on this game's graphic is totally FUN. Only column page, screen shots and little bit of media section is UP. More to coming though :)
Sorry for the people who waiting for graphic section update.... I hope I can make it up by next week....
New TIPS added -Apr 17 2003 click >> HERE
More Resident Evil 0 TIPS
I totally forgot about unfinished Resident Evil 0 TIPS page.
I dunno why but I never thought about unfinished page. Maybe I was too worry about Leech Hunter page :P .... Phew, finally UP and I have to go back to graphic page now.
New Art UP -Apr 15 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil THANK YOU picture UP.
I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everybody. Total 50,000 visitors are one of my goal. I reached second goal now. morbid creations will power up more, so please keep support morbid creations. :)
I think I finally understand what is waterpaint.
P. N. 03 Updated -Apr 8 2003 click >> HERE
P. N. 03 revew and Guidebook page UP
Yey, finally I updated P. N. 03 section!! :) I'm try to beat hard mode but I think I should quit, cuz impossible for me. I'm not good at action game.
Anyway, special thanks to Ruben!!
New affiliate added -Apr 7 2003 click >> HERE
Welcome and thanks a lot to RE BIOHAZARD :)
Just click Link and go check the site out. Good contents, and especially, I love their unique art works.
More about the NEWS and New Affiliate
-Apr 4 2003 click >> HERE and >> HERE
Little more details about Capcom's future! an Special Thanks to Rotten Flesh
Still things are not quite clear yet, but only we can do is JUST WAIT...
Also, Morbid Creations affiliate to Rotten Flesh, Maybe I don't have to explain about this site, cuz everybody already knew :) but I'm telling you, just go check this great site or you'll miss some good informations.
BIG NEWS UP -Apr 3 2003 click >> HERE
Capcom's big news!!
OMG.... Capcom did it again.... I bought Gamecube only for Resident Evil... and I thought I could trust Capcom This time... then the trust only last one year...
Oh well, I already have Playstation2 and maybe Capcom still Release Resident Evil for Gamecube too, so maybe it doesn't matter....
But I don't know, Which console Resident Evil 4 will go
New Art UP -Apr 1 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art ADA UP!!
Special Thanks to Farn, my sister :)
I'd been asked her to draw something since MC was opened.... so, you can kinda see when she gonna draw next art.....
Anyway, If you have comment, please send me an e-mail and I'll forward to Farn.
Today is Apr 1st, I saw some good tricks on the net, but I couldn't have time to make one, so maybe next year.
1st Quarter of 2003
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