News Section OPEN -Mar 27 2003 clock >> HERE
New Game news section Lazy Late Game News UP
OK, UP :) but I update only when I found something, I'm not positively serch news for this section, so if you want latest news, you should go affiliate site. :D
But it is up now, oh, also I'm not announce news update in updates section or here. Just check the date on index page.
One more thing, broke link in the Graphic page is fixed, thanks JM.
New RE Graphic + Story UP -Mar 25 2003- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 Graphic + Story "The Edge of Darkness" all UP
Phew, tired.... Translating this kinda text is HARD..... Takes about 3 times more than normal translation. But done :) First part is done.
biohazard 0 Graphic + Story gonna be 3 chapters. wait a little until get everything done. This section gonna be my life work I guess.....
Oh, don't forget to check P. N. 03 wallpaper and ad. :D ....Two more days!!
New ART UP -Mar 21 2003 click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan ART Carlos UP
HA-HA finally UP!! took about 3 days again.... dunno why...
But I think I'm happy with this drawing!! Sooo happy :D
Don't forget to check P. N. 03 section ..... well I think I can update tomorrow or Sunday, and 6 more days to play this game!!
New P. N. 03 Screen shots and Video UP -Mar 20 2003 click >> HERE
Capcom Japan updated official web-site
Phew, I was gonna update art section, I already started Carlos drawing few days ago, but this one takes more than I expected, so I'm updating P. N. 03 instead art. Please wait one more day.... I think I can make this done by tomorrow, I hope....
New affiliate added -Mar 19 2003 click >> HERE
Special Thanks to Dark Legacy!!
You better go check this good web-site :) and nice forum too
New comic UP -Mar 17 2003- click >> HERE
New Raccoon City Today "Chicken Heart" UP
Finally.... finally I made new comic updated....
I already had idea but I just couldn't have time for it, finally I made it!!
Sorry for people who waited comic update long time, but yey! its UP. :)
OK, I go back to play Eternal darkness then. (I have to beat this game before P. N. 03 release date.)
New P. N. 03 Video UP -Mar 14 2003 click >> HERE
Capcom Japan updated new P. N. 03 Japanese TV commercial
And also they renewed official site, go to 3 cheers for P. N. 03 top for URL.
New P. N. 03 UP -Mar 13 2003 click >> HERE
New Section, Enemies UP
The P. N. 03 will release!! I can't wait to play this game :) This gonna be sooooooo good. but one bad thing is I might have to wait until 28th to play this game.
I hope my online game shop will ship this game to me earlier.
New RE Graphic + Story UP -Mar 11 2003- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 Graphic + Story "The Edge of Darkness" 3 to 5 UP
I've been stay up too late, I should go to bed earlier every night.
Tired..... I go to bed.... good night.....
New affiliate added -Mar 10 2003 click >> HERE
Thank you very much to Survivor's Guide Network.
C'mon people, go check this very nice site!!
New P. N. 03 Wallpaper UP -Mar 9 2003 click >> HERE
New wallpaper UP
I was graphic mood today, and start work on RE0 Graphic + Story, then started tired of working RE kinda graphics all the time.
So, I made this :) I hope you'll like it.
New P. N. 03 Video UP -Mar 7 2003 click >> HERE
Capcom Japan updated new P. N. 03 video
This was easy update :)
New RE Graphic + Story section UP -Mar 6 2003- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 Graphic + Story "The Edge of Darkness" 1 and 2 UP
hehe, I'd been having this idea about 4 months, finally I reached this point.
ARG, I was gonna upload 4 graphics today, but took too long to make top graphic, so only 1 and 2 UP. :( I try to update those 2 more in this weekend, dunno I can really do it or not because I wanna update Raccoon city today.....
Making new section is too much of work.... but It was kinda fun :)
Oh, P. N. 03 Box Art is up, check P. N. 03 top page too :D >>HERE
I guess I finally thinking about get more affiliate sites... if you are kind enough to ask me, please.... cuz I'm kinda shy......
well, watch out webmasters, I might ask you to become affiliate :D
New RE Special section UP -Mar 4 2003- click >> HERE
Resident Evil Fan Fiction, by Cody Redd UP
Phew.... I changed my plan and decide to upload fanfic first. So, I have little more time to work on my new section. Special thanks to Cody Redd. :)
Graphic and Graphic..... I don't know why (Actually, I know why... but..) seem like I just doing only graphic thing these days.... well, I like to make graphics but not one after another everyday..... wait until Thursday :D I have surprise for everyone.
New P. N. 03 UP -Mar 3 2003 click >> HERE
P. N. 03 NEW Screen Shots UP
Busy, busy.... OK, new screen shots UP.
I'm working on new Resident Evil content right now and I think I can make it online tomorrow, then I already have another thing I have to make online.... THEN I have to make new P. N. 03 section too....... GASH this gonna be hard.......
I know a lot of people waiting Raccoon city today too.... ARG, please wait a while... I think I can update it weekend.
New RE behind section UP -Feb 28 2003- click >> HERE
New Resident Evil 3 Design Notes UP
OK, ONLY one more and this section is done too, but I just do making of RE2 little by little, maybe one in two weeks or something like that.
I have to work on art section and raccoon city today too.
TIRED..... I'd been worked all three days to finish this page... Three days....
I'm so tired and almost falling sleep in front of the computer... go to bed.. night
New P. N. 03 UP -Feb 25 2003 click >> HERE
P. N. 03 NEW section, "Game Play" and Screen Shots UP
HA-HA, This week is mega update week!!
I guess now I'm totally recover from flu, I have energy now :D. I gonna update one more about RE behind this week. I guess I don't think I'll update P. N. 03 section except screen shots and something special comes up until Japanese release date.
I'm sleepy...... good night....
New Strategy UP -Feb 24 2003 click >> HERE
Resident Evil Code: Veronica 5 hours to get rocket launcher strategy UP
YES!! done, strategy section is done.
phew, after I put little more additional information on tips section, those 2 sections are complete!! Behind the scene section is close to finish too :) I'm happy happy :D
I have to do something for DMC section, but DMC2 was sooooo sucks so I don't wanna do anything about those section for a while.... I don't know but if No. 1 development section making Resident Evil online, maybe it gonna be suck game too.... I don't want it to be.... please....
Anyway, I don't have good days this year, get sick and get better, and get sick again.... something wrong.... I hope I don't get sick again anymore.
New P. N. 03 UP -Feb 17 2003 click >> HERE
P. N. 03 NEW Screen Shots UP
Yes, a lot of P. N. 03 information is out. Only one more month and P. N. 03 will release in Japan....... I'm getting exciting :D !! I really hope this gonna be good game... I trust Shinji MIkami will make good game.
Actually, I was gonna finish strategy section, but I found out Capcom site updated, so I thought I should do P. N. 03 first.
After I finish one more behind thing done, I'll start new content :) wait a little.
New P. N. 03 Video UP -Feb 14 2003 click >> HERE
Capcom Japan updated new P. N. 03 video
Just a small update form me, I just add the link.... :P
Anyway, I had good Valentine's day :) Happy Valentine's day to everybody
New RE behind section UP -Feb 12 2003- click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Code: Veronica Design Notes UP
OK, Code Veronica behind of the scene section is done for now. I don't have so much thing about RECV..... If I find something, I'll update.
Two more... two more behind the scene and it will complete!! First, I was planned to finish up before RE0 release, but always plan is just plan :)
Anyway, I have to finish DMC section now. Unfortunately, DMC2 had never released for me, I'm not gonna do anything about DMC2.... ever!! ...... ARG.... stupid Tanaka made one of my favorite game suck.....
Oh, and sorry for marks I put on graphics, I just didn't wanna people use those pics and submit other website like "I draw this fan art". Or,I try to avoid somebody make money off from it.
New RE behind section UP -Feb 9 2003- click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Code: Veronica Question and Answer UP
I'm soooooooo sorry about no update for 10 days.... First, I was played hard DMC2 and second, I've got food poisoned.... I really thought I'm gonna die... ARG it was hard days..... phew, I couldn't eat 4 days and now, I'm almost back to normal. Least I lost little bit of weight :) I'll never gonna eat cajun food ever again...
Anyway, that Q and A is little bit short, but that is all I got. I hope you enjoy it.
New ART UP -Jan 31 2003- click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art Jill UP
I thought I can finish this drawing yesterday but I couldn't.
Took about 3 days to draw but I think this one is realy good. And I like close-up way, so I gonna draw more this kind of pics :D. If you have request, please feel free to post at guest book of send me an e-mail.
New Interview UP -Jan 27 2003- click >> HERE
New Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya Interview 3rd UP
Phew, 3rd part of interview finally, UP. I should done more earlier but I just felt little bit lazy.... I guess I can't finish this before Devil May Cry 2 release date... sorry guys. :( I think I can finish this interview this week.
Oh, and don't forget to check new P. N. 03 wallpaper too. click >> HERE
New comic UP -Jan 25 2003- click >> HERE
New Raccoon City Today "Oh, Well.."UP
Raccoon city today takes tooooo long time to draw.... just tired...
When I was playing RE2 first time, I really thought psycho Irons chasing around Sherry..... haha....
New Resident Evil Behind TOP UP -Jan 21 2003- click >> HERE
:) New Design UP
Good birthday :) Nice dinner and good time :)
I made this graphic few days ago, I was making wallpaper but I thought I should use this for my content first :) so, here this is.
P. N. 03 Mega Update -Jan 20 2003- click >> HERE
P. N. 03 Features section and new Screen shots UP
TIRED...... This what I've been doing this snowy weekend. Graphics and graphics.... phew. I don't even have energy to write here.... and my hot link protection is not working correct... oh, and sorry for server downtime. :(
Tomorrow is 21st, my birthday.... :D Happy birthday to me :D
New RE behind section content UP -Jan 17 2003- click >> HERE
New Resident Evil 3 Question and Answer UP
ARRRRRRRRG!! I wrecked my caaaaaaaar... Well, I just hit the mail box and just got little scratch but it was scary moment.... I have to learn haw to drive in snow...
Anyway, finally I feel like I made little progress on my unfinished content. :)
I hope no interview on Fami-tsu or anything and I can finish up my content.
New ART and Wallpaper UP -Jan 14 2003- click >> HERE >>HERE
New Resident Evil Fan ART Wesker and P. N. 03 Wallpaper UP
I feel lazy this week.... I started translation and quit.
Instead doing translation, I draw and made wallpaper. I like both of it. :)
.................................... OK, I'll get back to translation and it will UP in sometime this week, I promise.
New Strategy UP -Jan 11 2003- click >> HERE
New Resident Evil 0 extra game Leech Hunter MAP UP
I hope, I really HOPE people will find all Leeches by this map...... so, I don't have to read almost same mail everyday.
Please check hard and think hard.... it is the only way to capture all Leeches....
New ART UP -Jan 9 2003- click >> HERE
New Resident Evil Fan Art Billy thank you pic UP
Good News from new year:) Morbid Creations got total 20,000 visits!!
Actually, Already almost 21,000..... but I didn't have time to draw picture....
Anyway, Morbid Creations achieve this, because all of your support!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I really appreciate all visitors. Even came only one time :D
I couldn't do without you all. And please come visit again.
New Interview UP -Jan 7 2003- click >> HERE
New Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya Interview UP
Also, new Interview index graphic UP too :)
I like old graphic too but it was just scan and I didn't do anything about it, so I think new one is better cuz I play with it a little... :D
Phew, two more to go. I hope interview will done before DMC 2 release date....
New INDEX UP -Jan 6 2003-
Morbid Creations' new face!! for 2003
I know I'm little late....
I was gonna upload new index in new years day but I didn't have time to make graphic. And I've been sick since new years day..... little late, but I think I done good to make new graphic for top, so I'm OK. :)
I'm not forget about Devil May Cry interview, but it is hard to do translation with this sick fever head.... I think I can up one more interview page tomorrow....
New P. N. 03 pages UP -Jan 2 2003- click >> HERE
New P. N. 03 media and story page UP
I'm still sick....
I learned something, if you are a human, you shouldn't drunk and run around yard in the rain and shoot fireworks AND it was almost midnight....
If you do that, you will have cold from new years day..... :(
I'll take a little break from P. N. 03 page, I have to finish DMC interview.
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