New Content UP -Dec 31 2002- click >> HERE
New section 3 cheers for P. N. 03 UP
DAAAAAH!! I don't have time!!
Party will start soon and I have to upload this heavy files!!
Only top and screen shots section is done. I'll update some more later.
A happy new year to everybody!!
New Interview UP -Dec 29 2002- click >> HERE
Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya interview UP
Oh my goodness...... finally, FINALLY I started this!! I'm sooo sorry to the visitor who has been waited this about ah.... 4 months?
Forgive me... but I started so good news, once I started, I always finish everything. I just do once in a time, so comeback and check this often.
I planning some new content, if I'm doing good, it will show up on new years day.
Minor Adjustment -Dec 28 2002
Dah.... sorry, this is not minor....
I forgot to put link up to Resident Evil 2 tips page....
Already fixed
New TIPS UP -Dec 28 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 2 Tips UP
DAAAAH!! Finally all holiday thing is over!! I already took Christmas tree and all decoration down, I can be lazy from today to 30th!!
Than I realized I haven't update for long time.... sorry. I'll have time to work this two days, so I'll update more :)
New project going on, so please wait a while to see new year's surprise.
New Comic UP -Dec 23 2002- click >> HERE
New Raccoon city today "STYLE" UP
Phew, I finally update MC. Sorry for lack of update. Always a week before Christmas is crazy week. But I manage the time between party and shopping to update Raccoon city today section. :) I hope you'll like this.
I think I can update one more time this year.
Merry Christmas to everybody!!
New STRATEGY UP -Dec 17 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 3 Story Flow Chart UP
ARG!! I hate to make story Flow Chart...... Microsoft SUCKS!!
But for me, only way i know to make this page like this is use stupid M$ product...I should find other way to make this page....
Still very busy... maybe everybody is busy because Christmas season, but I know, I'm doing thing I don't have to do and making me more busy..... I have to try first. :)
Everybody done with Christmas shopping?
New Interview UP -Dec 13 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 4 executive producer Shinji Mikami interview UP
Tired tired.... I gonna go to bed....
Well, some people say "I already read this interview" but I don't think so :)
Nothing against Planet Gamecube, but they shouldn't use translation software because you can't use it to translate Japanese to English......... If you think it is work, you just don't know :)
Anyway, I think you can see the difference.
New TIPS UP -Dec 10 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil Code: Veronica Tips UP
I decide to finish from my least favorite pages ;) One more..... one more and done for a while...... Some of them are kinda short and not enough information so after I finished those other contents, I'll comeback and do little modifications.
New ART UP -Dec 9 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil fan art - Claire from Resident Evil Code: Veronica UP
Phew, dunno this is what you want Claire.... if not, sorry but oh well.
I'm not totally satisfied this drawing, I might draw Claire with this costume sometime later...... but not now :) I really, REALLY should work on Devil May Cry content..... I know....
New STRATEGY UP -Dec 8 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0, 3 and half hours STRATEGY UP
Oh my goodness..... This was looooong one.... TIRED.
This took about 3 days to write.... I hope this will help you to get Rocket Launcher.
OK, I'll take a break from Resident Evil 0 content a while, and go back to other RE games and finish up those unfinished contents.
New ART UP -Dec 4 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil fan art -biohazard 4 Leon UP
ARG.... 3days..... took 3 days to draw this picture.....
My shoulder stiff and I have to de-flag my computer because of this super HEAVY data..... have to move to CD-RW, then scan disc and de-flag the computer....
And I found request...... well, I'll draw in this weekend or sometime next week, so please wait a while. Cuz I have to finish up the strategy first. :)
Minor Adjustment -Dec 4 2002
I'm little messed up on Tips and Leech hunter strategy.
Already fixed. Green and Blue herbs and leech in middle of the stairs is grenade gun with normal ammo, not fire ammo.... sorry guys.
New TIPS UP -Dec 3 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 TIPS UP (Not everything.....)
Well...... Tips page is one of my least favorite page to make....
Too much work and doesn't look like took so long to make.....
Anyway, just one tip. I'll update this page later.
Still, this information is valuable, I think. :)
Minor Adjustment -Dec 1 2002
I put link back to you....
It still make me miss those days... I'm just looking at past time that never come back and it never ever come back, so it looks better than it was.....
One thing I still have and never go away is memory of good time, fun fun times...
New Interview UP -Nov 30 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 director Oda Kouji interview all UP
Yes!! Done!! I think I have to write some RE0 3:30 strategy next....
I planning to translate one more interview about RE0 but not now. All holiday crazy stuff is just started, one done, and one more big one..... tired tired....
New Interview UP -Nov 27 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 director Oda Kouji interview UP
OK, only half of the interview UP.
I'll finish this up during this 4 days thanksgiving weekend :)
Everybody ready for turkey?
New Strategy UP -Nov 25 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 Extra mode "Leech Hunter" strategy UP
HAHA!! I beat Leech Hunter too!! and beat the game less than 3 and a half hours.
Now, I have infinite all ammo and machine gun and rocket launcher!! :)
Happy, happy.
Now, I have to write some rocket launcher strategy.... but maybe later.
I have some interview to translate :D
New ART UP -Nov 20 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 Rebecca Fan Art UP
This drawing took about 2 days. But I really like her extra mode costume, so I had to draw it. Maybe face is not exact Rebecca, little feel like sexy Rebecca. But I like this drawing, and I'm satisfy this.
Still try to beat in 2nd time play. If I didn't draw this pic, I think I already beat the game. But it is ok. I can beat another day.
New Playing Journal UP -Nov 17 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 Game Playing Journal Fifth Day UP
HA-HA I beat it!! Beat the game!!
I thought maybe I can't beat the game today. but.... I did it!! I'm sooo tired but I feel good!! I'll play more extra and back to beat the game more.
Playing journal is over. I'll do some art thing in next update.
New Playing Journal UP -Nov 16 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 Game Playing Journal Fourth Day UP
OK, I finally got into 2nd disc.
I hope, tomorrow, I can beat the game :)
New Playing Journal UP -Nov 16 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 Game Playing Journal Third Day UP
ARG.... I'm stuck.
I wanna ask somebody... but I can't. I have to beat the game by myself.
lemme search around more... I'll be ok
New Playing Journal UP -Nov 15 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 0 Game Playing Journal Second Day UP
Tired.... and tired....
It is hard to play the game and write journal in the same time....
And I know, I died too much.... well, this is the part of playing the game first time so I have to enjoy it. I'll upload the third day tomorrow.
New Section UP -Nov 14 2002- click >> HERE
New Section, Resident Evil 0 Game Playing Journal UP
HA-HA, I got copy of my Resident Evil 0.
And I wanted play time is last loong time, so I started this!! Playing journal.
If you haven't played the game yet, don't read this. Journal is really spoiler and You'll get the wrong idea for the game. Or, if you look for the walkthrough, don't read this too, usually, my first time play is not gonna be good for strategy standpoint anyway.
You already got the game?
New Comic UP-Nov 11 2002- click >> HERE
New Raccoon City Today UP
Today is 11th..... This means tomorrow is Resident Evil 0 will on sale!!
I wanted to update Raccoon city today before Resident Evil 0 releasing date because once it comes out, I'm not gonna have time to work on anything.
dunno I will get my RE0 tomorrow or day after tomorrow, it depends on when Amazon will ship it. I just have to wait..... It gonna be a looong day tomorrow.
When I get the game, I will open the new section. :)
New ART UP-Nov 7 2002- click >> HERE
New Thank you pic, Chris and Claire UP
I don't know what else I should say, but I really, really appreciate all the visitors who came or coming back and keeping me work on.
I couldn't keep up my updates without YOU!! Hard work, but it is worth to make me think people waiting my work :) THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
And please keep supporting Morbid Creations.
New Interview UP-Nov 5 2002- click >> HERE
Interview of the Producer of Resident Evil Network ALL UP
OK, all of the interview of producer of Resident Evil Network is DOOOOONE. Phew, I'm soo tired and sleepy, so I go to bed.
I didn't think I can make the background today, but if I got idea of whole graphic, I had to do it today. :) feel good.
New Interview UP-Nov 4 2002- click >> HERE
Interview of the Producer of Resident Evil Network UP
DAH... I shouldn't go out to my friends house and drunk today.... My FAMI-TSU came really late this week, and I didn't realized what is on this time. With my drunk head, I only done half of this interview translation and I don't even have energy to make background of the page.... So, background is JUST BLACK!! I make graphics when I done with this interview....... What am I doing from Monday....
New Tips UP-Nov 3 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 3 Tips UP
New tips UP, and It is not quite finished yet, I think there is some more but this time, only these three tips are UP. When I have time I check more stuff and add to it. Tips page is the most taking time page i think....
New Strategy UP-Nov 3 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 2 Strategy Claire 1 and 2 UP
HA-HA I made it!!
It is DONE, Resident Evil 2 strategy is ALL DONE.
I told you, I'm gonna do some mega-update!! and mega-update is not finish yet, I have all day tomorrow to work on!!
Oh, I went to see movie "The Ring" today, I saw Japanese version looong time ago and it was good, but I think American version is even better!! If you haven't checked The Ring, you should go see it!!
New Interview UP -Oct 31 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 2 Interview 4 UP
Okeey, interview 4 is UP. kinda short.... I should done this one when I was doing 3.
I kinda tired of doing thing little by little... I'm gonna do some mega update of strategy and tips on this weekend and have to do some Devil May Cry section......
Oh, happy halloween everybody!!
New Interview UP -Oct 29 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 2 Interview 3 UP
Well, well.... maybe you think my updating schedule is kinda delay... I think I'm back! I was little bit sick, always changing season is making me little bit sick.....
Resident Evil 2 interview 3 is finally up, I'm thinking taking too long to finish these thing, I have to finish this and have to do other work... If I'm doing like this, my contents is never gonna grow.... :(
New Devil May Cry Art UP -Oct 24 2002- click >> HERE
New Art from Devil May Cry 2 UP
Just small sketch, I was kinda playing on Painter and draw this.
I was gonna draw some big one, but I'm too tired to do it this week....
After trip, I always can't feel right about a week.... still tired.....
Big project going on right now, I can show you what is going on, in about a week, wait a little :)
New Interview UP -Oct 22nd 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 2 interview UP...... Other half
Phew, I'm back. sorry for late update .... but I was on the vacation trip. :)
One thing I can tell you is "Don't take your wrap-top to vacation trip" Even you think you can work little bit, but actually, you never will.
other half of the interview UP. this one is toooooo long. I should separate this one itself.... oh well, too late for now.
New Interview UP -Oct 16 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 2 interview...... only half UP
Sorry... but I'm soooooo busy this week..... I hate to make stupid unfinished translation online, so this time, Only half of the page 2 is UP.
And sorry to people who waiting to read some Devil May Cry behind the story.... Ah, after I done with this interview, I'll start Devil May Cry section. I just don't have enough capacity right now.
New Strategy UP -Oct 13 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil 2 Leon 2nd Strategy UP
I don't know why, but when I'm busy, I do more stuff.
2 more to go and Resident Evil 2 strategy will be done.
New ART UP -Oct 12 2002- click >> HERE
New Resident Evil ART UP
ARGGGGG I hate Steve.... Please don't ask me to draw Steve ever again, because any kind of "Please draw Steve" request will be ignored. ok?
Well, this is my first and LAST steve fan art. :)
Fixed -Oct 10 2002-
Thanks JM
New Interview UP -Oct 9 2002- click >> HERE
New Resident 2 Interview UP
It feel better to go back to old update schedule.
This interview is too long too, to I separated 4 sections again. I do like I always do, little by little. :) Today is only part 1. please wait a while to read whole 4 sections of interview.
New Devil May Cry page UP -Oct 7 2002- click >> HERE
Phew, New Devil May Cry behind the scene design UP
Always playing with Devil May Cry picture is fun :)
I have to say sorry to people who expecting me to update Devil May Cry section..... I totally forgot about it...:D
I'll update something in this week, I promise.
New Art UP -Oct 4 2002- click >> HERE
New Devil May Cry Art UP
I've been drawing mood this week. And I think this picture is one of my very best picture!! I'm happy now :)
I'll start translation and make Devil May Cry Behind the scene page graphic this weekend, so please wait a little bit.
New Art UP -Oct 2 2002- click >> HERE
Thank You Picture UP :D
It's been a week after Morbid Creations got 5000 visits....
Thank you to support Morbid Creations.:)
One more thing, I added other Resident Evil site section in Links page. Chinese Resident Evil site added. (I can't even read it but nice design.)
If you are a Resident Evil webmaster and want to add your site on this list, just gimme an e-mail.
Anyway, THANK YOU!! Everybody!
Version 3 100% online now -Sep 29 2002-
One word to say....... TIRED
I don't think I gonna do another renewal for long time....
Because too much to do!! ok, I said 100% done but actually not......
I don't want to deal with those things right now, so I do little by little.
I go back to build contents again from tomorrow.
Morbid Creations Version 3 ONLINE!! -Sep 28 2002-
Finally.... FINALLY DONE!
I don't even have energy to write here....
I need to go to bed, Still needs to be modify little bit.... but I'll do it later...
good night...
New +Raccoon City Today+ UP -Sep 21 2002- click >> HERE
Finally, new comic UP
Yup, I done it. sorry to kept you wait. I already had idea two weeks ago, but I concentrate on create new design for MC, so I didn't have capacity to do other things. Now, I have to work hard......
New Interview UP -Sep 18 2002- click >> HERE
Interview of Shinji Mikami, Resident Evil 2 UP
Just click the link and see you like the new design or not. :)
Surprised? I'm making the big modification!! I finally reached the design I can stand, so I change the every page like that. New version will show up sometime soon. Wait a while ;)
New TIPS UP -Sep 14 2002- click >> HERE
Resident Evil for GameCube TIPS UP
I was gonna do RE-birth story flow chart, but not enough branches to make flow chart. so instead of making the chart, I made TIPS page.
I totally forget about TIPS page....... I should done this earlier :(
New Art JILL UP -Sep 13 2002- click >> HERE
Jill from resident Evil 3 -The Last Escape-
ARRRG!! dunno why took 3 days to draw this picture......
I'm satisfied with this result, but 3 days........
New Interview UP -Sep 10 2002- click >> HERE
Interview of Paul Anderson and Yoshiki Okamoto UP
I decide to add EXTRA on Resident Evil behind the scene section. I found this interview and I don't have anywhere to put....
I'll put something small or somekind of junks here from now on.
New Strategy Resident Evil 2 Leon1 UP -Sep 8 2002- click >> HERE
2 and half hours to get Rocket Launcher strategy UP
This one itself is not bad, but 3 more to go.....
Sorry to DaMa and Biohazard France to make you guys wait...... I got tired and starts work on this for refresh...
I'm back to the things I have to do, so please wait a while...
New Interview UP -Sep 6 2002- click >> HERE
Interview of Yoshiki Okamoto -Development Dept. General Manager UP
I have one word to say..... TIRED....
This week is kinda hard week..... one more day.... one more day.....
Tomorrow is Friday, so I'll be OK :)
New ART DANTE UP -Sep 2 2002- click >> HERE
Stylish Fan Art!!
OK, finally I draw something really cool (I guess)
Drawing a character from Devil May Cry is always fun :)
New +Raccoon City Today+ UP -Sep 1 2002- click >> HERE
Always updating Raccoon city today is a hard job....
I didn't get feel better yesterday, and still feel like I'm gonna puke.....
But I did it, this one took 2 days again, I can't short the time anymore...
Anyway, enjoy!!
New Interview UP -Aug 31 2002- click >> HERE
Finally I made another interview online. with this SUPER HANGOVER HEADACHE!! well, I need to drink some water with lemon and go to bed.......
If I get feel better, I'll update some more today.
SOOOOO SORRY -Aug 29 2002-
I messed up.....
OK, I done it.... I finished New Interview of shinji..... and whole data is gone now.......... cuz stupid electricity situation in US.....
I was gonna update today but I don't have enough strength to type it again today, Please wait until Saturday. *crying*
I PROMISE mega update at Saturday afternoon.
Minor modification -Aug 27 2002-
Only 1024 x 768 screen user will knows the difference.... :)
VERSION 2 ONLINE -Aug 26 2002-
Yup, I renew it. Ver 1 only last 3 weeks....
But I think this is better..... right?
If you like it, gimme some feedback by
I was kinda graphic mood today, so I just did it.
I hope you'll like this. (Like this? Snoop?)
NEW ART UP -Aug 25 2002- click >> HERE
Thank you pic UP
Thank you for supporting Morbid Creations
We got total 2000 visits!! .....well, actually 2221 visits
Thank you to DaMa and Biohazard France and YOU!!
This picture took 4hours to paint, if I include practice sketch, I don't even know how long it took to draw..... anyway, please come back to visit us again.
Little modification -Aug 24 2002-
I took my tracking thing off
I have another one in my server and I don't check it anyway
The error massage made me pissed!!!
RE and REDC Story Flow Chart Jill UP -Aug 24 2002- click >> HERE
This one is heavy too
Feel like 2nd time is easier to make it.
You didn't think I do this soon?
Maybe I go back to do some translation now
RE and REDC Story Flow Chart UP -Aug 23 2002- click >> HERE
Sorry for heavy data.....
ARRRRRG this was kinda hard one.
I hope easy to understand and you feel like you wanna play one more time. Only Chris today.... Jill version will come soon ;)
Little modification -Aug 21 2002-
I don't like the RE0 new guy's picture so I took the picture off.
I try to draw better one.... wait a while
RE-BIRTH INTERVIEW ALL UP -Aug 21 2002- click >> HERE
Finally, DONE. I should done this earlier......
Well, dunno why I thought translating this interview is hard..... not bad at all.
Maybe because this interview is TOO LONG.
It is OK now, cuz I done with it. happy happy..... :)
I will take little break from behind the story section, just few weeks, cuz I have to work on another contents.
Our First Affiliate site added -Aug 17 2002- click >>HERE
Biohazard France became our first affiliate site. :)
Thank you for Biohazard France.
And in the future, we will do some joint projects together.
NEW Raccoon City Today UP -Aug 17 2002- click >>HERE
New comic -Mastercard- UP
Always Raccoon city today takes too much time....
First one took 3 days, this time, 2 days. getting better...
I hope you enjoy that :) ------------interview? ah.... wait a while.....
interview UP -Aug 15 2002- click >>HERE
intervieww of Shinji and Hiroyuki part 2 UP
Finally, I done little bit.
Another 1/4 of the interview is UP.
I work some more tomorrow, so it will be UP day after tomorrow I hope.

New Art UP -Aug 12 2002- click >>HERE
Resident Evil re-birth Richard UP
Yup, you already know, I haven't made so much progress on translating interview..... already midnight, I'll do some tonight....
I just wanted to draw Richard with this situation.

New Art UP -Aug 10 2002- click >>HERE
Resident Evil 0
New guy UP
Tired.... it took almost 5 hours to draw... I don't even know why it took so long...
I thought it is just sketch but now I know it is not.
I just running away from another work...
OK, I'll start translate the interview on Sunday.
interview UP -AUG 8 2002- click >>HERE
interview of Shinji and Hiroyuki UP
This interview is toooooo long.
So, I separate 4 parts.
I'll work on one by one, everything gonna be up in a week. I hope.....
New Art up -Aug 5 2002- click >>HERE
RE art Wesker up
I was gonna draw serious and cool Wesker picture, but dunno how I went to wrong way.....
next time, I promise I'll draw cool wesker.
Tips up -Aug 4 2002- click >>HERE
RE and REDC Tips up
Maybe nobody play this game anymore, but still original RE is my favorite and hardest for me.
Worth to have those information.
OPEN!! -Aug 3 2002-
Please see each section for update detail, I tried to create little something on each section.
Finally, open.
It took almost 1 month and a half or maybe 2 months to prepare for opening....
I know, you think I don't have a lot to show but be patience please.
2003 1st Quarter